Monday, March 20

Monday, March 20

1889 May 12 Otto Frank (Annes father) born in Germany April 20 Adolph Hitler born in Austria

1900 January 16 Edith Hollander (Annes mother) born in Germany 1914 Otto Frank

serves in German Army during WWI as a lieutenant (until 1918) Adolph Hitler serves in German Army as a corporal (until 1920)

1918 November 11 The Armistice, which ends WWI, is signed 1919 June 23 Germany accepts the Versailles Treaty

1919 September 12 Hitler joins the National Socialist German Workers Party (political party) 1923

January The National Socialist German Workers Party (The Nazi Party) holds its first rally in Munich, Germany 1925 May 12 Otto Frank and Edith

Hollander are married July 18 Mein Kampf Hitlers autobiography and antiSemitic plan is published 1926

February 16 Margot Frank is born 1929 June 12 Anneliese Marie (Anne) is born 1932

July 31 The Nazi Party receives 37.3 % of the vote and is asked to form a coalition government 1933 January 30

Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany 1933 February Freedoms of speech and assembly are suspended by

the Nazi government 1933 March The Gestapo, or Secret State Police, is established. Dachau, a concentration

camp for political prisoners, is built. 1933 April 1 The Nazis declare a boycott of Jewish businesses as well as medical and legal practices. A law excluding nonAryans removes Jews

from government and teaching positions. 1933 May 10 Books by Jews, political enemies of the Nazi state and other undesirables are

burned in huge rallies throughout Germany 1933 Summer The Franks decide the family must move to the Netherlands as it is growing more

tense in Germany. Edith, Margot and Anne join Ediths mother. Otto Frank travels to Holland July 14 Hitler bans all political parties except for the Nazi

party. 1933 September 15 Otto Frank establishes his firm Opekta Werke in Amsterdam

1933 October Otto Franks mother moves to Switzerland 1933 December Edith and Margot move to Holland

1934 February Anne joins her family in Holland. Anne attends the kindergarten of the Montessori School.

January 1 Forced sterilization of the racially inferior (primary Gypsies, African-Germans and the unfit the mentally disabled begins)

1935 September The Nuremberg Laws are passed defining Jews as non-citizens and making mixed Aryan and Jewish marriage illegal 1936

March 7 Germans march into the Rhineland, violating the Versailles Treaty Summer Olympic games are held in Berlin. 1937

Summer The van Pels family flees to Holland 1938 March 12 Germany annexes Austria

1938 December 8 Fritz Pfeffer flees Germany and arrives in Holland November 9 10 Kristallnacht Jewish businesses and synagogues

are looted and destroyed in Germany and Austria by order of the strike 1939 March Ediths mother comes to live with

the Frank family in Holland March 15 Germany occupies Czechoslovaki a 1939

September 1 Hitler invades Poland and starts WWII September Hitler implements the T-4 program authorizing the killing of the institutionalized, the physically disabled, and the mentally handicapped

1940 April May Germany invades Denmark and Norway, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg

1940 December 1 Otto Frank moves his company into number 263 Prinsengracht 1941 Summer Anne and

Margot attend the Jewish School in Amsterdam July 31 Hermann Goering authorizes Reinhard Heydrich to find

a Final Solution to the Jewish Question 1941 **December 7 The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor a US military base. The US has tried to remain uninvolved in the war, but this attack provokes the US to counterattack, thereby going to war against the Axis Powers. 1941

December 11 Germany declares war on the US 1942 January Ediths mother passes away

January 20 Heydrich mobilizes Nazi bureaucratic support for a Final Solution 1942 February, March, April

Auschwitz, Belzec and Sobibor all become fully operational death camps 1942 June 12 Anne receives a diary for her 13th

birthday July 5 Margot receives a call-up notice to report for deportation to a labor camp. 1942 July 6 The Frank

family goes into hiding, leaving their home forever. They move to the Secret Annex 1942 July 13 The van Pels family

joins the Franks in hiding November 16 Fritz Pfeffer, the eighth and final resident of the Secret Annex joins the Franks and van Pels 1943

February 2 The encircled German Sixth Army surrenders to Soviet forces at Stalingrad, Russia. The tide of the war beings to turn against Germany 1943

June Order given for the complete liquidation of all Jewish ghettos in the Soviet Union and Poland 1944 August 4

The residents of the Secret Annex are betrayed and arrested. They are taken to a police station in Amsterdam June 6 D Day

The Allies invade Western Europe 1944 August 8 They are all taken to the transit camp at Westerbork September 3

The eight prisoners are transported in a sealed cattle car to Auschwitz on the last transport to ever leave Westerbork 1944 September 6 Hermann van

Pels is sent to a gas chamber 1944 October 6 Anne and Margot are sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration

camp in Germany 1944 November 26 To hide Nazi war crimes, the demolition of the crematoria at Auschwitz

begins 1944 December 20 Fritz Pfeffer dies in Neuengame 1945 January 26 Edith Frank dies at

Auschwitz Birkenau January 27 Otto Frank is liberated from Auschwitz by the Russian Army. He is taken first to Odessa and then to France before he is allowed to return to Amsterdam

1945 February or March Anne and Margot die at the BergenBelsen concentration camp within days of each other

1945 April 30 Adolph Hitler completes suicide 1945 Spring Mrs. van Pels dies in a concentration camp in

Czechoslovakia May Peter van Pels dies in Mauthause in Amsterdam May 7 Germany surrenders and the war ends in

Europe 1945 June 3 Otto Frank arrives in the annex. He sees Miep and Jan Gies. He concentrates on finding the

whereabouts of Anne and Margot 1945 October 24 Otto Frank receives a letter telling him that his daughters died at

Bergen-Belsen 1945 November The Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals begin 1946 - 1951

4/3/46 an article mentions Annes diary Summer 47 1500 copies of Annes diary are published by Contact Publishers in Amsterdam 1951 The diary is translated into

English 1954 - 55 54 The Dutch Red Cross officially declares that Anne and Margot died at Bergen-Belsen in 1945 55

The play based on The Diary of Anne Frank opens on Broadway 1960 - 1980 60 The Anne Frank House opens to the public 8/19/80

Otto Frank dies in Switzerland at the age of 91 1988 - 1997 88 Rescuer Miep Gies writes Anne Frank Remembered 97 A new adaptation

of The Diary of Anne Frank opens on Broadway

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