Monroe, Adams, and Jackson - Amphitheater Public Schools

Monroe, Adams, and Jackson - Amphitheater Public Schools

MONROE, ADAMS, AND JACKSON James Monroe Monroe fought in the Revolutionary War by Washingtons side He was then mentored in law by Thomas Jefferson Served as president from 1817- 1825 Ushered in the Era of Good Feeling Last time there was any sort of good feeling

for a long time The Problem with Missouri Missouri was trying to become a state but this caused a lot more problems than anticipated Up until this point usually two states at a time were admitted and one would be a free state the other would be a slave state There wasnt a second state to admit so there was a lot of argument about whether

or not Missouri would be free or slave The Missouri Compromise It was decided that Maine would be carved out of Massachusetts and made its own free state so Missouri could be a slave state It was also decided that no slavery would be allowed in the territory above the 3630 parallel This is a big deal because it causes a lot of problems in the future Jefferson, who was still alive, wrote how he was

terrified of Missouri Compromise, saying how it would be the death of the Union He wasnt far off The Missouri Compromise The Monroe Doctrine In 1823, after a small conflict with Russia about Alaska (which wasnt a state yet)

Monroe made the message to congress that no European counties would be allowed to expand or interfere in North America John Quincey Adams John Quincey Adams was the son of John Adams

He was the foreign minister to many European countries including Russia He was also the Secretary of State under Monroe He helped Monroe create the Monroe Doctrine and was also able to obtain Florida from Spain He was president from 1825-1829 Adams Presidency As president, Adams proposed the use of federal funding to

build canals, roadways, and a national university Jackson and his supporters greatly opposed this, saying it exceeded the federal governments power under the constitution Because there were was such hostility from Jacksonians in Congress, Adams was not able to do much during his presidency

John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson Jacksons parents were poor Irish immigrants As a young boy he was courier for the Revolutionary army Once when captured by the British he was ordered to shine an officer's boots. Jackson refused as was slashed across the hand and face Both of his bothers and mother died during the

Revolutionary War and he was left an orphan at 14 At the age of 15 he went to town to collect a small inheritance one of his grandfathers left behind. He spent the entirety of it on horses gambling and probably women and had to find his way back home in foot Jacksons Love Life Jackson study law and at the age of 21 moved to Nashville Tennessee to become the prosecuting attorney While there he fell in love with a young woman named Rachel

Rachel also fell deeply in love with Jackson but there was a slight problem that she was already married Rachel and her husband were in a very unhappy marriage so she eloped with Jackson Divorce was nearly unheard of in that time but her husband divorced her and she and Jackson were married Rachel Jackson Jacksons Personal Life Because of the

circumstances surround his marriage to Rachel, Jackson often found himself defending her honor In Jacksons life he fought in 103 duels, many of which were in defense of Rachels honor The Duel with Dickinson

One duel Jackson fought in was against a famed marksman, Charles Dickinson who insulted Rachel During the duel, when the order was given to fire, Dickinson shot first It appeared that he missed and Jackson took careful aim

and fired at Dickinson, fatally wounding him After the duel, Jacksons second noticed blood on Jackson. He had been shot in the chest near the heart When asked how he had been able to not only stand but also fire, Jackson responded I should have hit him if he had shot me through the brain. The bullet remain in his chest for the rest of his life Jacksons Children Jackson and Rachel were not able to have children of

their own They adopted the son of Rachels brother and named Andrew Jackson Jr. They also were the guardians to many other children In 1813, Jackson found a young native boy on the battlefield next to his dead mother Jackson sent him home to Rachel and they adopted him His name was Lyncoya Jackson and he was educated

along with Andrew Jr. Jackson in Politics Jackson couldnt stand what he believed to be the corruption of the political elite He would literally sputter with rage Jackson ran in the election of 1824 against three other men, John Q. Adams, Henry Clay, and William H. Crawford Because all of the men were running in the single party at the time, the Republican Party, no one

won enough electoral votes to win Jackson however did win the popular vote The Election of 1824 The Corrupt Bargain Because there wasnt a winner, the election went to the House of Representatives Crawford was ill and Clay, who was the Speaker of the House, was out of the running Clay was the deciding vote and he gave the

election to Adams, who then named him his Secretary of State Jackson and his supporters saw this as a Corrupt Bargain and didnt support anything Adams tried to pass for the entirety of his term The Election of 1828 Jackson had at this point created the Democratic Party He ran against Adams in the election of 1828 This was the first true campaigning a presidential

candidate did Jackson was trying to get the public support of the people There would be rallies and BBQs supporting Jackson and newspapers that supported Jackson would publish all of this support on the front page They used the slogan Vote for Jackson who can fight, not Adams who can Write! Vicious Tactics Henry Clay soon dug up the dirt about Rachel Newspapers published stories about Rachel living with

Jackson before her divorce and called her a whore Jackson said that one of his greatest regrets in his life was that he did not shoot Henry Clay Rachel, who at this point was 57 and very religious, was distraught She didnt understand why people were still holding her love

for Jackson against her Right before Jackson was elected, Rachel died of a heart attack Jackson always blamed her death on the distress Henry Clay and Adams put her through Jackson Wins Jackson easily won the election thanks primarily to the fact that the voting process was much more democratic at this point On the day of his inauguration, he invited farmers

and tradesmen into the White House to celebrate The group became very unruly and broke thousands of dollars worth of dishes Jackson was almost crushed to death with all of the people trying to meet him and shake his hand He had to escape through the back door

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