Minnesota State

Minnesota State

Customizing this template Purpose and use These templates were created as a response to people who want something they can customize quickly and easily. We created one template per Perkins consortium with similar layouts to create consistency in messaging and branding when communicating about the Carl D. Perkins federal grant and career and technical education. Using these templates are optional. Map icon The map icon on the next slide is meant to represent the regional location of your Perkins consortium members (colleges and high schools). Add your consortium members We prepopulated this template with your member consortium list pulled from your FY18 Perkins Plan. Be sure to check this list to ensure the correct names are listed. If not, make sure to correct them. Add a statement or a quote in the blue box You can add a quote that reflects CTE in your consortium, a student quote, or a mission statement. Be purposeful and consider your audience when completing this section. Add highlights, goals, accomplishments, etc. Some suggestions you can add are: consortium highlights, accomplishments, consortium goals for the year, strategic plan, or insert graphics and data to represent CTE in your consortium. You can split it by college on one side and high school on the other. Add contact information in the footer Add contact information for the primary contacts responsible for the administration of the Carl D. Perkins federal grant. MINNESOTA Career and Technical Education Southwest Metro Perkins Normandale Community College Belle Plaine School District Consortium Bloomington School District Central School District Eastern

Carver County School District Edina School District Jordan School District New Prague School District Orono School District Prior Lake School District Richfield School District Shakopee School District Waconia School District Watertown School District Westonka School District SouthWest Metro Intermediate District The Consortium partners strive to provide Rigorous Programs of Study to align with academic and business and industry standards to assure quality, non-duplicative pathways for students. Consortium Highlight Review, update and evaluate the Southwest Metro Program of Study (POS) and Rigorous Program of Study (RPOS) to support initiatives and goals; and to be evaluated for postsecondary credit options, Industry recognized credential or certificate, Associate or Baccalaureate degree. Consortium Goals 2017-2018 - Develop and expand a cohort group in Education Teaching/Training Program of Study to create a pathway from Child Development and Child Psychology courses. These preparatory classes lead to concurrent enrollment of Introduction To Education and Multicultural Education and Human Relations and will expand and collaborate with the Teacher Cadet program, creating a teaching pathway. - Develop a cohort group in Hospitality to move the Southwest Metro RPOS forward. Student participation and collaboration with high school Business courses is a goal, as is encouraging access to postsecondary students in tuition free grants. - Expand Health Sciences Program of Study to include Exercise Science and EMR/EMT to open up new pathways for students. Contact Debbie Belfry, Secondary Perkins Co-Coordinator, [email protected] 952.681.6291 Cindy Walters, Secondary Perkins Co-Coordinator, [email protected] 952.567.8035 Robb Lowe, Postsecondary Perkins Coordinator, [email protected] 952. 358.8520 The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (Perkins) is the principal source of dedicated federal investment in CTE.

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