Mr. Benjamin Dillon

Mr. Benjamin Dillon

Benjamin Dillon Education SJHS 86, Purdue 89, IUSB 99 Favorite Quote Why, sometimes Ive believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast! Contact 289-TREK [email protected] PreCalculus/Trig H Description This course blends the concepts and skills that must be mastered before enrollment in a college-level calculus course. The course

includes the study of (1) relations and functions, (2) exponential and logarithmic functions, (3) trigonometry in triangles, (4) trigonometric functions, (5) trigonometric identities and equations, (6) polar coordinates and complex numbers, (7) sequences and series and (8) data analysis. This course covers these topics in much greater depth and detail. Problem solving is a vital part of this course. In addition, work in vectors, limits, and mathematical theory is included. The student is expected to demonstrate mathematical creativity and thought as well as maintain accuracy in computations and applications. PreCalculus/Trig H Outcomes Express mathematics four ways (algebraically, numerically, graphically, and verbally). Apply transformations to relations.

Make connections between mathematics and real-world data. Demonstrate proficiency with graphing calculator technology and its modeling power. Extend concepts to three dimensions. Strategy for Success Study groups are helpful in this course! PreCalculus/Trig H Materials Calendar 1st Semester: Functions, Periodic Functions, Sinusoidal Functions, Trigonometric Identities, Combined Sinusoids, Triangle Trigonometry, Logarithms, Regression 2nd Semester: Probability, 3-D Vectors, Matrices & Fractals, Analytic Geometry, Polar Coordinates, Sequences & Series, Polynomials,

Extra Topics (e.g. induction) PreCalculus/Trig H Components Test (100): Once per chapter Project (50): Once per quarter Homework (5): Almost nightly, may be optional Quiz (10): At least once per chapter, rarely announced Journal (0): Once per chapter for feedback

Scale A+ 99 A 95 A- 93 B+ 91 B 87 B- 85 C+ 83 C 79 C- 77 D+ 75 D 72

D- 70 Room 205 Policies Attendance: Planned absences get no extension, unplanned absences get extension equal to number of days absent Tardiness: On time includes not needing to leave after arrival Behavior: Every member of this class is responsible for maintaining a positive classroom environment. Consequences (reset every quarter): Warning, AM/PM, Detention Procedures Syllabus: Once per month Review Sessions: Usually the morning of a test

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