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Life and Times of Colin Luther Powell By: Erica Middlebrooks Ms.Shy January 20, 2009 Table of Contents

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Letter to Reader On this project I will show the life and times of Colin Powell you will find out his middle name ,and you will also find out the achievements that he did. Luther Theophilus Powell Jamaica April

9,1905 Maud Arial McCoy Jamaica 1907 Harlem Hospital on May 7, April 5, 1937 News Article

(CNN) -- Former Secretary of State Colin Powell announced Sunday that he will be voting for Sen. Barack Obama, citing the Democrat's "ability to inspire" and the "inclusive nature of his campaign." Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says he is voting for Barack Obama. "I think he is a transformational figure, he is a new generation coming onto the world stage, onto the American stage, and for that reason I'll be voting for Sen. Barack Obama," Powell said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Powell said he was concerned about what he characterized as a recent negative turn of Republican candidate Sen. John McCain's campaign, such as the campaign's attempts to tie Obama to former 1960s radical Bill Ayers. "I think that's inappropriate. I understand what politics is about -- I know how you can go after one another, and that's good. But I think this goes too far, and I think it has made the McCain campaign look a little narrow. It's not what the American people are looking for," he said. Diary Entries Dear Diary, I endorsed Barack Obama. I feel really good about that because he is a talented and well educated man.

Dear Diary, We have a new president ,and I am very excited to see what he has in store for the United States of America. Letter from Colin Powell 456 Smart Rd. Washington, D.C. 12345 Dear Erica, I see that you are very inspired by me. I used to be the Secretary of State as well as a

General in the Army. I hope that you do a fine job on your project. I wish you the best of luck, and stay in school! Sincerely, Colin Powell Thank you Mr. Powell 123 Learning Dr. Atlanta, Ga30331 Dear Mr. Powell, You were very inspiring. I would like to thank you for all

of your hard work, not only for African Americans, but Americans everywhere! You are the best. Also I saw that you endorsed Barack Obama, that also inspired me and made me proud to be an American. Sincerely, Erica Middlebrooks Summary of Mr. Powell Life events and accomplishments

Colin Luther Powell was born in Harlem in 1937. His parents were Jamaican immigrants who stressed the importance of education and personal achievement. Powell grew up in the South Bronx, where he graduated from high school without having formed any definite ambition or direction in life. He entered the City College of New York to study geology and it was there, by his own account, that he found his calling when he joined the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). He became commander of his unit's precision drill team and graduated in 1958 at the top of his ROTC class, with the rank of cadet colonel, the highest rank in the corps. Mr. Powell was commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Army, and was one of the 16,000 military advisors dispatched to South Vietnam by President Kennedy in 1962. In 1963, Lieutenant Powell was wounded by a punji-stick booby trap while patrolling the Vietnamese border

with Laos. He was awarded the Purple Heart, and later that year, the Bronze Star. Powell served a second tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968-69. During this second tour he was injured in a helicopter crash. Despite his own injuries, he managed to rescue his comrades from the burning helicopter and was awarded the Soldier's Medal. In all, he has received 11 military decorations, including the Legion of Merit. Summary of Mr. Powell Life events and accomplishments continued Mr. Powell earned an MBA at George Washington University in Washington, DC, and after being promoted to major, won a White House fellowship. Powell was assigned to the Office of Management and Budget during the

administration of President Nixon, and here he made a lasting impression on the Director and Deputy Director of the Office: Casper Weinberger and Frank Carlucci. Both of these men were to call on Powell when they served as Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor, respectively, under President Ronald Reagan. Powell, now a Colonel, followed his term as White House Fellow with service as a battalion commander in Korea and with a staff job at the Pentagon. After study at the Army War College, he was promoted to Brigadier General and commanded a Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division. In the administration of President Jimmy Carter, Powell was an assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and to the Secretary of Energy. He was promoted to Major General. He again assisted Frank Carlucci at the Defense Department during the transition from the Carter

administration to that of Ronald Reagan. Summary of Mr. Powell Life events and accomplishments continued Mr. Powell served as assistant commander and deputy commander of infantry divisions in Colorado and Kansas before returning to Washington to become senior military assistant to Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger, whom he assisted during the invasion of Grenada and the air strikes against Libya. Powell was called upon to testify before Congress in private session about the covert shipment of American arms to Iran; he was one of only five persons in

the Pentagon who knew about the operation. Powell was not implicated in any wrongdoing in the matter. In 2001, newly elected President George W. Bush appointed Colin Powell to be Secretary of State. At the time, it was the highest rank ever held by an African American in the United States government. In his first months in office, Powell won praise for his efficient administration of the State Department, and cordial relations with other governments. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Secretary Powell took a leading role in rallying America's allies for military action in Afghanistan.

Epitaph Quotes by Colin Powell A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Quotation of Colin Powell Don't be afraid to challenge the pros, even in their own backyard. Quotation of Colin Powell Bad news isn't wine. It doesn't improve with age. Quotation of Colin Powell

Commemorative Stamp Certificate of Achievement Certificate of Achievement This Certificate of Achievement is presented to Colin Luther Powell in reconigition of the great effort given and all that you do we thank you and we would like you to keep up the good work Poster with Colin Powell

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