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Nasal and Temporal Region Tony Serino, Ph.D. Clinical Anatomy Nasal and Temporal Region: Topic Objectives Be able to list and identify the parts of nasal and temporal

region including skeletal, muscle, nervous and blood supply Be able to identify on X-ray the paranasal sinuses and their relationships to the nasal cavity Understand the relationship between olfaction and meningitis risk Be able to outline the transmission of sound through the ear Be able to explain sound translation with regard to loudness

and pitch physiologically and anatomically Be able to contrast the differences between static and dynamic equilibrium Superficial Muscles Nasalis

Zygomaticus Levator labii superioris Nasal Cartilages Lateral cartilage Sesamoid cartilage

Septal cartilage Alar cartilage Nostril Nasal Cavity Frontal Sinus

Vestibule Auditory Tube Yellow rods indicate openings to paranasal sinuses

Paranasal Sinuses Ethmoid Frontal Sphenoid

Maxillary Conchae & Nasal Septum Superior concha Middle concha Inferior concha

Perpendicular plate Septal cart. Nasal Septum Vomer

Nasal Crest Arterial Supply to Nose Ant. ethmoid a., branch of ophthalmic a. Sphenopalatine a., branch of maxillary

Kiesselbach area Nasal Innervation Except for Olfactory area, served by CN V, V1 above dotted line V2 below

Olfaction Sense Olfaction Signal Transduction Temporal Region

Facial n. Parotid Parotid duct G. Auricular n. Ext. Jugular Facial a.

Ext. Acoustic Meatus Parotid Region Styloid Process

IJV Accessory n. Vagus n. Int. Carotid Glossopharyngeal n

Ext. Carotid Hypoglossal n. SCM TMJ Mandibular fossa

TMJ articular disc Mandibular condyle (head) Lateral Pterygoid m. Infratemporal Fossa

Infratemporal Fossa Sound Frequency vs. Loudness

Frequency measured in hertz (Hz) Loudness measured in decibels (dB)

Anatomy of the Ear Helix Lobe Tragus

Middle and Inner Ear Umbo Malleolar Prominence IV


Core of Light Other Important Structures in Tympanic Cavity Ossicles Amplify Sound

Loud Sound Protection Cochlea and Cochlear Duct Frequency Perception Different frequency (pitch)

of sound stimulates different areas of cochlear duct The overall area stimulated relates to the sound intensity

Vestibular Apparatus Macula of Utricle and Saccule Otoconia (otoliths) Ampulla Anatomy

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