Mount Ayr: As Asset Management Case Study for Risk Management ...

Mount Ayr: As Asset Management Case Study for Risk Management ...

#IowaLeague18 Mount Ayr: An Asset Management Case Study Joe Heieck, GIS Workshop and Kevin Techau, Scheldrup

Blades Handouts and presentations are available through the event app and at Risk Management: Dont Let Optimism Kill Your Dreams

Kevin W. Techau Smith, Mills & Schrock Law Firm Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Omaha 1959: "BEFORE MAN REACHES THE MOON, MAIL WILL BE DELIVERED WITHIN

HOURS BY GUIDED MISSILES." On June 8, 1959, U.S. Navy submarine USS Barbero launched a nuclear-capable turbojet cruise missile towards a naval base in Mayport, Florida. And after 100 miles and just over 20 minutes in the air, it would deliver its payload.

Not a 4,000-pound warhead like it was designed to hold, but rather letters, performing the the United States' first and last official missile mail delivery. Each of the 3,000 letters packed into the SSMN-8A Regulus's fuselage in lieu of a bomb was from Postmaster General Arthur A.

Summerfield himself, addressed to prominent Americans like President Dwight D. Eisenhower and packaged in commemorative envelopes. Blame loose screws and excessive optimism for the latest delay of NASAs new space telescope James Webb is now slated for a 2021 launchonly a bajillion years late.


Risk Management Legal Liability Optimism It Can Happen

Toolbox Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier. Colin Powell Optimism means better than reality; pessimism

means worse than reality. I'm a realist. Margaret Atwood I understand the concept of optimism. But I think with me what you get is a lack of cynicism. Tom Hanks

Liability is the rule As a general rule, municipalities are subject to liability for its torts and those of its officers and employees, acting within the scope of their

employment, N.W.2d 134, 138 (Iowa 2003) (reiterating liability is the rule, immunity is the exception). What is a tort? Under Iowa Code 670.1(4) (2018), tort

means every civil wrong which results in wrongful death or injury to person or injury to property or injury to personal or property rights and includes but is not restricted actions based upon negligence; error or omission; nuisance; breach of duty, whether statutory or other duty

or denial or impairment of any right under any constitutional provision, statute, or rule of law. Governing Magazine From Police Shootings to Playground Injuries, Lawsuits Drain Cities Budgets

Municipalities spend more than a billion dollars a year on settlements and claims from citizens. Some are trying hard to rein in those costs. By Mike Maciag | November 2016

Observations from Article Municipalities will never be able to tame costs if they dont address the underlying problems that prompt lawsuits, says Joanne Doroshow, who heads the New York-based Center for Justice and Democracy. Cities will pay out money but will ignore the root cause in some cases.

While lawsuits and their associated expenses can be costly, they also represent a vital opportunity for cities to fix problems and improve public services. A few jurisdictions are starting to analyze their claims data or strengthen risk management practices aimed at reducing the types of incidents likely to cost cities money down the road. But in cities that do nothing, the

costs associated with lawsuits could eat up a bigger and bigger share of the budgetary pie in the years to come. Paying out claims is expensive, but so is fighting them in court. Los Angeles, for instance, spent $40 million on litigation costs last fiscal year, while much smaller San Jose spent $7.5 million. New Yorks current budget includes $7 million for hiring expert


ACTIVELY OVERSEEING OFTEN PREDICTABLE BEHAVIORS OR ACTIONS. Risk Management Important to understand that the mitigation of risk is a process that requires evaluation of all reasonable

contingencies and known factors. Physical Environment Legal Environment Operational Environment Political Environment Social Environment

Economic Environment Internal Environment Real risk is the actual statistical likelihood of an incident occurring. Perceived risk is the perception of risk by those

undertaking or evaluating something; it may vary greatly based on their level of apprehension, anxiety, or experience with the specific risk. Perceived risk can also vary greatly from the real risk of an activity; it can be higher or lower than the actual risk.

Inherent risk is the risk that must exist for the activity to occur; examples include the risk of drowning when swimming and the risk of falling during skiing. It is impossible to eliminate inherent risk from these activities because it would preclude participating in them.

Risk Identification Risk assessment: The first stage of the risk management process is systematically identifying risks facing the organization. Methods to Identify risks

Inspection of real property & equipment Discussions with management and staff Review of both property & processes Review of historical activities and losses Identification of possible risk scenarios

Inventory Excessive Optimism Played a Big Role in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Disaster. Optimism Bias

Optimism bias is a cognitive bias that causes a person to believe that they are at a lesser risk of experiencing a negative

event compared to others. Optimism Thwarts Risk Identification Optimism Leads to Inaccurate Risk Assessments

Optimism bias: The classic It wont happen to me! assumption. HARD LESSONS In the early 1900s a school fire took the lives of children and

teachers Legislators implemented building codes and fire drills. Many still didnt listen. In 1950 Our Lady of Angels lost 92 children and 3 teachers to fire.After the Our Lady of the Angels School fire, Percy Bugbee, the president of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

said in an interview: "There are no new lessons to be learned from this fire; only old lessons that tragically went unheeded. It CAN Happen Here!

IT CAN HAPPEN HERE! Cedar Rapids teen sucked into drain found dead Preparation through education

is less costly than learning through tragedy. Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center 10 Years After Bridge Collapse, America Is Crumbling

Bolingbrook OKs $2.8 million award in drain drowning City of Atlanta Sued Over Dilapidated Sidewalks Sioux City homeowner sues city over broken sewer line

Feds sue Mount Vernon for sewage in rivers City of Huntington sued over leaky fire hydrant City sued over storm-drain failure Injury-causing pole stumps represent stumbling block for Philadelphia

costly City sued o ver water mai n b reak Injury-causing pole stumps represent costly stumbling

block for Philadelphia Carmel Road couples sue over 2014 water main break that flooded homes Topeka couple loses suit to city after losing home to 4 million-gallon flood from water main break Drivers want city to pay for damages to cars after water

main break Insurance company sues city over water main break City sued over water main break Major Verdict for Failure of Hydrants- Yorba Linda 2008 Freeway Complex Fire Family files $500M suit against city over dry fire hydrants

BUILDING BLOCKS OF RISK MANAGEMENT You've got to know the territory!


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