Make a List Activity: If you were a Superhero, who would you ...

Make a List Activity: If you were a Superhero, who would you ...

Make a List Activity: If you were a Superhero, who would you be? What would you need? Think in terms of cartoon strip or the elements of a comic book. Consider the antagonist and their drive. What are some of the things that these characters have in their respective series? Part I: Who are the Superheroes and Who are the Villains Political Leader What did he do? that Emerged and How did he do it? what was their Ultimate Battle? India Vietnam North Korea

Japan China From their perspective, who would be considered their villan(s)/ antagonist? What would their possible Power and Weakness be if they were a comic? Part II: Comic Book Time

Step One: Select a Country and the Emerging Political Leader Step Two: Turn the Emerging Political Leader into a Comic Book Superhero. Give them a Dual Identity. Step Three: Stay true to how they became a political force with their historical story and reformat it to something similar to what one would read in a comic book. Complete additional research into their rise to power. Step Four: Develop the comic book and tell their story through pictures and dialogue. OR Part II: Become the Superhero Step One: Turn all of the Emerging Leaders into a League of Political Superheros. Refashion them into Superheroes with special powers. Create Profile cards that are the size of regular notebook paper that lists information about them and gives a synopsis (summary) of how they became a political power in their respective countries.

Step Two: Star as one of the Superheroes and create a commercial for them that highlights the information that you created. Individual commercials should not exceed 2 minutes and should be informative as well as entertaining! OR Gang Up and have a representative of all the studied countries and create an infomercial with all of you dressed up and covering your different parts. Group presentations should not exceed 8 minutes.

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