BIDMC Center for IT Exploration Supporting BIDMC with innovative IT technologies Updated March 15, 2017 Mission Evaluate innovative IT technologies for possible BIDMC use cases Conversational Interfaces Applications that interact using simple, natural

language. (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant) Example use case - Patient bedside assistant* *Underlying technology not HIPAA compliant yet. Effort underway to identify non PHI use cases Blockchain for Healthcare Successful pilot in collaboration with MIT resulting in an award winning paper and Harvard Business Review article

Concept is to use blockchain as a tamperproof ledger of where your medical records are electronically available and enable them to be retrieved when appropriate consent is given to a caregiver No centralized database or government involvement Pilot will be expanded and emerging new public

ledger technologies will be examined IoT Devices Physical devices with internet connectivity that can communicate with other devices and systems. Example use case - Amazon IoT Button to trigger call to clean room. BIDMC Mobile Apps Patient centric RN/MD communication app with EMR integration

BIDMC Contact app Daily Capacity Dashboard app Food Services app

Appointment Scheduling and Reminder app Location Awareness (Map) apps Mobile apps that are tied to our EMR for simple clinical functions Chat BOTS Automated conversations for simple tasks

Example use case on Amazon Platform 1. Open help desk tickets 2. Appointment self-scheduling with multilingual support and sentiment analysis. Image and Video Recognition Technology to recognize people and objects in images and videos. Possible use cases on Amazon Rekognition,Google Vision and Google Video Intelligence platforms: 1. Catalog images for effective storage and retrieval 2. Assist patient identification when patient cant self identify 3. Patient or visitor recognition as they walk through a door

4. Generate workflow notification as key staff enter an area 5. Automatically recognize patients and pull up records 6. Search and discover content from BIDMC video library Machine Learning Machine learning provides computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Possible use case on Google and Amazon platforms: 1. Automatic recognition of pre-surgical paperwork 2. Projecting OR schedule availability 3. Predicting re-admissions rates 4. ED critical alert prediction system 5. Auto scanning of supporting clinical documentation

6. Automated imminent discharge prediction from inpatient to alleviate overcrowding Dashboards and Analytics Leverage innovative technology that can visualize large amount of live data for much useful analysis. Platform Amazon, Elastic Stack, Twitter Use Cases 1. 2. 3. Provider to patient relationships

Twitter feed analysis for BIDMC mentions using Google Natural Language API for sentiment analysis Time study Performance dashboards Managed Desktops Alternatives Identify options to replace managed desktops (that are inherently difficult to secure). Platforms: Google Chromebook or ChromeBit, Chromium OS, Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon AppStream Use Cases 1. Kiosks 2. Remote desktop

3. Alternative for simpler desktops Productivity & Collaboration Identify alternatives for premise hosted MS Office Software. Platforms: Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon WorkSpaces, Atlassian Confluence & HipChat Use Cases 1. Cloud based file sharing and collaboration 2. Team Collaboration and Project Management 3. Group texting and video Process

Items on this presentation are in exploration stage Weekly Explore IT Boot Camps to review evolving prototypes Later this year develop use cases (after groundwork has been laid)

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