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Ready to Work (RTW) WebEx: Grantee Presentations: Expanding Partnerships Enhancing Outcomes and Maximizing Workforce/Education Partnerships to Improve Outcomes for LTUs June 28, 2018 3:00-4:00pm EST. Todays Facilitator KISHA TOPPIN TA Coach, High Impact Partners Welcome

Grantee Presenters: City of Providence: Expanding Partnerships & Enhancing Outcomes Capital Workforce Partners: Maximizing Workforce/Education Partnerships to Improve Outcomes for LTUs H-1B Ready to Work Grant Expanding Partnerships Enhancing Outcomes City of Providence In 2014 The City of Providence, Rhode Island received a $7.5 million H-1B Ready to Work Grant from the US DOL to help long-term unemployed and underemployed individuals

return to work in the Information Technology sector. The statewide grant Rhode Island is being promoted and services delivered as the Tech Force Rhode Island program Unemployment Rate Rhode Island 2014 2014 average unemployment rate RI = 7.7% * 2014 average unemployment rate nationally = 6.2%* Rhode Islands average unemployment rate was the third highest nationally in 2014* Information from the US DOL BLS RI has worst unemployment rate in nation again January 28, 2014

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Rhode Islands unemployment rate in December was again the worst in the nation. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on Tuesday released rankings that showed the 9.1 percent seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was higher than any in other state. The previous month, Rhode Island tied with Nevada for the highest unemployment rate, at 9 percent. In December, Nevadas rate fell to 8.8 percent, while Rhode Islands notched up one-tenth of a percentage point. Statewide Unemployment Rate is currently 3.8% Month Employed

Unemployed Rate May 2018 April 2018 March 2018 February 2018 January 2018 537,222 533,192 528,797 526,838 524,466

21,420 22,458 26,672 29,495 29,607 3.8 4.0 4.8 5.3 5.3 Annual Average 2017

554,658 24,791 4.5 Information courtesy of RI Department of Labor and Training How do we access long-term unemployed individuals? Workforce Statistics High Tech Sector Private Industry 52% 48%

5.8% 14.4% Tech Industry 64% 36% 10.6% 7.4% Hispanic 13.9% 3.1%

White 63.5% 68.5% Male Female Asian Black/African American Per US EEOC Report. Executive Statistics Tech Sector

Professionals Executive Asian Black/African American 10.6% 5.3% 19.5% 2% Hispanic

5.3% 3.1% White 68% 83.3% Per US EEOC Report. Tech Employment by Gender Major Tech Companies Wall Street Journal April 2016

Of those in the Executives category in high tech, about 80 percent are men and 20 percent are women. Within the overall private sector, 71 percent of Executive positions are men and about 29 percent are women. US EEOC report: Diversity in High Tech, May 2016 Atlassian 2017 State of Diversity Report Despite the general sentiment that diversity is important and companies are making an effort (to varying degrees) to support it we start to see discrepancies between the perception of diversity and reality on the ground. General consensus is only about 2% of the tech workforce is

Black and 3% Latinx, while 24% of the technical workforce identifies as female. Rhode Island and Tech Force Rhode Island Demographics RI Demographics July 2017 Total Population 1059,639 Tech Force Rhode Island Demographics Sept. 30, 2017 Total Participants 285

Male 48.5% Male 66% Female 51.4% Female

33% Hispanic/Latino 15.5% Hispanic/Latino 7% Non-Hispanic/Latino 84.5% Non-Hispanic/Latino

93% American Indian 1.0% Black/African American 8.2% Black/African American 8%

Asian 3.7% Asian 5% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.2% White 84.1%

More than one race 2.8% American Indian Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander White More than one race RI Demographics per US Census, estimates July 2017 0.4%

0.4% 73% 0.0% TFRI data per certified QPR September 30, 2017 Areas of unemployment remain above average Providence 5.0% Central Falls 4.9%

Pawtucket 4.5% Woonsocket 5.8% Unemployment rates per RI Department of Labor and Training April 2018 IT in RI Continuing to Expand Seven of the states twenty-five fastest growing occupations are in IT. Professional technical and scientific services will be the third fastest growing industry sector through 2024 (anticipated 17.1% increase) As of April 2018, 1038 individuals were on track to exhaust

unemployment insurance within thirty days. 954 have no prior IT experience 84 have prior IT experience 8% of potential exhaustees Information courtesy of RI Department of Labor and Training Increasing Partnerships is Critical Our Mission: Our mission is to fuel computer science education, innovation and entrepreneurship equally in traditional and underserved markets Career Devs is the signature training offered by IntraCity Geeks. It encompass: -Soft skills and work readiness training

-Occupational training in Coding and Software Development -Work Search Assistance Our Vision The Institute of Entrepreneurship & Leadership seeks to end poverty through entrepreneurship and increase diversity in the tech workplace by developing leaders through best in class training and internships in addition to providing help with venture incubation and acceleration. What will their roles include?

Expanded Outreach Recruiting Tech Culture Training Occupational training Internships Employment Placement Whats Different? Outreach expanded opportunities, enhanced community connections

Increased promotions and publicity Mentorship Credibility - personal and professional Events and Promotions Demographic Changes Total Participants QE September 30, 2017 New Participants QE March 31, 2018 Total New Participants

285 30 Male 66% 40% Female 33% 57%

Hispanic 7% 10% Asian 5% 7% Black/African American

9% 17% White 73% 57% Data per certified QPRs QE9.30.17 and QE3.31.18 Longterm Benefits -Outreach and provide service to more long-term unemployed individuals

-Reduce economic disparity -Increase economic stability individually and statewide -Diversify IT workforce in RI (and beyond) Questions? Maximizing Workforce/Education Partnerships to Improve Outcomes for LTUs DA N IEL G AR EWSK I MA N AGE R, SP EC IA L PR OG RA M S A N D BU SIN E SS EN G AG E ME N T RTW GRA N T : R E-E M PLOY ME N T A L L I A N CE F OR CA R EE R S IN H E A LTH

Objectives Describe opportunities to leverage workforce/education partnerships at various stages of a program Explain how barriers associated with long-term unemployment can be addressed through workforce/education partnerships Examine successful practices implemented by Capital Workforce Partners through its REACH program when partnering with regional community colleges and other post-secondary institutions Capital Workforce Partners Organization Overview Workforce Development Board in North Central Connecticut Mission

Our mission is to leverage public and private resources to produce skilled workers for a competitive regional economy. We help individuals overcome barriers to employment and close the gap between skills and business hiring needs Priority Sectors Healthcare Construction Manufacturing IT 2016-17 Statistics Individuals Served, Adult Programs: 19,814 Individuals Served, Youth Programs: 2,388 Businesses Served: 706

Re-employment Alliance for Careers in Healthcare Ready-to-Work Project Overview Helping long-term unemployed job seekers reconnect to the workforce in healthcare Occupations Registered Nurses (RNs) & related nursing pathway positions Technical specialty occupations Healthcare IT professionals Strategies On-the-Job training (OJT) Tuition support for occupational skills training Job placement

Credential focus Bachelors and Associate degrees in Nursing (ADN, BSN) IT Certificates Other professional credentials & licenses Sector partnership Metro-Hartford Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (MACH) Addressing Barriers for LTUs Roles: Workforce Development Job readiness instruction (job search, resume, interviewing) including how to address resume gaps Employer engagement with focus on LTU issues

Hiring and training incentives for employers Career coaching and labor market information Career pathways, LMI, and individualized transition plans for career changers Supportive services referrals to address transportation, child care, or related barriers Sector-specific job coaching and retention Roles: Education Curriculum and training resources to address skills gaps Academic advising and assistance for transitioning students Experiential learning (internships, clinical placements, co-ops) that can fill resume

gaps and build experience Access to industry experts through program faculty and staff Access to a like-minded social and professional network Career Services Stage 1 Partnership Building and Planning Partnership Goals

Needs assessments (formal and informal) Project development Identifying stakeholders and relationship building Understanding and coordinating internal processes REACH Applications Partnership formalized during grant-writing process Community college participation in MACH Presence on Goodwin College nursing advisory board Built relationships with program directors, faculty, and project coordinators Stage 2 Promotion and Recruitment Partnership Goals

Communication to job seekers and students Participant recruitment through various platforms Screening and assessment of job seekers & students REACH Applications Classroom presentations to students Blackboard and college/university websites for targeted outreach On-campus recruitments and intake events at partnering schools Stage 3 Training and Service Delivery Partnership Goals Facilitate academic and financial support Ensure coordination and accessibility of training and other resources

REACH Applications Flexible scholarship program for students at all stages of program completion On-campus job readiness workshops (FIRST Program) for participants Support participants looking for part-time or per diem work during training Co-location of American Job Center at Asnuntuck Community College Stage 4: Graduation and Transition to Work Partnership goals Transition planning

Ensure job readiness Building and leveraging employer networks Job placement success and retention REACH Applications Individualized job placement plans Support to students pursuing professional credentials/licenses OJT support for University of Connecticut technology incubator hires Regional business services team maximized OJT/placement opportunities

Focus on accessibility: Customers have to navigate multiple systems Be proactive about sustainability Its all about relationships Personal, not just institutional On the ground, not just among leadership Daniel Garewski Manager, Special Programs and Business Engagement [email protected] Questions? Discussion Questions How has your partnerships enhanced your performance outcomes? What has been your biggest challenge in

maintaining partnerships to support this grant? Give one tip to fellow grantees about sustaining partnerships H-1B READY TO WORK COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE WorkforceGPS site for Ready to Work Look out for Featured grantees on our Blogs, Discussions and Announcement posts. Subscribe to receive E-Alerts when new resources are available to grantees UPCOMING

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Into Your HomestretchWinding Down Your Program (July 26th) Sign Up for the RTW Weekly Updates Post WebEx Feedback Tool Thank you for participating in the H-1B RTW Grantee Presentations: Expanding Partnerships Enhancing Outcomes and Maximizing Workforce/Education Partnerships to Improve Outcomes for LTUs WebEx! Following this WebEx a brief feedback tool will pop up. Please take a minute to complete this brief feedback tool regarding the

WebEx today June 28, 2018. The input you provide will help us better the delivery of future webinars and create technical assistance meaningful for your work. DOL Contacts TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE REQUEST: CONTACT YOUR TA COACH! Your Federal Project Officer, DOL National Office and Technical Assistance Providers Ready to Work Grantee Mailbox [email protected]

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