Meet Gmail - Valparaiso University

Meet Gmail - Valparaiso University

Valparaiso University Gmail Migration Presented by: Becky Klein, Manager of Client Services Matt Smith, Technical Support Specialist Your Presenters Becky Klein Matt Smith (Not The Dr.)

Valparaiso University Private, coed, 4-year, residential, Lutheran Northwest Indiana, ~1 hour from Chicago 5 undergrad colleges offering over 70 majors, plus over 40 masters programs in Grad School and School of Law 4000 students from over 50 countries

The Big Picture How did we choose Google Apps? How did we migrate students? How did we market to faculty and staff? How did we migrate faculty and staff? How successful was our overall process Student Migration

Student Committee chose Google Apps over [email protected] FOCUS (new student orientation) Migration Opt-In 3 day process Student Aid Accounts

Major Lesson: People are too busy to read all of the directions in an email Revised Approach for Faculty and Staff Marketing, lots and lots of marketing Deadline set by the Presidents office High profile early adopters Google migration website: Meet and Greet Sessions Departmental liaisons Ongoing training Day of migration on-site support

[email protected] Meet and Greet Sessions for Faculty and Staff Before After The Migration Process Schedule

Dept. Migration Department Meeting (23 weeks prior to migration) Recon / Migration Prep (1-2

weeks prior to migration) PreMigration (1 week prior to migration) Migration Day

Department Meetings Pre-Migration Stage Malformed: Corrupted data (cannot be migrated). Too Big: Email over 20MB in size (too big for Gmail to accept). What was copied?

Mail Calendars Contacts Attachments

Tasks Archived Mail* Notes WHAT DO USERS GET WITH GOOGLE APPS? Mail (25GB) Calendar Documents Groups

Contacts Much more Shared GroupWise Resources GroupWise IMAP Google IMAP

Training Opportunities Face-to-face sessions both general and customized for departments Also utilized many Google Apps courses on Gmail Essential Training Gmail for Power Users Google Calendar Essential Training Google Docs Essential Training SANDBOX TIME

Go to Username on sticky note Password = Pass4Training (Case Sensitive) Customizing the Process for Departments Departments told IT who needed to migrate and when Options for delaying an individual as needed Facilities Management; Dining Services

Open lab times that accommodated their staff schedules Emeritus and Retirees Open lab times in the evening Survey Feedback 81% of respondents were Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Gmail as an email client. 82% of respondents agreed that Gmail was an improvement over GroupWise. 84% of respondents rated the Gmail

migration experience as Good or Excellent. 86% of respondents were Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the over quality of the migration. 91% of respondents were Satisfied or Very Satisfied with communication about the migration from IT. Don't know where to start. It's like driving a new Mercedes after

several years in a '73 VW Beetle. IT did a great job communicating the migration process, providing hands-on training, and problem solving. Thank you for making this change so easy for us.

Post Migration Party Big Lessons Learned The more personal you make the migration, the better it is received. If you build it (and then offer it three times a week) they will come. A special contact person makes all the difference Over communication is KEY!

Questions??? [email protected] [email protected] A separate technical paper is available for those who are interested. Please take our business card and request a copy via email.

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