Narrowing a Topic for Research - Shelby County Schools

Narrowing a Topic for Research - Shelby County Schools

Narrowing a Topic for Research Mrs. Kessler 8th Grade English Research Paper Project Questions to consider Can I find enough for a 3 to 4 page paper? Is my topic too broad for a 3 to 4 page paper?

Do I have time to get the information I need? Is the topic interesting enough to hold my attention? Ways to narrow a topic One way to narrow a subject is to make a cluster chart. (We have already done this method). Another way to narrow a topic is to

make an inverted pyramid. question you would like to answer about the broad question above (Example: What are the job functions in the bee colony of the two

types of bumblebees? LIMITED Now list something specific about the general topic you would like to study (Example: The two types of bumblebees) BROAD

List the general top at the top (Example: Bumblebees) GENERAL The Inverted Pyramid Guided Practice Pretend you are going to

research popular music for your research project. This is pretty general. Lets narrow this very general topic to something limited and specific. migr atio n patt

erns of Can adia n Canadian geegeese se Birds

Guided Practice Preparing to research We have had two days to do some preliminary research. Up until this point, your research has not really been focused on the limited topic. Before you can dive into researching for this limited topic, you have to ask

yourself some questions.. KWL Chart for Planning Research KWL Sheet For Mrs_ Kessler.htm Research Questions Look at the W column of your chart. Take the things you want to know and make questions and of them. These questions need to be

written on your Reporters Notes handout. Researching with a purpose Now that you have refined your topic to a limited focus, established what you already know and want to know about your topic, and asked some research questions; your research time will be better spent

and more productive. Vocabulary Terms Refined: to make something exact and specific Limited focus: a very specific aspect of a topic (example: the migration patterns of Canadian geese)

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