Myra Wall Managing Director - Skillsfirst

Myra Wall Managing Director - Skillsfirst

Nadine Dixon Senior Examiner for Functional Skills Functional Skills Workshop 18th September 2013

Workshop Objectives To equip attendees with the required knowledge and understanding to develop, teach and facilitate Functional Skills ICT tests Recognise the importance of examination protocols Be able to follow and comprehend the assessment and

examination procedures as required by OFQUAL Sample Documents Microsoft Word o Registration Form o Allergy Alert

o Incident Report Log o Health & Safety Policy o Breakfast Club Sample Documents Microsoft Excel

o Accounts o Invoice o Contracted Hours Record o Emergency Contact Register Sample Documents

Microsoft PowerPoint o Advertisement of Book Launch o Teddy Bears Picnic Poster o This weeks birthday boys and girls LEVEL 1 TASK

Scenario - College Assignment You are working on a college assignment and have received an email asking you to research specific information Task 1a Create folders

Task 1b - Research Task 1b - Research (continued) 1.2 Display the full URL of the website you use

1.3 Produce a screenshot of the websites home page Task 1b - Research (continued) 1.4 List the 4 key elements of child development Task 1b - Research (continued)

1.5 Name one of the key elements and briefly explain what it means 1.6 Save your research in a suitable application in the specific folder created for Task 1 Task 1c - Email Email your research findings to [email protected]

Produce a screenshot to show: You have completed all the required fields

Message to include one of the four key elements researched You have attached your findings to the email

That the content and meaning of your message is clear and error free

You do not have to send the email Save your work

Task 1c - Email (continued) Examples of where marks are lost Time Management

Skill Areas Skill Weightings Common Errors

Section A Files & Folders Research Email Common Errors Section B

Database Spreadsheet Common Errors Section B Presentations

Word processor Common Errors Section B Evaluation

Reminders Graphical image files such as jpeg, png or gif (when creating screenshots) will only

be accepted if an image is requested or if a screenshot is the only way to capture the evidence, such as taking a snapshot of search criteria or the home page of a website

Please ensure that your Learners understand this important point Unless a screenshot is specifically requested, all evidence should be saved in the application software

in which it was created. If it isnt, marks will not be awarded! Any questions

Additional Support Functional Skills Support Programme

Association of Employment and Learning Providers Department for Education

Additional Resources QUIA pronounced key-ah (short for Quintessential Instructional Archive) Guroo Learning Resources

Skills Workshop Thank you for attending

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