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HOPE Options GPA FAFSA College Application Process FERPA ACT/SAT info Financial Aid/Scholarships Naviance How to Request a Transcript

Matching Common Application Recommendation Requesting Questionnaire(Resume) Letters of Recommendation Are You On Track To Graduate? 4= units of English, including 9th grade lit/comp and American Lit/Comp 4= units of Math check individual colleges for admission requirements. 4= units of Science, including Biology, Physics or Physical Science, Chemistry or Earth Systems or Environmental Science, 4th Science

3= units of Social Studies, including U.S. History, World History, Economics, U.S. Government = unit of Health = unit of Personal Fitness 3= units of Career Tech and/or World Language and/or Fine Arts 4= units of Electives _______________________________________________________________________ 23= Total Units Required To Meet Graduation Requirements

The College Application Process: Getting Started 1 Ask your student to answer the following questions: What are you interested in? How do you see yourself spending your free time? What are you passionate about? How do you learn best? What do you think you want to do in the future? Use Naviance, Career Cruising, and College Boards Big Future to learn about basic college categories and answer questions about college preferences to help narrow the college list.

Get to know the options. 2 Decide what matters most. 3 For some students, sports and activities drive the college list. Other students want a challenging academic environment or a small intimate environment. Ask your student to review the answers to the questions in Step 1. Find colleges that match your students preferences. Search for colleges by location, majors, size and more. Additional Information

4 Review the colleges admissions page. Check required application documents. Check application deadlines. 5 Basic Application Components: Application and application fee 6 Transcript SAT or ACT Scores (Waivers) Additional Application Components

Essay or Personal Statements Resume Letters of Reference (teacher or counselor) FACTORS FOR COLLEGE ADMISSION Extracurricular Activities Essays RE O SC S GRADES & GPA ST TE

Demonstrated Interest RI G CL O A RO SS F ES Letters of Recommendation BUILDING A COLLEGE LIST REACH SCHOOLS Apply to 1 or 2 1.This is is anan example text.

GoGo ahead and replace 2.This example text. ahead and replace it Reach schools are those where yourit with your own text This is an example text.

with your owncredentials text This is an text.schools academic fallexample below the range for the freshman class. Match schools are schools where your academic credentials fall within or perhaps slightly exceed the schools range for the freshman class. Safety schools are schools you will almost definitely get into because your academic credentials are much better than the typical range for their freshman class. MATCH SCHOOLS Apply to 2 or 3 SAFETY SCHOOLS

Apply to at least 1 Points to Consider Check Admissions Requirements Most colleges only consider academic classes when calculating GPAs. Colleges want students who show an interest in their school. Weighted and unweighted GPAs will be reported on the transcript. Class rank will not be included on transcripts or reported on secondary reports. 2-Year Colleges & Technical Colleges See if the SAT/ACT is required- may take the Accuplacer Exam instead- check with each individual school Two-year school requirements - 2.0 GPA, 2

World Languages plus all Georgia graduation requirements Understanding Application Types Early Decision (I &II) : Binding Cannot apply early to other colleges, can apply regular decision Early Action: Non-Binding Can apply early to other colleges, can apply regular decision Single Choice/Restricted Early Action: Non-Binding Cannot apply early to other colleges, can apply regular decision

Rolling Open admission, no specific deadline Regular Decision Admission Deadline date established by the institution Priority Deadline How to Sign in to Naviance HOW TO SIGN IN TO NAVIANCE

Naviance is a comprehensive, web-based planning tool that will assist Harrison students in managing the academic, career, and college aspects of high school. Naviance will be the primary method of college planning for Harrison students. Logging-on to the Naviance Portal Go to At the top click Parents Look to the right under Resources (Cont.) Click Naviance

Use your Office 365 credentials to log in Username: [email protected] Password: Use the personal password you created for school After the first time you log-on go to the ABOUT ME tab. Under My Account, add your email address to your contact information. How to Request a Transcript HOW TO REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT 1. Add your school to Colleges Im Applying To in Naviance

2. Please visit the counseling office and fill out a Transcript Request Card. We cannot release your transcript until the transcript request card is filled out. b. Each transcript request is $2. a. It is your responsibility to complete BOTH parts of the above process, or transcripts will not be sent. Naviance Tools for 12th grade How t o. Naviance Tools f or 12t h Grade Match Your Common App Account 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Click Colleges Im Applying To under favorites or under the colleges tab If your Common App is not matched, you will

see a red section near the top of the screen a. If it is already matched it will be green Click the white button that says Match Account on the right side Enter your email address under Common App Email Address Click Match Accounts Add colleges to the Colleges I m Applying to List 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Go to Colleges Im Applying To List Select the pink plus sign to add a college to the application list Search for the name of the school and select Add Application Select App Type (e.g., RD, ED, EA, etc.) Select How Youll Submit Your App (e.g.,

Common App, Direct to Institution) Select add application Select the pink plus sign to add additional colleges to the application list Recommendation Questionnaire Complete the Recommendation Questionnaire 1. Click My Planner on the top right of the home screen 2. Click Tasks 3. Look under Tasks You Need To Work On on the leftside of the screen 4. Click Recommendation Questionnaire *Must be done if requesting a Letter of Recommendation from Teachers or Counselors Request a Letter of Rec. from a Teacher Request a Letter of Rec. from a Teacher 1. Complete the Recommendation Questionnaire 2. Talk to your teacher BEFORE submitti ng a request 3. Click Colleges Im Applying To 4. Scroll down to see Letters of Recommendation

5. Click the teal hyperlink letters of recommendation section 6. Click Add Request 7. Select a teacher from the drop down menu 8. Decide if you want that teacher to send a letter to all colleges you apply to or a specific col lege 9. Include the deadline in the notes section and tell your teacher thank you! 10. Notify teacher once request is submitted *NOTE: Teachers and Counselors will be using the recommendation questionnaire to write your letter Request a Letter of Rec. from a Counselor Request a Letter of Rec. from a Counselor 1. Complete the Recommendation Questionnaire 2. Come to the Counseling Office 3. Find your Transcript Card in the black boxes to the right of the front desk 4. Fill out your card as directed a. Indicate if you applied through Common App by writing CA b. Indicate if you need a Counselor Letter of Rec with a check mark in the Give to Counselor column

Submission Types Agreeing to Waive FERPA What is the FERPA Waiver? Since FERPA is a complex law, we want to provide some key information before you respond to the FERPA waiver question. 1. How does FERPA relate to your college application? FERPA gives you the right to review confidential letters of recommendation under certain circumstances IF: You are enrolled in college and that college saves the recommendations for enrolled students, OR You are 18 or older. 2. In the application you'll be asked if you want to waive this right. Why would you want to do that? Waiving your right lets colleges know that you do not intend to read your recommendations, which helps reassure colleges that the letters are candid and truthful. Some recommenders may refuse to write a letter for you unless you waive your rights. Check with your counselor or teachers to see if any of them follow such a

policy. College Admission Tests CEEB Code: 111734 Harrison ***2 out of 3 students SAT scores improve when they take it more than once! Scores are sent to the college from the testing agencyyou must do this! Armed Services Technical & Specialty Schools Workforce Military/Armed Forces High School Diploma is required Take the ASVAB

Make contact with branch recruiter Request your final transcript in May HOPE DETAILS WHAT CLASSES COUNT FOR HOPE? All classes that begin with the following numbers 23.x English 27.x Mathematics 26.x Science 40.x Science 45.x Social Studies 60.x Foreign language HOPE counts all courses that begin with the listed numbers. BOTH required and elective courses. 61.x Foreign language ??. x

Additional courses approved for fourth year of science Review HOPE rigor requirements What are HOPE scholarship requirements? Scholarship Funding HOPE Rigor Requirement GPA Requirement Test Score Requirement Other Requirement Additional Information Zell Miller Scholarship Covers 100% tuition (not including books or fees) at a public college in Georgia. (A lump sum is provided for

private schools in Georgia.) Earn four credits in courses considered to be rigorous. Must have a 3.7 HOPE GPA* (calculated by GSFC) (1) scored at least a 1200(Reading & Math) on a single administration of the SAT; OR (2) scored a 26 on a single administration of the ACT; HOPE Scholarship Covers a portion of tuition at any Georgia public 2-year college or 4-year university (not including books or fees). Earn four credits in courses considered to be rigorous. Student must graduate with a HOPE GPA* of 3.0 NONE HOPE Grant Covers a portion of the tuition based on the

number of credit hours being taken in a technical certificate or diploma program at an eligible college. NONE NONE NONE OR Must have high school diploma or GED. Must (3) was named Valedictorian or be a Georgia resident for at least 12 months. NONE Salutatorian. HOPE GPA based on all classes taken in the following core subject areas: English, math, science, social studies, world languages Check for more information View your HOPE GPA on Click Your HOPE GPA (on the right side of webpage)*** The Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant (SIWDG) gives students the opportunity to enroll in one of 12 programs of study for which FREE TUITION is available! Need to qualify and be receiving the HOPE Grant!

HOPE Career Grant What is it?

The HOPE Career Grant can be the boost a student needs to get started on a rewarding career in a well-paying job, and without accumulating a lot of student debt. Helps Georgia employers by creating a pipeline of skilled workers they can hire well into the future. To be eligible for the HOPE Career Grant, students must first qualify for and be receiving the HOPE Grant. Please review eligibility requirements below at and o The two grants together will cover all tuition in these 17 programs of study. o Students will still be responsible for student fees and any equipment necessary, although in some cases, financial aid is available for those as well. Automotive Technology Aviation Technology Certified Engineer Assistant Commercial Truck Driving Computer Programming Computer Technology Construction Technology Diesel Equipment Technology Early Childhood Care and Education Electrical Lineman Technology Health Science Industrial Maintenance Logistics/Transportation Technology Movie Production Set Design Practical Nursing Precision Manufacturing Welding and Joining Technology

Georgia Futures ( check HOPE status, access FAFSA, scholarship database FAFSA The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be available on October 1 Scholarships Types of Scholarships: Merit, Athletic, Organizational Check the Scholarship Resources in Naviance on the Colleges Homepage

Check the College Websites and online search engines. Go to Select Student Service Select School Counseling Scroll down to 12th grade to see Scholarship Bulletin How do I find Financial Aid and Scholarship information? Complete the FAFSA and apply for HOPE after October 1. (Go to Financial Aid Planning on, and choose Applications.) Grants and

Scholarships Grants and Scholarships Loans Sources: Government, College, Private (Business, Organizations) Research and apply for scholarships (GA (GACollege411 Futures or or beginning in August. Visit Visitour ourCollege College& &Career CareerCenter

Center Scholarship bulletin board and at Click on Student Support Click on School Counseling Scroll down to 12th grade Scholarship Bulletin Money must be paid back with interest Each loan has a different set of terms and conditions. Money must be paid back with interest Each loan has a different set of terms and conditions. Naviance scholarships are posted

Pay attention to: how much youll need to take out for college how much your monthly payments will be Pay attention to:youll have to pay on interest how much how much youll need to take out for college while you are in school how much your monthly payments will be how much youll have to pay on interest while you are in school Student has job on

campus Student has job on campus Money earned helps to pay for school Money earned helps to pay for school Loans Federal WorkFederal WorkStudy Study What if I am going to College and will be playing a Sport? For NCAA information, go to Choose Enter Here for NCAA College-Bound Student-Athletes. Choose the Resources link at the top of the screen that appears.

For NAIA, go to Using the dropdown menu for the About the NAIA tab, choose Play Sports in College. Look under the Quick Links section. REQUEST your transcript to be sent to the NCAA or NAIA in the counseling office. $2.00 Bridge Law Go to My Planner and click Tasks Bridge Law Scroll down to Tasks You Need to Work On Complete Task by selecting: Complete Senior Survey

Select take this survey in the upper right hand corner to begin the activity Answer the question and select Save and Finish Dont Log Out! Wait for a counselor to confirm your completion Go to My Planner and then Tasks to show completion status

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