MnDOT Presentation

MnDOT Presentation

Research Pays Off NRRA Long Term Research Efforts April 2017 Welcome Research Pays Off Seminars Research Pays Off Seminar Series Every 3rd Tuesday 10-11 am Started in June 2015

20 Seminars so far Sign-Up 2 2015 Research Pays Off Seminars "Seminar Kick Off" Ben Worel, MnDOT Chip Seals - Use and Benefit to Minnesota Thomas Wood, MnDOT Results from the Minnesota Whitetopping Minnesota Field Review Tom Burnham, MnDOT Invention of the Aggregate Avoidance Method For Evaluating Interfacial Bond in

Pavement Materials Bernard Izevbekhai, MnDOT Thermal Cracking and the Use of DCT Performance Testing Chelsea Hanson and John Garrity, MnDOT Rehabilitation of Interstate 394 in 2015: Next Generation Concrete Surface Bernard Izevbekhai and Chris Kufner, MnDOT HMA Longitudinal Joint Construction Evaluation Ed Johnson and John Garrity, MnDOT 3 2016 (1) Research Pays Off Seminars Automated Machine Guidance for Muck Excavation on CSAH 61/101 Jim Schneider, MnDOT

"Wide Based Tire" - Minnesota Pooled Fund Update Shongtao Dai and Tim Anderson, MnDOT Required Strength of Concrete Roadways Before Opening to Traffic Lev Khazanovich, University of Minnesota Surface Textures and Their Effect on Vehicle Tracking Bernard Izevbekhai, MnDOT Development of Whitetopping Performance Curves Tom Burnham, MnDOT NCAT / MnROAD Project Update Jerry Geib and Dave Van Deusen, MnDOT

MnROAD Concrete Preservation Tom Burnham, MnDOT 4 2016 (2) Research Pays Off Seminars Feasibility of Concrete Pavement Joint Condition Evaluation (A 2016 UMN-MnDOT Capstone Project) Bernard Izevbekhai, MnDOT; Nathan Bausman, Kelsey Peterson and Brett Yanta, University of Minnesota Subsurface Condition Evaluation for Asphalt Pavement Preservation Treatments Hyung Jun Ahn, MnDOT Prescription to Performance Initiative in Concrete (MnDOT's Journey)

Maria Masten, P.E. MnDOT Full-Coverage Nondestructive Asphalt Pavement Compaction Assessments using GPR Array-measured Dielectrics Kyle Hoegh, MnDOT Forensic Investigation of recycled unbound base and asphalt surface materials Hyung Jun Ahn, MnDOT 5 2017 Research Pays Off Seminars Barriers to Implementation of In-Place Recycling Terry Beaudry, MnDOT Dan Schellhammer, Midstate

Dan Wegman, Braun Intertec Determination of Structural Value of Geogrid Reinforcement in Pavement Layers John Siekmeier, MnDOT ___________________________________________________ April 18 - National Road Research Alliance Long Range Research Plans May 16 - MnROAD/NCAT Pavement Preservation Study June Tentative - Wisconsins Development of a AC grade/RAP blending chart based off DCT Performance Testing Ray Bonaquist, Advanced Aspahtl Technologists Barry Paye, Wisconsin DOT Looking for your input on Future topics 6

Strategic Implementation Through Cooperative Pavement Research What is NRRA? Pooled fund (Started April 2016) Fulfill regional and national road research needs Foster innovation with member states, academia and industry Best Utilize Each Members Research Efforts MnROAD Test Track Direct Phase-III of MnROAD Construction $2.5 million in MnDOT funding Develop innovative technologies Focus on implementation, technology transfer, and training

into research projects from the ground up MAPA Contractor's Workshop 2016 Agency Members NRRA Agency Members 10 NRRA Universities 11 NRRA Associations 12

NRRA Industry 13 Budget Currently 6 states (150K/yr) 24 Associate members (2K/yr) Research ~$1,825,200 / $608,400 yr Tech Transfer ~$842,400 / $280,800 yr Administration

~$140,400 / $46,800 yr MnDOT Construction $2.5 Million Administration 5% Tech Transfer 30% Research 65% NRRA Technical Teams (Steve Krebs - WI) (Glenn Engstrom MN)

Executive Committee (Barry Paye - WI) (Brett Trautman - MO) (Terry Beaudry - MN) (Jerry Geib - MN) NRRA Teams Progress (Steve Krebs - WI) (Barry Paye - WI) (Glenn Engstrom MN) Executive Committee

(Brett Trautman - MO) (Terry Beaudry - MN) Prioritized State of Practice Long Term Research 2017 MnROAD Construction Needs (Jerry Geib - MN) 16 State of Practice Topics Tack Coats Longitudinal Joint Construction Performance

Design and Performance of Concrete Unbonded Overlays Repair of Joint Associated Distress Pavements Larger Subbase Materials Subgrade Design for New and Reconstructed Surface Characteristics of Diamond Ground PCC Surfaces Pavement preservation approaches for lightly surfaced roadways Partial Depth Repairs of Concrete 17 NRRA Technical Teams 2017 Construction Mainline (I-94) Maintaining HMA and PCC Roadways (3) Fiber Reinforcement of PCC (3)

ByPass (I-94) HMA Overlays of PCC (8) Enhancing Compaction (4) Partial Depth PCC Patches (3/panels/manufacture) 18 NRRA Technical Teams 2017 Construction Low Volume Roadway

Diamond Grinding effects on ASR Acceleration (3) Fiber Reinforcement City Street (1) Compacted Concrete Pavement City Street (1) Cold Central Plant Mix (4) Recycled Base Effectiveness (4) Use of Large Stone Subbases (4) PCC Early Opening to Traffic (1) PCC Optimized Mixes (2) 19 2017 Construction SP 8680-180 Letting date

April 28, 2017 Construction June 5, 2017 start (original WB I-94 lanes) Intermediate June 30, 2017 completion (original WB I-94 lanes) Completion November 3, 2017 20 MnROAD Staff Efforts

Development of Partnerships Construction Monitoring Material Sampling Performance Monitoring Cracking / Rutting / Ride Deflection (FWD), .. Sensor Monitoring Static (Environmental) Dynamic (Traffic Loading) MnROAD Database

21 2017 Sensors Dynamic Pressure / Strain Environmental Temp / Moisture / Joint Movement / PCC Curing 22 Long Term Research Process May 5 Long Term Research - Drafts by technical teams Long Term Research - Sent to MnDOT Master List

May 15 (Universities) July Long Term Research - Proposals Due from Universities Long Term Research - Reviewed and selected by technical teams (presentations?) Long Term Research - Executive Committee Reviews technical teams selections for approval Long Term Research - Contracts Awarded early August date 23 Fiber Reinforced PCC

Nationally, states are wanting to get a better understanding of the beneficial use of fibers in concrete pavement layers Is it worth the cost? How can it best utilized in both thin city streets and higher volume roadways? Can it be used in new construction and in concrete overlays? 24 Fiber Reinforced PCC Structural fibers 2301, S-47.6, 2301.2.L.1 Trial Batching Required Three different fiber mixes Provide Type III structural synthetic fibers meeting the requirements of ASTM C 1116

Listed on Illinois DOT Qualified List of Synthetic Fibers for Material Code 43515. Contractor may request use of an alternate fiber not included on Illinois DOT Approved List provided they can demonstrate it meets all requirements here-in and the requirements of Table 2301-5 25 Early Opening to Traffic What effect does heavy traffic loading have on the long-term performance of full-depth concrete pavement, as well as fastsetting repairs? The long-term effects of these early loadings will then be evaluated. 26

Early Opening to Traffic Early Opening to Traffi c (LT3) Proposed Loading Plan Loaded Dump Truck Loaded Dump Truck & 1/2 ton pickup truck Two passes (forward and backwards) 100 ft. 100 ft. 100 ft.

100 ft. Bypass 100 ft. 6 hrs. 12 hrs. 18 hrs. Driving Ln 24 hrs. 12 ft. 4 hrs. 30 hrs.

80 ft. 5 hrs. 6 hrs. 20 ft. 7 hrs. Passing Ln 1/4 in. rutti ng 8 hrs.

12 ft. 9 hrs. Bypass LVR (New Pavement - Sketch Above) Mainline (Repairs) 1/2 ton pickup truck 1/2 ton pickup truck 27 Long-term Effects of Diamond Grinding Each state has aggregates that have been used in concrete pavements that are considered reactive

aggregates. Questions arise as to whether diamond grinding might accelerate deterioration in these pavements? Also what types of topical sealers can be used to treat the surface after the diamond grinding? 28 Long-term Effects of Diamond Grinding 128 128 128

128 Outside Lane 12 Inside Lane 12 3 Test Sections LVR West Loop 3 Unique ASR Aggregates 29 HMA Overlay and Rehab of Concrete and Methods of Enhancing Compaction States are looking for longer lasting HMA overlays of concrete. New mix designs were developed to promote longterm performance--including how reflective cracking

effects can be minimized through design or other joint treatment. Possible Partnerships for reflective cracking fabrics Utilizes the old I-94 Westbound PCC 30 HMA Overlay and Rehab of Concrete and Methods of Enhancing Compaction 1.5 4 HMA Asphalt interlayer PASSRC 3.0% regressed air voids mix 5.0% air voids mix ______________________________

Type SP 4.75 Wearing Course (4,I) Asphalt Interlayer, Cell 992 Type SP 9.5 Wearing Course (4,E) Final lift, Cells 987, 992, and 993 Typical Mix - Type SP 12.5 Wearing Course (4,E) Final lift, 5.0% AV mix, Cell 989 Final lift, 3.0% AV mix, Cell 990 Type SP 19.0 Wearing Course (4,E) First lift, Cells 987 991 31 Cold Central Plant Recycling

Other states have utilized RAP stockpiles into plant mix base course mixes (layers below the wear surface) to effectively recycle these materials in a controlled mix design. How can these layers best be utilized and what type of surface mix or chip seal can be placed on top? 32 Cold Central Plant Recycling ASPHALT BINDER TYPE AND GRADE REQUIREMENTS CELL SURFACE ASPHALT ASPHALT PG LTC REQ

TYPE 133 Double Emulsion 58S-28 -21.4 C* chip 233 Double Foam 58S-28 -21.4 C* chip 135 1.5 HMA Foam XX-34

-21.4 C 235 1.5 HMA Emulsion XX-34 -21.4 C Over 4 CCPR layers 12 Aggregate Base / Clay 33 Recycled Aggregates in Aggregate Base and Larger Subbase Materials

States continue to look for effective ways to recycle materials into unbound bases. This will add to MnROADs understanding of recycled bases and what seasonal strength values can be used for advanced Mechanistic designs--and how they are affected by size/gradation. Partnership with Ingios, University of Texas El Paso 34 Recycled Aggregates in Aggregate Base and Larger Subbase Materials 3.5 HMA with Cell 127 6 Class 6 / 18 Single Lift Large Stone Cell 227 6 Class 6 / 18 Double Lift Large Stone

Cell 128 6 Class-6 / 9 Single Large Stone Cell 228 6 Class-5Q / 9 Single Large Stone 35 Recycled Aggregates in Aggregate Base and Larger Subbase Materials 3.5 HMA Cell 185 100% RPCC, Class 5Q / Sand Cell 186 100% RPCC, Class 5 / Sand Cell 188 100% carbonate, Class 6 / Clay Cell 189 RPCC/RAP, Class 6 / Clay Class 5Q Quality Compaction Class 5/6 Penetration Index Method

36 Maintaining Poor Pavements Road owners continually have less and less funding to maintain their roadway systems. What practices should be used for stabilizing both HMA and PCC roadways when longer-term repairs cannot be done due to funding levels? 37 Maintaining Poor Pavements Cells 101 / 201 and 115 / 215 - HMA Micro-milling with

Thinlay w/spray paver tack Micro-surfacing Cell 8 PCC Full Depth Repairs Early Loading 38 Optimizing the Mix Components for Contractors What effect does low cementitious content mixes have on longterm performance and constructability of concrete pavements? Two low cementitious content mixes will be studied to give agencies a better understanding of cost savings. 475-500 lbs cement 430-470 lbs cement

Can these savings be achieved without significantly affecting long-term performance? 39 Compacted Concrete Pavement (CCP) for Local Streets Compacted Concrete Pavement (CCP) is a form of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) that has a standard concrete pavement surface texture. The RCC industry has been successful in Michigan and Kansas constructing CCP pavement on local streets. This research will determine if the texture that is accomplished is durable in harsh freeze-thaw climates. .

40 Partial Depth Repair of Concrete Pavements Agencies are continually seeking improved materials and methods for the repair of concrete pavements. In this study, up to 15 innovative concrete pavement repair materials will be evaluated on the concrete panels of the westbound I-94 bypass parallel to the MnROAD mainline. Transition Slab no repairs Panel 1 Transition Slab no repairs

Panel 2 Panel 3 Transition Slab no repairs Transition Slab no repairs 41 Advanced Materials Technology Research Materials Sampling Performed either by MnDOT or Consultant personnel

Concrete mixtures are included in SEQ Bituminous mixture materials are incidental Binder: 10 gallons per each unique grade of liquid asphalt binder and emulsion used in production of the test cells Contractor will provide samples in eight 1-gallon and eight 1-quart metal containers for each type of binder Mixture: 1 ton of material per each unique mixture will be collected. Components: 1 ton of each unique aggregate (including both RAP for hot mix and CCPR) used in production of the test cell mixtures Deliver to MnROAD stockpile area at a location designated by the Engineer for future research studies

Open to partnerships NRRA is looking for your involvement Discussion / Questions

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