Men Are Better Than Women (.com) - Alma College

Men Are Better Than Women (.com) - Alma College

Men Are Better Than Women (.com) By Emily Adler Meet (the) Dick Dick Masterson is the creator of, a funny website dedicated to trashing women and praising men.

Ive got to hand it to him, he comes up with some pretty incredible argumentslets get inside Dicks head. Behold: Classic Dick: Why Women Hate Sex Theyre lousy at itjust look at their

magazines! Ten Ways to not suck in bed Six Things to do to Your Man that arent Lay There Like a Futon Guys, its not your fault-Dont let your sympathetic male compassion get the better of you! Women = walls sits there doing nothing like a lump on a log probably

thinking that it wants a new expensive coat of paint. Every Woman is a Cheating Whore Nothing like getting them on that treadmill! Getting a woman to cheat is like getting a duck to eat breadjust toss it in front of their face Fact: getting attention from men is a womans lifeblood.

+ Fact: Men are too manly to let opportunities go to waste = CHEATING!!!! Men, be warned: theyre predators. Cheating is like getting pregnant: its 100% a womans fault 100% of the time. Every Woman is a Cheating Whore,

Cont. Men, be warned: theyre predators! Like any virus, women are not content with ruining their own lives, no they seek out the lives of decent, honest men and tempt and corrupt them until they appear to be cheaters as. Bottom line: cheating is like getting pregnant:

its 100% a womans fault 100% of the time. Feminism is a Business Feminism is the idea that women should be treated like children. Make that SPOILED children: Didnt accomplish anything this time around, sweetheart? Take

another shot after we bend the fuck out of the rules. Women shouldnt consider themselves happy unless they enjoy the same things men do at ten times the volume. Feminism is a Business, Cont.

Ever seen a woman pretend to like business or sports? Can we all say attention whore? There isnt a big screen on Earth that can drown out the mating hoots of a woman whos convinced herself she likes basketball. Forget business! Women like getting shit for free based on looks.

as long as feminism doesnt teach that, its a scam and a con and a cult. Pets Are Not Children If men are dogs, then women are drunken parrots with The Home Shopping on speed dial. Thats why men are better pet owners than women the only things women know how to

do are squawk and peck. 3 strikes and women are out! Pets Are Not Children, Cont. Strike 1: Women give a show-and-tell over their pets lifeline. No one gives a shit if your cat turns purple in the winter!

Strike 2: Pets are not babies. It hasnt been brewing inside of you..get over it! Strike 3: Women cant take care of things as well as they complain about them. Spacethe Male Frontier Wondering why women have never been to the moon?

Women ruin everything. those are fake, you only think youre funny, cigarettes cause cancer Thats why women will never go to the moon, because of their piss-poor, wet-blanket attitudes. Women Would Vote for Hitler

Women would vote for Hitler. because women are all fascists Marriage is a fascist dictatorship of oppression so is any relationship with a woman

Disagree? Prepare for assault and oppression and withheld sex Hitler pulled the same bullshit Top 10 Reasons MABTW 10. Men do not have Tourettes Syndrome 9. Men are not sponges

Women are social vampires 8. Women are racists They hate everything but do nothing Top 10, Cont. 7. Men live less than women Burn out faster but set the night ablaze w/ manness

6. Men write illegibly Writing is stupid 5. Jesus was a man 4. Men wear watches Move your man ass and take care of your fucking man business! Top 10, Cont.

3. Boys destroy things (paper, power) We pop out of the man-womb and start tearing down the Earth with our mighty, man-manly man-fists. 2. Marriage is stupid and 100% the fault of women 1. Men have penises Hey. Look at me. Im a man. I wont fuck up whatever

it is that youre trying to do. Random Dick Random Dick, Cont. (Death and Shitting) Size Matters Isnt He Awesome???? Thanks for enduring that guys!!! All views in the powerpoint were 100% pasted or paraphrased from Dicks site So please dont hate me!!

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