Mathematics How to help your year 11 student with maths The faculty is very experienced and one of the most successful in the county. We have a dedicated and caring staff who really cater for student needs.

New exam As you will be aware, your students are studying for a new GCSE Mathematics qualification with grades from 9-1. There are two tiers as before, Foundation

and Higher. Foundation grades 1-5 Higher grades 4-9 (3) Students have to resit unless they secure a 4 Exam dates: Three exam paper, each 1 hour 30 minutes,

one non-calculator, two calculator, this is one hour more than used to be the case. Tuesday 19th May (before half term) noncalculator Thursday 4th June - calculator Monday 8th June - calculator Equipment

It would really help students to have their own equipment and calculator to use now and to practise with at home. All students need a scientific calculator. We recommend the Casio fx-83GT PLUS They need compasses, a ruler, a 360o

protractor. All items are available in the school shop. Types of questions on the papers There is now a bigger emphasis on problem solving. The breakdown of papers is: 1)Using and applying standard techniques, straight

forward using maths. (50% of Foundation papers, 40% of Higher) 2)Reasoning, interpreting and communicating mathematically (25% of Foundation and 30% of Higher) 3) Solving problems, can be mathematical and nonmathematical contexts (25% of Foundation and 30% of Higher)

Formulae to remember: Foundation: Area and circumference of circle Area of trapezium Volume of prism

Higher: Above plus Quadratic formula Sine and cosine rules Area of triangle absinC Newer content:

New to Foundation: Use of pi and surds standard form Reverse percentages compound interest Factorising quadratics simultaneous equations Basic trigonometry direct and inverse proportion Circle properties fractional scale enlargements

Vectors conditional probabilities Tree diagrams frequency trees (prob trees but frequencies not probs) Venn diagrams New to Higher: Gradient at a point on a curve as a rate of change Areas under graphs

Venn diagrams Geometric progressions Non-calc Foundation as before routine procedures More to read. Need to practise writing reasons. Short sentences are

fine. Not just one right answer as long as explained. Found half way through Foundation paper. No marks for spelling. 3 marks 4

marks Foundation paper 3, calculator. Connections between different parts of maths. AO3 Higher question. Even though simultaneous equations are now Foundation they would get straight

forward question. 5 marks 3 marks Foundation paper 1

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Password number MathsWatch Wollaston (students own login)@wollaston

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