Nano-Material Identification using Fluorescence Lifetime ...

Nano-Material Identification using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy Delay (phase) z1 z2 z2 Ryan Beams DIDSR, FDA, Silver Spring, MD Oct 10, 2018 QEEN II Oct 9-10, 2018 Motivation for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Fluorescence Lifetime

High Resolution Imaging + 10um Advantages of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM): Excited state dynamics information Generally non-destructive and non-contact Sub-micron lateral resolution Works in ambient conditions Robust: Not dependent on concentration, excitation power, or photo-bleaching Sensitive to the local chemical and environmental changes: pH, degrees of freedom, refractive index. 2 Local Environment and Quantum Yield

Fluorescence Excitation Photon Non-radiative Decay Local environment influences the quantum yield of an emitter Emission Photon quantum yield radiative rate Decay Rate Emitter

Purcell Effect lifetime non-radiative rate Fermis Golden Rule Metal Surface Separation Distance Drexhage, J. of Lumin. (1970) 3 Linear vs Two-Photon Fluorescence Linear Fluorescence Lifetime

Advantages of Two-Photon Fluorescence - Less scattering (i.e. deeper penetration) - Only excite fluorescence in focus (free confocality) - Less photo-damage / ( )=1 0 Courtesy of Tana Villafaa Two-Photon Fluorescence Lifetime ( )=2 20 / 4

Two Photon Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging 5 Applications of Fluorescence Lifetime Intrinsic Lifetime Semiconductor Lifetime Detection of pH Pigments Orte, et al. ACS Nano (2013) Chemical Bonds Local Density of States Imaging

Schell, et al. Nano Letters (2014) 6 Woodcock, Beams, et al. Adv. Mat. Inter. (2017) Identifying Nano-Materials White Pigments and Fillers ZnO Ag Nano-Particles TiO2 CaCO3 Metal Oxide Particles X Ray BaSO4

FLIM Acknowledgements Stephan Stranick (NIST) Ed Vicenzi (SI) Keana Scott (NIST) Jeff Gilman (NIST) Jeremiah Woodcock (NIST) Chelsea Davis (NIST) Thank you! [email protected]

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