Macbeth Act 3 - Kierstead's St. Andrew's Web Page

Macbeth Act 3 - Kierstead's St. Andrew's Web Page

+ Macbeth Act 3 Scenes 1-6 + Scene 1 Banquo Now you have it all dont you Macbeth Extremely suspicious of Macbeth knows that he has cheated to earn the what the weird sisters promised him.

+ Macbeth comes in and has adopted the royal we in speech. how impressive! He asks Banquo 3 important questions: Ride you this afternoon? (Line 19) Are you riding far? (Line 24)

Is Fleance going with you? (Line 36) Theme of 3 as a supernatural number again These questions are deeply ironic because Banquo will be at the feast, but as a ghost! + Macbeths 3rd Soliloquy

To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus To be the king is nothing if Im not safe as the king. greatly fear Banquo The witches prophecies: Ive killed the gracious Duncan all for Banquos sons! I;ve handed over my everlasting soul to the devil so they can be kings well I will challenge fate and fight to the death.

+ + Crazy Macbeth Paranoia growing Eternal jewel is his soul Fruitless crown unable to bear children? He will not have any and so the crown will be theirs.

He is going along with the witches prophesy because everything he has told them has come true. + Murderers 2 murders come before him These men are probably army deserters which Macbeth probably has put in jail before.

But hes pinning that on Banquo. Notice that he doesnt do this killing himself. + Switched back to I personal touch to win the murderers over. are you so religious that you can forgive the man who

brought ruin to your family and had you killed?! Banquo (or Macbeth) must have done something terrible to the murderers to have ruined their lives. + Scene 2 We get great insight into Macbeths character from this scene. We can see how he has developed from the exposition.

He knows how to manipulate men now, taught well by his wife. He has no reason to kill Banquo except for the fact that he feels judged by him. + Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth is not enjoying being queen. Line 6 -10

If you get what you want and youre still not happy, youve spent everything and gained nothing. Its better to be the person who gets murdered than to be the killer and be tormented by anxiety. Hes a loner and he prefers to be alone.

As Macbeth matures in evil she dwindles. Part of the tragedy is the break up of their relationship. Role reversal + Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Hes not sleeping properly. Deeply

tormented He envies the dead king! Hiding the true self in the face (visor) Lack of confidence between them. He wont tell his wife. She is surprised by his craziness. And he tells her not to fear. Lady Macbeth is looking at her husband in amazement.

First time she realizes hes left her behind. Hes matured in evil and moved into his dark side. Ironic because she was the one who said Come thick night but he is the one who loves the blackness of night. + Act 3 scene 3

Macbeth has sent a 3rd murderer because he does not trust the first 2. They are waiting in a cluster of trees about a half mile from the castle. It was customary for men to dismount their horses and give them to the stable boy and continue on foot and this is exactly what Banquo does.

Three men attack Fleance runs!!!! Banquo is dead. And the murderers realize the fatal mistake. They leave but they know its going to be bad news for when they get back. + Act 3 Scene 4 Banquet for coronation Everything that goes wrong tonight is a symbol for

Macbeths reign. EVERYTHING GOES WRONG. Macbeth sits in order of importance according to their titles. Macbeth beams at everyone smiling. Bloody face appears. He goes to talk to the murderer. + Scene 4

Witches predictions can still come true so Macbeth is thrown into a rage and into despair! Macbeth is talking with the murderer but everyone is waiting for him to finish the toast!?! Lady Macbeth is really gross. As we saw when the murder of Duncan was taking place she puns in

moments of stress. Meeting and meat pun. + Banquet Scene Empty seat is offered to Macbeth but of course it is not empty it is being occupied by Banquo. Macbeth finally sees the ghost and turns white and drops his goblet. She pulls Macbeth aside and taunts him again about cowardice. Trying

to pull him together. She is trying to shame him again. We might as well put people on the outside on hills instead of burying them. This implies that he might have had people killed recently and the Thanes are worried. Murders have been performed too terrible they should be dead but now they push us from our stools. He is almost confessing! Macbeth finally pulls himself together. There he sees the ghost again and jumps back in his chair and drops the goblet again.

Everyone is standing and staring at him. Chaos has come from all directions. He alone has seen the ghost but he doesnt understand that. + Act 3 Scene 5 Not written by Shakespeare Someone thought that Macbeth was too short and needed to be a bit cheerier. Changes found their way into the play and have survived

until modern day. Most directors cut these scenes Strongest evidence is the meter its written in. Tetrameter makes the audience feel stressed and anxious and makes the audience fear the power of the witches. And this scene is not written that way. Hecate speaks in Iambic pentameter. How did you dare trade and traffic with Macbeth. Thomas Littleton wrote about the supernatural during Shakespeares day

Back on the blasted heath enter three witches and Hecate. Beldams old crows. How did you dare trade and traffic with Macbeth. Macbeth is wayward. contradiction to the play so far. + Scene 5 They need to tell him untruths

It doesnt make any sense. Contradiction because we have scene that Macbeth is evil inside and only needed a push and that the Witches chose him because his ambition is strong. Not that he is inherently good. And they need to manipulate him. Song doesnt fit in Shakespeares Macbeth. He used the claustrophobia of the scene to draw you in and make you uncomfortable. Thats why a song seems wrong.

Destroys one of the most important aspects of Macbeth - the number 3 + Scene 6 Lennox is prominent here Speaking sarcastically about Macbeth and refers to him as a Tyrant This scene is used to move the plot forward. Like a Chorus Remember Romeo and Juliet

Information is given that would not have been shown without this scene. + Scene 6 Malcolm and Edward the confessor are getting an army together. Scotland is in famine and there is fear and terror.

Macduff has been sent for and refused to come. Prayer Macbeth cant pray. this our suffering country under a hand accursed Macbeth is possessed by something? + 1.

Act 3: Study Questions Why does Macbeth want Banquo and Fleance dead? Answer: He knows they suspect him of foul play, and he is furious that he has done all the work of becoming king, and Banquos descendants will benefit from it. + 2. What is Macbeths plan for killing Banquo and Fleance? Does it work? Answer: He gets two convicted murderers to wait along the road to ambush them. The murderers kill Banquo, but Fleance escapes. +

2. What is Macbeths plan for killing Banquo and Fleance? Does it work? Answer: He gets two convicted murderers to wait along the road to ambush them. The murderers kill Banquo, but Fleance escapes. + 3. Macbeth says, The worm thats fled Hath nature that in time will venom breed, No teeth for the present. What does that mean? Answer: Fleance will be a problem in the future, since he will have children who will become kings, but for now Macbeth can let him go and deal with other things

because Fleance is of no immediate threat to him personally. + 4. Who (what) did Macbeth see at the banquet table? Answer: He saw Banquos Ghost + 5. How does Lady Macbeth cover for Macbeth at the banquet? What excuses does she give for his wild talk?

Answer: She tells the guests that he often has these fits, that those who know him well have learned to ignore them. When Macbeth really gets out of hand, she sends the guests home. + 6. Who else was missing from the banquet tabel (besides Banquo) Answer: Macduff is missing + 7. Macbeth says, I am in blood stepped in so far that should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as

go o er. What does he mean? Answer: There is no going back now. Macbeth is committed to this course of action, whatever terrible things he may yet have to do. + 8. What does Hecate want the witches to do? Answer: She wants the witches to give Macbeth some visions which will give him false impressions, false hopes for his personal safety and the safety of his rule, so he will continue on his path of destruction. +

9. What does Lennox think about Macbeth, Fleance and Duncans sons? +Macbeth: Act 1-3 (Quiz) Notes for the Quiz + Goal: To review Acts 1-3 of Macbeth To identify and discuss major events, important passages and literary elements.

Why? In order to prepare you for the quiz (suggestion: take notes) + Get out two Pieces of paper Title-Paper # 1: Notes Paper one will be for your notes

Title- Paper #2: Activities This paper will be handed into me at the end of class. You will complete a series of activities on this paper. + What is a Soliloquy? Soliloquy: In drama, a moment when a character is alone and speaks his or her thoughts aloud. On paper 2- #1. Please translate Macbeths

Soliloquy in Act 1 Scene 7. (Lines 1-10) -10 min Be sure to define the word Trammel + MACBETH: Translation If this deed were done when it is done, then it would be better If it were done quickly. If the assassination of the King Could be entangled with the consequences, then I could, With his murder, be a success. If only this blow Could be the be-all and the end-all right here, Only here, upon this bank and shallows of time,

Wed risk it for the life to come. Only in these things, We are always punished here because we teach others How to murder, and once they learn, they come back To murder us. This balanced justice +Why is Macbeth confused in Act 1 Scene 7? P. 57 -Macbeth is confused about his course of action. -He wishes that Duncans murder were an end in itself. He does not like tying up all the loose ends. He also, wonders if the crime is worth all the effort.

Trammel: to catch in a net (that is prevent) What is comic relief? + Comic relief (also called episode and interlude) - a humorous scene, incident, or remark occurring in the midst of a serious or tragic literary selection and deliberately designed to relieve emotional intensity and simultaneously to heighten, increase, and highlight the seriousness or tragedy of the action. Apart from being a simple diversion, though, comic relief normally plays some part in advancing the action of drama.

Can you find an example of Comic Relief in +the play Macbeth? Hint: Act 2: Scene 3 Shakespeares drunken porter in Act 2: Scene 3: Act II, scene iii : lines 1 19 Why is the Porters soliloquy an example of comic relief? +

The scene opens in comic relief from the drunken porter. It is the only humorous scene in the play and is purposefully placed to relieve audience tension between the actual murder and its discovery. When the porter is awakened from his stupor by the knocking, he thinks he is going to open hell's gate (an in truth he is, for his castle walls - from the moment of the murder to the play's end - is a living hell for Macbeth). The porter names the sinners who are waiting to enter, and + each one possesses one of Macbeth's tragic flaws. The farmer is too ambitious (Macbeth is also ambitious for power). Equivocator: someone who is deliberately unclear or silent

in order to deceive a listener. The equivocator is full of pretense and lies (Macbeth lies to others and, more importantly, to himself); and the tailor is a thief (Macbeth has just stolen Duncan's life). All three of these traits contribute to Macbeth's downfall and total ruin. His ambition for power leads him to dream of being king and causes him to murder. + Statement: Macbeths tragic flaw is his ambition.

Why? #2. Find two quotes to support this statement? What is a character foil? + A character that serves by contrast to highlight or emphasize opposing traits in another

character. What character in the play is Macbeths character foil? + Answer: Banquo serves as a foil to Macbeth, showing an alternate reaction to the witches prophecy. Banquo retains his morals and allegiances, but ends up dying. He is brave and ambitious, but this is tempered by intelligence. Quiz

on Acts 1-3 Tomorrow + Quiz Acts 1-3 Act 4: Scene 1 +

The witches chant and dance around a babbling cauldron. Macbeth enters their cave, demanding that they answer his questions. Macbeth does not like the witches answers. He curses the witches and swears to kill Macduffs family. Macbeth: Howeer you come to know it, answer me. P. 171 Act 4: Scene 2 + Lady Macduff is upset because her husband, macduff has fled

to England. She does not understand why he would leave her. Ross leaves and the murderers that Macbeth hired kill Lady Macduff and her son. Son: He has killd me, mother: / Run away, I pray you. [dies] + Act 4: Scene 3 Malcolm and Macduff discuss how Scotland under Macbeths rule has been plunged into despair. Malcolm tests Macduffs integrity. We learn that a large army is gathering to defeat Macbeth.

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