Living with Malaria: Obstacles to Elimination

Living with Malaria: Obstacles to Elimination

By Austen Dellinger LIVING WITH MALARIA: OBSTACLES TO ELIMINATION The Numbers: 500,000 years 3.3 billion 100 million

1 minute Thesis Statement: Malaria will not be eliminated without improvement of the distribution of nets and drugs, increased compliance with the proper use of these life-saving resources, enhanced infrastructure in countries crippled by malaria, and the dispelling of cultural and religious superstition. Malaria Transmission and

Symptoms: Malaria spreads as it is passed from mosquito to person and back to mosquito. Symptoms include: chills and fever with headaches and vomiting, respiratory distress and malaise, strokes, heart problems and brutal anemia. Vaccination, Prevention, and Treatment: No vaccine Best method of malaria prevention:

insecticide treated bed nets. Best cure: a full course of antimalarial treatment. Malaria Elimination in the United States: Malaria in North America: Malaria was prevalent in North America from the

1600s to the mid1900s. Now, only about 1500 cases of malaria are reported per year in the U.S. Bulldozed swamps Paved roads and sewage systems Window screens Availability and affordability of treatment.

Obstacles to Elimination: Consequences of Malaria: Absenteeism high rates of unemployment 30 to 40 billion dollars every year.

Misinformation and superstition regarding the disease Deficient infrastructure Low rates of compliance with prevention and treatment programs

Geography Misinformation and Superstition: Malawi, Africa: malaria is caused by mosquitoes bad weather, hard work, jealousy, and hexes. Leads such people away from medical centers and towards spiritual healers. Some wont give blood.

Infrastructure: Medical centers: Scarce Lacking in supplies Short staffed Underdeveloped roads and deficient transportation methods

increase death toll Distribution is a challenge Compliance: Not always used for intended purpose Burdensome Not completing the full course of treatment

Hard to set up Very hot Nets Drugs Geography: Mosquitoes need warm climates and still waters (puddles, lakes, standing water) to thrive.

E.g. Pakistan Environmental transformation Community Service Aim for the Net Participants: Triangle Futbol Club 00

Navy Raised $1,676 for Against Malaria Foundation, and Malaria No More Everyone can make a difference Bibliography

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