Light as we know it - Windsor Central High School

Light as we know it - Windsor Central High School

BELLRINGER DO STOP WORK OBJECTIVES Finish collecting lab data.

Begin to explain the observations you made during the lab. UPDATES Physics Club today

SLC Thursday Answer Sheets Missing Polarization Lens WHAT IS LIGHT?

Lets finish collecting our lab data. Go to your last station. LIGHT AS WE KNOW IT Take out your What is light lab


Emission Transmission Reflecting/Scattering Absorption Dispersion Polarization Diffraction EMISSION

A light bulb emits visible light; the energy of the light comes from electrical potential energy supplied to the light bulb. TRANSMISSION Some forms of matter, such as glass or air, transmit light, which means allowing it to pass through.

REFLECTING/SCATTERING Light can bounce off matter leading to what we call reflection (when the bouncing is all in the same general direction) or scattering (when the bouncing is more random). ABSORPTION

When you place your hand near an incandescent light bulb, your hand absorbs some of the light, and this absorbed energy warms your hand. These bananas absorb all colors of light except yellow. Instead yellow is scattered, so the bananas appear yellow!

CHECKPOINT What is emission? What is transmission?

What is reflecting/scattering? What is absorption? DISPERSION When white light travels through a

prism it disperses into a rainbow, showing that white light is made up of all the color we can see. POLARIZATION When light passes through a polarizing filter it is only allowed to vibrate in one

direction. Light cannot pass through two polarizing filters that are set 90 degrees from one another. DIFFRACTION When a wave encounters an obstacle, or a slit

is diffracts and a pattern is produced on a screen. CHECKPOINT What is dispersion?

What is polarization? What is diffraction? 404 Jump to Details of light properties

PowerPoint WHAT IS LIGHT? How does light behave like a particle? How does light behave like a wave?

IS LIGHT A PARTICLE OR A WAVE? IS LIGHT A PARTICLE OR A WAVE? Wave-Particle Duality says that light exhibits both wave and particle properties. This duality addresses the inability of classical concepts like particle and wave to fully describe the behavior of light.

This is a central concept in quantum mechanics. PHOTONS A photon is one particle of light that obeys the wave-particle duality of light.

PROPERTIES OF PHOTONS Wave-particle duality Photons always want to travel at the speed of light in a vacuum:

Every photon has a specific frequency and wavelength that obey the equation: f is the frequency of the photon (Hz) Lambda is the wavelength of the photon (m) PROPERTIES OF PHOTONS Photons have energy that obey the

equation: h is Plancks constant: E is the energy measured in Joules (J) BELLRINGER 2 MINS TO HAND IN Explain Heisenbergs

uncertainty principle. DO STOP WORK OBJECTIVES Solve for the velocity, wavelength, frequency, energy, and type of light.

HOMEWORK Remember your long answers are due tomorrow. Ill be collecting the them so write your answers in the question packet too.

Does anyone have the completed letter slip? PRACTICE For a photon that has wavelength of 650nm find its velocity, frequency, energy, and color.

Velocity: The velocity of a photon is always the same in a vacuum. PRACTICE CONTD

Frequency of the photon: PRACTICE CONTD Energy of the photon: Or:


Which has a larger wavelength, red or blue light? Red

Which has a greater frequency, red or blue light? Blue Which has more energy, red of blue light? Blue IS THERE LIGHT BEYOND THE RAINBOW? What color light has a wavelength of 200nm?


Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Ultraviolet, Visible, Infrared, Microwaves, and Radio Waves are all part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are all electromagnetic rays We can only detect visible electromagnetic waves with our eyes, but this doesnt mean the visible waves are a different type of wave than the ones we cant see. CHICKEN WINGS

How can chicken wings be used as an analogy for the electromagnetic spectrum? Spicy Cajun Style Spicy Glazed Baked Buffalo Sesame Maple Broiled Barbecued

Inferno Plain RADIO WAVES TV, FM, AM, Wifi, cell phones Wavelength Football field to a baseball Can you hear radio waves?

Most people associate the term radio with sound, but radio waves are a form of light with long wavelengthtoo long for our eyes to see. Radio stations encode sounds as electrical signals and broadcast the signals as radio waves. What we call a radio in daily life is an electronic device that receives these radio waves and decodes them to re-create the sounds played at the radio stations.-The Cosmic Perspective MICROWAVES AND

INFRARED Microwaves Microwave oven, Radar Wavelength Lacrosse ball to a small dot Infrared

People, light bulbs Wavelength Cell to bacteria VISIBLE LIGHT AND ULTRAVIOLET Visible The

only electromagnetic waves we can see Wavelength 780nm to 380nm Ultraviolet The cause of sunburn Wavelength Virus to a protein X-RAYS

X-Ray machines Wavelength Protein to a water molecule What could you see with X-ray vision? The X-rays that the doctor or dentist holds up are not a form of light; they are just pieces of film. The images of

your bones and teeth are made with the help of a special machine that works somewhat like the flash on an ordinary camera but emits x rays instead of visible light. This machine flashes the x rays instead of visible light, and the x rays that are transmitted through your body are recorded on film. Thus, what you see is the image left by these x rays, not the x rays themselves -The Cosmic Perspective GAMMA RAYS

Radioactive elements Wavelength Water molecule to even smaller Is all radiation dangerous? Many people associate the word radiation with danger. However, the word radiate simply means to spread out from a center (radius-radiation). Radiation is energy being transmitted through space.

High-energy forms of radiation, such as particles from radioactive materials or x rays, are dangerous because they can penetrate body tissues and cause cell damage. Low energy forms of radiation, such as radio waves, are usually harmless. THE FULL SPECTRUM How much more do you think we could learn about the universe if we could see

the full electromagnetic spectrum? THE FULL SPECTRUM OF TELESCOPES BELLRINGER 2 MINS TO HAND IN Find the wavelength, energy, and type of radiation of a EM

wave that has a frequency of 13x10^13Hz. DO STOP WORK OBJECTIVES

Better your understanding of the proper way to answer Regents long answer questions. Practice your skills of the electromagnetic spectrum. MISSING LABS

Index of Refraction Lab Ryan Matt O Caleb Cody What is Light? Lab Lab quality!

Ryan Matt O Caleb Meghann, and Annika HOMEWORK Please pass up your signed slips.

Please pass up your completed answer packet. Lets go over the packet. HOMEWORK CLASSWORK

One worksheet, front and back Electromagnetic spectrum practice

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