Lifelong Learning Platform

Lifelong Learning Platform

Log into the LLP Please Login: rcoa01 Password: L4iomdDj Trainee Login:

[email protected] Password: Password12 Trainer Login: [email protected] Password: Password12

East of England School of Anaesthesia Dr Emily Simpson Consultant LLP Lead Dr Jo Walker Trainee LLP Lead Overview Why the change? A click through

The Transition Process What to do as Trainer in EoE Why the change? The e-Portfolio needed updating User expectations of

functionalities have changed A system with Capacity to adapt as technology progresses The ability for the College to build, edit & own the

system Aims of the LLP To create a learning platform that works for and supports all anaesthetists through their educational journey By:

making it simple for users to input, access and review training information improving the user experience by reducing the administrative burden for users and College support staff integrating systems (for example, logbook and, in the longer term, CPD).

Designing the LLP One to one testing: anaesthetists trialing prototypes with developers Engagement events: the College visited hospitals

throughout the UK to show users the prototype and receive feedback College Fellows: have worked closely with the team on designing aspects of the system.

Designing the LLP Who can access the LLP? Anyone who is a member of the College and wishing to log progression against the anaesthetic curriculum.

Includes MTI, SAS, and Clinical Fellows. ACCS (Anaes/ICM) trainees will have access to the ACCS curriculum and assessments. They will also be able to send assessments to doctors who are not on the platform. Post CCT: will allow access to records (work in progress with the developers)

A click through the LLP Dashboard Selecting homescreen User can default to Learner Assessing

Supervising Trainees can be an assessor, most likely via an invite to be a guest assessor Adding Placements

Trainees MUST add placements, in order to request assessments When choose hospital the College Tutor will automatically link Can change Educational

Supervisor (eg when move placements) Adding Supervisors Placements into ESSR/ARCP Forms

Placements will auto populate ESSR and in the future to ARCP forms Level of Training Removes restriction of being only at one level Trainee choses level, when

selecting placement it auto-selects, but can easily be changes Greater flexibility eg. can go back to CUT for Intermediate during Higher OR

do a Higher WPBA whilst in Intermediate training Dashboard Assessment Titles No longer a list of ACEX DOPS

DOPS etc. Lists the Observation/ Titles of the WPBA WPBA

Selecting an Assessor WPBA: Linking to Competencies Linking assessments to competencies was based on suggestions from users.

There is no requirement to get all competencies (within a unit) linked and this will be made clear, when completing an entry.

WPBA Linking Competencies Can select a number of competencies Will let you select competencies from multiple modules

If too generous a selection (!) option for trainer to remove links to competencies or add too WPBA - Navigation

The Observation box will become the title, makes it easier to find later ACCS and the LLP For trainees with

Anaesthesia as parent specialty Avoids paper uploads Full suite of AM,ED, ICU assessments Annex A - Professionalism

In current e-portfolio: link to unit and GMP competencies Decision taken, to not include this separately, at present AS: it is embedded

within the LLP/represented within the clinical units already One step removed Annex G Teaching, Research, QI, Management

Current e-portfolio can only link to one unit level (eg. Basic) LLP - can link to >1 competencies at any stage of training Users can link either their

assessments or activities Shown on curriculum review page & ESSR under Non-clinical Annex G New separate

non-clinical section Covers ST1-7 Can filter by date ranges for annual summary of Annex G activities CUT forms for each of

the x4 modules within e.g management Personal Activities Save activities with links to curriculum competencies

Upload supporting documents Can also add reflective entries here, with option of: Personal Reflections

New separate section WPBA Completion of Unit Forms Similar form Can now link to

Personal Reflections and Personal Activities Embedded link to LLP logbook (allows trainers to interrogate it) Reflection on CUT assessment

Completion of Unit Approval CUT Forms : Annex G Advised not to select a CUT form until ST7.

.as this will pull all the submitted information form ST1-ST7 Reviewing the Curriculum Replaces expanding boxes The curriculum section is

flexible and will change once the new curricula is released after 2019 The Progress donut: quick look at modules started/ in progress/completed For Advanced level: chose

modules to show mandatory and optional progress Farewell. PDP Adding a Goal

Trainer View PDP PDP Process PDP Caveat Trainees/trainers can not remove or delete a PDP, can

only edit -> This is to maintain a continuous record of progress IF you make an error, you have to contact the RCOA to remove an administrative error Can link PDP to curriculum? (In time, it will be possible) Can make more than x 1 PDP (eg Cardiac 2018, Paeds 2018)

Automatically links to ESSR Milestones and Certificates Electronic forms All accessed in one place Electronic IAC/IOAC

Important: paper copy uploads are no more Option to link WPBA to IAC MSF Trainees control when to

open AND close process No time limit (currently one month) No delay waiting for ES to approve, as send directly to assessors Can perform multiple

MSFs annually with no minimum number of assessors on each occasion MSF

ESSR ESSR Format Similar format Auto populates exams, milestones, placements etc. Further auto-population via

a link from Personal Activities Also automatically pulls in PDPs/Reflections Can interrogate Logbook within ESSR

ESSR - Consultant Feedback The user will be able to add a Personal Activity classified as: Consultant feedback' (uploading their form). Which will attach to the

Consultant feedback' section on the ESSR. ESSR Creation Can create multiple ESSRs in one year, if necessary

Interim Progress Report scrapped Any supervisor meetings will appear under Personal Activities

Ensure the CORRECT DATES are created. Everything will be pulled into that ESSR in that date range. Returned ESSRs can be deleted and a new one

can be created by the trainee ARCP Outcome Forms Panel members, placements, autopopulated Will need to add

evidence provided and known to trainee (eg. MSF, ESSR, Logbook, LLP etc.) Talks in progress re: completing a draft version pre-ARCP date

Document Store Upload area for: any additional documents (eg. old logbook summaries) **But cannot link directly to curriculum, need

to go via Personal Activity ** Logbook Seamlessly work with the other LLP features Eg. the CUT form and ESSR will automatically

pull in information and allow the trainer to query the logbook further during sign off From 2019: options for ICU, Pain Can also log sessions in

pain, ICU etc. Logbook Logbook The logbook will not link to units, but you can review

the logbook directly from CUT and ESSR forms With curriculum changes, units may change, thus creating 'breaks' in the logbook summary report, but 'Specialty' will not change

The logbook will be open to trainers as well as trainees Trainers Reviewing: Trainee Logbooks Go to Supervising tab Click on trainee

Interrogate trainee logbook for CUT or ESSR forms Trainer can search/ filter logbook in depth In addition to looking at the Summary report, if desired Logbook Changeover

Future of the RCOA current logbook is uncertain (RCOA support, but dont own it) Wont be a way to upload old data initially Old Logbook reports

should be uploaded to Personal Activities within LLP Downloading the e-portfolio The e-Portfolio download tool pulls everything out of the site into a folder, where each entry

can be accessed. Enhanced e-portfolio Download Currently developers are working to allow users to download an offline version of their e-Portfolio

Users will be able to navigate an offline 'readonly' version, on their own PC/MAC RCOA will NOT keep backups, as the data will be out of its secure environment (e-Portfolio)

Users must download their offline e-Portfolio before they move over to the new LLP, after ARCP Mobile Apps This is not part of the

current scope. However, the system will be mobile compatible. This means that it will adjust itself depending on how you are accessing the site

(eg computer, mobile and tablet). Transition process to LLP The College Plan: Go live in August 2018 All Trainers & Trainees beginning Core, ACCS,

Intermediate or Higher levels Those not starting a new training stage in August, can continue to use the current e-Portfolio until the end of their current stage. Flexibility in transition timing for LTFT/OOP Trainees Transition process to LLP

The College Plan: No migration of old workplace based assessments/files Once users move to the LLP, access to old user accounts will cease (with flexibility to briefly run x2 portfolios for some) E-portfolio will be phased out by August 2019

Transition process to LLP The College Plan: School sets minimal acceptable requirements for those at transition point Especially pertinent for trainees mid-training level during transfer

Can also upload whatever documents an individual user desires such as previous MSFs / certificates Max file upload size 2MB (Note zip file of e-portfolio is 20MB) Transition process to LLP East of England Plan:

Migrate trainees in two batches First batch: Aug 18 All trainees who have ARCPs for Aug 18 (not ST7) All LTFT trainees Transition process to LLP

East of England Plan: Second batch: Jan/Feb 19 All trainees who have ARCPs in Jan/Feb 19 ACFs and OOPs transfer according to their ARCP year this will be bespoke

Transition process to LLP East of England Plan ARCP panel will decide which documents trainee need to upload to LLP Will complete Anaesthetist in Training form as aid to Trainee and Educational Supervisor Bespoke plan will be created if necessary

Anaesthetist in training progress report What to do as Trainer Meet trainee within first few weeks Ensure required documents from previous ARCP are uploaded to LLP (AIT form)

Correct hospital selected ES and CT selected E-portfolio downloaded No open MSF Encourage to complete as many UoT and CUT forms as possible on old e-portfolio

What to do as Trainer Complete PDP Ensure LLP logbook is used Workbook is used to create titles of WPBAs and CUTs ESSR dates are created correctly ESSR is correctly titled i.e. ESSR CT 2 or ESSR

Higher Cardiac Transfer WPBAs and CUTs for in-between trainee What to do as Trainer Milestones and certificates: IAC, IACOA, CLTC, ILTC

FRCA exam letters ARCP Outcome form(s) What to do as Trainer WPBAs and CUTs: Populate incomplete modules with WPBAs from old e-portfolio

Complete previous CUTs only from old eportfolio (not all the WPBAs as well) Mention in the comments box that the completed forms have been seen No assessments need to be repeated, just transferred! Trainers

No access to e-portfolio after Aug 19 Will be unable to download enhanced eportfolio Suggest taking a screenshot of number of assessments completed for records RCOA will hold an archive for a little while Getting Ready for LLP Launch

College Tutors to disseminate information to Trainers and Trainees within your local dept. Download e-portfolio after ARCP

Encourage to complete UoT and CUTs where possible RCOA Support for Transition How to Webinars 23/5/18 at 11.30-12.15

(Skype) Saved webinars Online help guides RCOA website (being redesigned) Basecamp TOPdesk help desk/portal

(24h) Email/phone Questions? Summary

Transfer to LLP after ARCP Download e-portfolio

Workbooks still have a place Consultant feedback not included Use LLP logbook The next step(s) How do you want to do this?

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