Lincoln High School Football New Parent & New Player Interest ...

Lincoln High School Football New Parent & New Player Interest ...

Lincoln High School Football Quarterback Club Parent Meeting April 10, 2018 Quarterback Club Board President Kiki Peters VP of Operations Christopher Larry VP of Fundraising/Marketing Shelley Green Treasurer Shirley Paul Secretary & Communication Angela Harris Head Coach

Quinn Gray Since We Last Met Recruiting Trip List emailed March Meeting PowerPoint emailed Vidalia Onion Fundraiser has started Will provide shirts to members who assist with Game Day Chain Crews Since We Last Met Spring Jamboree Booster Tailgate Boosters will receive: a meal sponsored by Millers Ale House a Trojan Tailgate goodie bag

Shade Table Seating Drinks Fellowship Games Starts at 5:00 p.m. Since We Last Met March 4th Parent Meeting 31 players March 26 New Player Interest 32 new players April 4th Curriculum Night 14 new players 60 Returning Parents that have not heard the message 33 Returning Parents not sure are getting emails

Since We Last Met New Website Rosters Schedules QBC Info Pictures Coach Blog Pay Fees LAUNCH DATE Friday, April 13, 2018 Since We Last Met Season Poster Provided to Sponsors Provided to Boosters Demand

Since We Last Met Account Balance $3,782.54 Expenditures Coaches Meeting Thank You $60.00 Concession Items $724.00 Season Poster/Brochure $650.00 -$1,434.00 Income Concessions Spirt Wear

$773.00 $165.00 $938.00 BALANCE - $496.00 Since We Last Met Recent Income $1,000.00 $939 $800.00 $583 $600.00 $400.00 $200.00

$0.00 S H T ck a r $165 $97 M t

ee ag l F $53 $0 ll a tb o Fo ag l F

ll a tb o Fo S M $41 ck a Tr M t ee

ag l F ll a tb o Fo um l u rr ic u C ht

g i N TO L A T The Game Plan

Keys to the Game Player Expectations Parent Expectations Inside the Program 2018 Schedule Conversation with Coach Gray You are a Trojan Now What Keys to the Game Championships 3 State Titles 9 Regional Championships 21 District Championships (18 Consecutive) 18 City Championships Keys to the Game

Lincoln Football is a Program Not Just a Season Summer Workouts Preseason Practice Fall Regular Season Weightlifting Class Track/Weightlifting Team Matt Drills Spring Practice Player Expectations Be Disciplined Be a Great Student Athlete Must maintain higher than a 2.0 overall unweighted Prepare for Summer Workouts Be Accountable

Attend gatherings, meetings, practices Early not on Time Be Trustworthy Be of Maximum Effort Parent Expectations Submit all forms on June 11th Leon County Schools Activity Participant Packet FHSAA Consent Forms FHSAA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation HIPPA Form Guidelines for Communication Parent Expectations

Ensure Physical is Current Players will be unable to practice without a current physical Have physician complete the FHSAA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation form Parent Expectations Provide Contact Information Parent and Player Names Email Address Phone Number Stay Informed New Website Facebook Lincoln High School

Football Parent Expectations Attend Parent Meetings and/or Quarterback Club Meetings This is the best opportunity to hear everything first hand Allows the opportunity to ask questions Parent Expectations Volunteer Find a place within our program to help Online Questionnaire Concession Needs

Sixty-five (65) JV parents Forty (40) Varsity parents Participate in Fundraising Sponsors Booster Membership Parent Expectations Watch Spring and Fall Practices This gives you the ability to see how your child is doing and the coaching style Allow the Coaches to Coach If you have issues,

comments, and/or complaints contact the Coach Gray Inside the Program Trojan Football Staff Offensive Coordinator/QB Offensive Line Wide Receivers Special Teams/RB Grant Thompson Travis Cole

Ivan Evans, Sr. Jason Pannell Defensive Coordinator/LB Defensive Line Defensive Backs LB/DFO Jimmie Tyson Rubin Carter Antwaun Moore Brandon Youmans

JV Head Coach Rod Laurie More Additions to Come Inside the Program LINCOLN TROJAN FOOTBALL IS NOW A PROUD MEMBER OF THE ADIDAS 3 STRIPE /// FAMILY Inside the Program New Adidas Uniforms Inside the Program Percentage of Funding QBC Fundraising

The Lincoln Trojan Football annual budget is more than $130,000 Leon County School District provides about $0 towards the football programs Inside the Program Why we Fundraise How we Fundraise Uniforms ($30K) Game Officials ($30K) Pre-Game/Post-Game Meals ($22K) Transportation ($18K)

Equipment ($15K) (Needs/Replacement) Helmets Reconditioning ($7K) Game Ambulance ($3K) County Ticket Sellers at Cox ($2K) Football Player Fees

Vidalia Onion Sales Trojan BBQ/Fish Fry Car Washes Discount Cards Chipotle Night Business Sponsors Booster Memberships Middle School Football Concessions Flag Football Concessions Track Concessions Inside the Program Player Fees 1st Payment 6/1/18 $150

2nd Payment 7/1/18 $150 Final Payment 8/1/18 $100 $400 Separation of Player Fees Team Fees $200 Player Pack $200 Where does this money go? Does JV have transportation costs? Does JV have pregame meals? What is the Player

Pack? What do JV players get? Inside the Program 2018 Player Pack Inside the Program Trojan/Alumni - $75 Booster Membership 1 polo shirt

1 Game Day Media Guide Listing in Media Guide 1 car magnet 1 ticket to Booster Tailgate Green Trojan - $100 Booster Membership 1 polo shirt 1 Game Day Media Guide Listing in Media Guide

1 pass to 2 Home games of choice (exception Rickards/Leon varsity) 1 car magnet 1 ticket to Booster Tailgate Inside the Program Golden Trojan - $150 Trojan Elite - $200* Booster Membership 1 polo shirt 1 Game Day Media Guide Listing in Media Guide 1 ticket to End of Year Banquet 1 season pass to JV and Varsity games (exception Rickards/Leon)

1 car magnet 2 tickets to Booster Tailgate Booster Membership 1 polo shirt and hat/visor

1 Game Day Media Guide Listing in Media Guide 2 tickets to End of Year Banquet 2 season passes to JV and Varsity games (exception Rickards/Leon) 1 car magnet 2 tickets to Booster Tailgate * $50 monthly payment plan available The 2018 Playbook Varsity Schedule 8/17 Wakulla (Preseason) 8/24 Niceville (Away) 8/31 Bainbridge (Chiles) 9/7 Hudson

9/14 Lowndes (Away) 9/21 Rickards 9/28 Chiles (Away) 10/11 Leon 10/19 Escambia (Away) 10/26 Raines 11/2 Godby (Away) JV Schedule 8/23 Godby 8/30 Rickards (Away) 9/5 Leon 9/13 Chiles (Away) 9/20 Godby (Away) 9/27 Rickards 10/10 Chiles 10/18 Leon (Away)

You are a Trojan, Now What? Have an updated physical Complete all paperwork Provide us your email and contact information Like the Lincoln High School Football Page on Facebook Go to new Lincoln Webpage Attend Parent Meetings Volunteer Around the Corner April 11th Recruiting Trip 1st Payment Due April 20th Onion Sales End April 23rd Fish Fry and BBQ Sales Begin May 9th Recruiting Trip 2nd Payment Due

May 11th Green and Gold Game May 12th Fish Fry and BBQ Cook and Pickup Day May 18th Spring Jamboree Godby vs. Lincoln 7:00 pm Rickards vs. Lincoln 8:00 pm June 11th Summer Conditioning Begins

Around the Corner Media Guide Ads Commemorate your seniors last year, or wish a player a great season High quality Available at beginning of season Payment and Artwork Due June 29, 2018 Around the Corner 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Concessions __________ 9. __________ __________ 10. _________ __________ 11. _________ __________ 12. _________ __________ 13. _________ __________

14. _________ __________ 15. _________ __________ 16. _________ Around the Corner Chain Crew 1. __________ Booster Tailgate 1. __________ 2. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________

3. __________ 4. __________ 4. __________ You are a Trojan, Now What? Coach Quinn Gray [email protected] Lincoln Quarterback Club [email protected]

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