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Publication date: February 2019 Next publication: September 2019 Purpose of the Report To clarify the role of private label in Pick n Pay Private Label Report Private Label What is Private Label? PRIVATE LABEL There is often confusion around the difference between private label, private brand, house brand, dealer-own-brand, confined label, and exclusive brand. These terms are often used interchangeably and sometimes incorrectly. As such, please refer to the below definitions for clarity, the term private Private Brand House Brand Dealer-Own-Brand Confined Label Exclusive Brand

label encompasses both. For the purpose of this report, focus remains purely on private brand Private brand, House brand and Dealer Own brand: A brand of product(s) that is exclusively manufactured by a contract or third-party manufacturer for a retailer, according to retailer specifications, and sold under a retailers brand name. Private brand is often tiered according to good, better, best brand positioning, however these tiers are defined differently across retailers i.e. some might refer to premium / national brand equivalent / value or fit for purpose Globally, certain retailers (i.e. Lidl) are moving towards vertical integration with their private brand products (i.e. owning the factories which private brands are manufactured in) Confined Label, Exclusive Brand: A brand of product(s) owned by a manufacturer or producer but exclusive rights are given to a retailer to be the sole distributor of the product to the market Lets take you on a journey down the shopping aisles of Pick n Pay, showcasing their most prominent private brand products | Pick n Pay Retail | Private Label 2019 | Page 2 Private Label Role of private label in Pick n Pay The PnP intention is to continue to deliver excellent customer value through a three-tiered good, better and best offering, through increased quality and choice providing small suppliers and entrepreneurs with access to a national market Strategy

To continue the strategic partnership with Daymon Worldwide To be seen as a complementary brand. next to national brands, as shoppers love brands To roll-out the re-launch of fresh offering introducing new product lines and packaging, within a three-tiered model promising something for all shoppers tastes and budgets. This followed by improvements and expansion in the ready-to-eat convenience range, fish and bakery lines, and new health & wellness ranges: Free from, Live Well and Carb Sharp Financials and/or Contribution Participation has grown to over 2,000 products and contributed 21% to total turnover in HY2019 (FY2018: 19%), with a medium-term target of 30% There is growing customer support for own-brand products, with a number of PnP own-brand products reportedly growing at more than double the rate of independent, national brands in the same category In May 2018, PnP relaunched its fresh offering, with new lines and packaging (+80 lines repositioned and +28 new product lines introduced across fruit, vegetables and butchery - phase 1) +630 new private label products across grocery and fresh launched (HY2019) At customer-facing level Brasher is aggressively driving the retailers private label offerings. "The progress weve made on the Pick n Pay brand over the last few years allows us to sell a great product, well presented at lower prices and| higher margins maybe Richard Brasher, Brasher, PnP PnP Group Group CEO Pick n Pay Retail | than Private Label sometimes the branded equivalent. Richard 2019CEO |

Private Label What are the Private Brands in Pick n Pay? Private Brands Shopper Profile LSM 4 10 Good (Value) Reliable, no-frills budget basics Strategic Brand Distinctive blue Positioning and white PnP branding Price Positioning SKUs Price fighter Everyday low prices - cheapest on shelf Essential items Fresh product offerings moved to PnP brand

LSM 4 10 LSM 4 10 LSM 4 10 LSM 8 10 Better (Standard) Better (Standard) Better (Standard) Trusted Environmentally Certified 100% alternatives to top responsible organic and food name brands alternatives to safe products chemical cleaning Colourful PnP products branding Best (Premium & Quality) Value-for-money

Same quality at a better price Premium price Value-for-money Value-for-money Convenience A non-toxic Mostly edible meals, to pet cleaning range for foods, constantly accessories, green fingers evolving and cleaning products across kitchen, expanding to fresh product household, environmentally offerings bathroom and responsible personal care alternatives for categories

health conscious shoppers | Pick n Pay Retail | Private Label 2019 | Seasonal innovations and expansions Fine dining comes home Exclusive gourmet food range for the foodie shopper who likes to prepare restaurant quality meals at home Page 4 Private Label Strategic Brand Positioning | Good (value), better (standard) and best (premium quality) PnPs private brand forms the heart of every store, and is regarded as a key differentiator through range, quality and price available across three tiers good, better and best PnP (better) - Quality products promoted alongside top name brands

No Name (good) - Value offering with no frills packaging and branding focus | Pick n Pay Retail | Private Label PnP Green (better) - value-for-money, environmentally friendly products PnP Organic (better) - value-for-money products, certified 100% organic 2019 | PnP Finest (best) Premium quality products aimed at upper LSM shoppers Page 5 Private Label Price positioning | Price Fighter (Good) and Value-for-Money (Best) vs. Market Leader PnP offers a tiered pricing strategy, with a price fighter (No Name) offering the lowest price, and middle of the road value-formoney range (PnP) strategically placed to compete with branded product Both provide exceptional value, at competitive prices Price Fighter Note: pricing as at 27.12.18

Value-for-money Market leader "We need to make sure that we have good competition on our shelves and that the Pick n Pay brand stands for fantastic value, customers should have the same quality, but 20% cheaper Richard Richard Brasher, Brasher, PnP PnP Group Group CEO CEO R10.49 | Pick n Pay Retail | Private Label 2019 | Page 6 Private Label What media platforms are used to communicate Pick n Pay Private Brands Print

Website PnPs private brand enjoys prominence in PnP specific private label broadsheets, as well as in national and regional broadsheets A private brand section, on the home page, explains each of the brands on offer, and promotional products feature within electronic broadsheets, found in the catalogues section Social Media Direct Mail (Smart Shopper | Facebook and Twitter showcasing PnPs private brands Promotional emailers, with the latest updates and great specials private brand included | Pick n Pay Retail | Private Label PnP Online Shopping) 2019 | Page 7 Private Label Print | personified PnPs private brand positioning clearly demonstrated on broadsheet

| Pick n Pay Retail | Private Label 2019 | Page 8 Private Label Whats going on in-store? PnP Private brand POS features both inside and outside the store, highlighting to shoppers a wide choice of good quality products at the cheapest and lowest possible price PnP Fields Centre - Kloof | Pick n Pay Retail | Private Label 2019 | Page 9 Private Label Whats going on in-store? More competitive fresh produce and meat in-store, since Fresh Promise launch in May 2018, with well-executed promotions and successful fresh produce combo deals Innovation coming through with health & wellness range: Live Well, Carb Sharp and Free From | Pick n Pay Retail | Private Label 2019 | Page 10

Private Label Whats going on in-store? The PnP brand and PnP No Name brand, together with the number one and two branded products in the category, are featured on shelf When both PnP private brands are on shelf, they are brand blocked to create impact | Pick n Pay Retail | Private Label 2019 | Page 11 Maryla Masojada Adrienne Osberg | | Lead Analyst Retail Analyst

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