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NELFT Organisational Structure 8 August 2016 V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Board of Directors Board of Directors Head of Corporate Affairs Helen Essex Chair Joe Fielder Senior Independent Director Brian Hagger NED John Roome Chief Executive John Brouder Executive Medical Director Caroline Allum Chief Nurse, Executive Director of IC Essex Stephanie Dawe Executive Director of IC London Jacqui Van Rossum ICD, Essex Brid Johnson 52700 ICD, WF Sue Boon 67223

ICD, BHR Caroline ODonnell 65052 NED Marjorie Woodward NED Mark Friend V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Executive Director of Finance Barry Jenkins Executive Director of Workforce & OD Bob Champion Board Subcommittees Board of Directors Executive Management Team Quality & Safety Committee Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Quality & Safety Committee To monitor Trust progress against the Care Quality Commission standards and assure the Board that sufficient evidence is in place to ensure compliance, with particular emphasis on all issues relating to clinical and non-clinical quality and safety.

Audit Committee To review the establishment and maintenance of an effective system of integrated governance, risk management and internal control, across the whole of the organisations activities Remuneration Committee To determine and oversee the remuneration and other contractual arrangements for Executive Directors and Senior Managers and to review Executive Director appraisals. V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Quality governance structure Board of Directors Quality & Safety Committee Audit Committee Locality Quality & Performance groups x6 Directorate Quality & Performance groups Board of Directors Receives monthly quality and performance reports, annual safeguarding report, annual MHA report Quality & Patient Safety committee Responsible for monitoring all aspects of quality and reporting monthly to the Board, bi-annual safeguarding reports Locality and Directorate Quality & Performance groups Scrutinise quality and performance data at directorate and locality level prior to reporting to Quality & Safety committee

Chief Nurse Group (reports by exception to Executive Management Team) Regular reporting on quality issues, safeguarding Audit Committee Receives annual Quality Governance Review audit and annual report from Chair of QSC scheduled into cycle of business Executive Management Team Receives exception reports from Chief Nurse Group and members sit on Clinical Executive receiving updates from Communities of Practice and relating to various other clinical quality issues V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Executive Management Team Chief Executive John Brouder 64305 Head of Corporate Affairs Helen Essex 64288 Executive Medical Director Caroline Allum PA Francesca Hayward 64292 Chief Nurse & Executive Director of IC (Essex) Stephanie Dawe PA Colette Tolladay 64301 Executive Director of IC (London) Jacqui Van Rossum

PA Veronica Gurjao 67228 Executive Director of Finance Barry Jenkins PA Kerri Springer 64303 Executive Director of Workforce & OD Bob Champion PA Anne Hine 64302 Chief Executive Lead the organisation and Executive Management Team, Accountable Officer Executive Medical Director Clinical and medical leader working with workforce to improve quality and effectiveness of clinical services Chief Nurse & Executive Director of Integrated Care (Essex) Lead for Nursing and AHPs and responsible director for operational services in Essex Executive Director of Integrated Care (London) Responsible director for operational services in London and corporate communications Executive Director of Finance Responsible director for finance, IT, performance and business development and transformation Executive Director of Workforce & OD Responsible Director for Workforce and OD Trust Secretary

Responsible for legal compliance and governance systems V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Executive Team reporting Executive Management Team Caroline Allum Bob Champion Barry Jenkins Stephanie Dawe Jacqui Van Rossum John Brouder AMD meeting Joint Negotiating Consulting Committee Programme Management Office Chief Nurse Group Senior Leadership Team Estates Strategy Group

Research & Development Strategic Workforce Group Annual Planning Task Group Clinical Executive Communications Strategic Health & Wellbeing Equality & Diversity IT Strategy Strategic Payroll Procurement Strategic Occupational Health Senior Finance Managers V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Communities of Practice Responsibilities of senior employees Integrated Care Directors Responsibility for all operational services

in relevant locality, budgets, performance, etc. Directors of Nursing Responsible for Patient Safety, Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Experience Associate Medical Directors Responsible for medical management in relevant locality and Associate Directors Responsible for either childrens, adult or mental health services in the relevant locality Heads, Associate Directors or Deputy Directors (corporate) Responsible for relevant corporate areas V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Senior Leadership Team Executive Management Team Chief Nurse & Executive Director of IC (Essex) Stephanie Dawe Integrated Care Director Basildon & Brentwood Brid Johnson Executive Director of IC (London) & Transformation Jacqui Van Rossum Integrated Care Director

Acute and Rehabilitation Caroline ODonnell Integrated Care Director Thurrock Tania Sitch Integrated Care Director WF/WELC HE Sue Boon Director of Nursing Debbie Smith Integrated Care Director Barking & Dagenham Melody Williams Integrated Care Director Redbridge Bob Edwards Integrated Care Director (Interim) Havering Carol White V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Other representatives Associate Medical Directors x6 HR Representative Direct Reports Chief Executive John Brouder 64305 Helen Essex Head of Corporate Affairs

64288 Executive Medical Director Caroline Allum Deputy Medical Director Dr Vincent Perry Chief Pharmacist Heather Walker 64241 Chief Nurse & Executive Director of IC (Essex) Stephanie Dawe AD, Quality & Patient Safety Alison Garrett 66651 Executive Director of IC (London) Jacqui Van Rossum Executive Director of Finance Barry Jenkins Director of Communications Carrie-Ann Wade 54555 Director of Nursing Patient Safety Diane Searle 55806 Director of R&D Peter Fonagy Head of Clinical Audit & NICE Dr Elizabeth Francis 64353

DoN Patient Experience Community Hospitals Cook & Stage Wd CCT Redbridge & WF Localities Debbie Smith 64237 Deputy Director of Finance Malcolm Young 64020 Deputy Director of HR Yvonne Hood 52714 Director of Health Informatics Umesh Gadhvi 65557 AD, Organisational Development Maureen Dods 64341 Head of Procurement Pav Devsi 64477 Head of Equality of Diversity Harjit Bansal 64231 Director of Performance and Contracts Julie Price 64700 Director of Business Development & Transformation

Graham Blowes 03005551201 DoN Clinical Effectiveness All adult acute wd Tier 4 CAMHS HTT Havering & B&D Localities Sue Smyth 65812 V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Executive Director of Workforce & OD Bob Champion Graham Thomas Estates Director Basildon & Brentwood/Essex Director of Nursing (Patient Safety) Diane Searle 55806 PA Sharanit Sandhu 64453 Business Manager Kay Markwick 52712 Integrated Care Director Brid Johnson 52700 Associate Medical Director Dr Afifa Qazi

65595 Associate Medical Director Frail Elderly COP Dr Steve OConnor 66831 PA to Integrated Care Director Lin Morcombe 52703 Chris Jones 52851 Assistant Director Childrens Joanne Guerin 52704 Deputy Director Adults CHS David Horne 52702 Assistant Director Inpatients and Unplanned Care Anne Motley 62759 Dental Clinical Services V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Interim Deputy Director EWMHS Gill Burns 52705

Nurse Consultant Frail Elderly COP Geraldine Rodgers 01277695217 Havering Integrated Care Director (Interim) Carol White 65055 Associate Medical Director Darlington Daniel 65717 PA to ICD Lisa Askew 66234 Business Manager Maria McNally 65401 Business Support Officers Tina Taylor 66835 Assistant Director Childrens Pippa Ward 66000 Assistant Director Adults CHS Lee Chester 66414 PA

Samantha Darby 65311 V4.3 HE 08.08.16 MHS Lead for OT & Social Inclusion Tracey Edwards 67735 Project Manager Lisa De Bruin 65071 Waltham Forest V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Barking & Dagenham V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Redbridge V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Thurrock V4.3 HE 08.08.16 Acute & Rehabilitation Cook Stage Woodbury Moore Morris Picasso Older adults

HTT OT Lead Brookside Kahlo Monet Turner Ogura Titian Hepworth B&D and Havering HTT Redbridge HTT WF HTT Acute Response Service EDT Site Manager Tertiary Referrals Amy Pidgeon 64357 Stroke Community Rehabilitation Services Neurology Nursing V4.3 HE 18.07.16 Enhanced Mental Health Liaison Community Treatment Team Japonica

Foxglove Ward1 Grays Court Intensive Rehabilitation Service Care Pathway Facilitators Communities of Practice Frailty Community of Practice Clinical Lead: Steve OConnor Operational Lead: Brid Johnson Nursing Lead: Geraldine Rodgers Children & Young Peoples Community of Practice Clinical Lead: Trudie Rossouw Operational Lead: Melody Williams Nursing Lead: Joan Myers MH and LD Community of Practice Clinical Lead: Russell Razzaque Operational Lead: Sue Boon Nursing Lead: Clare Gaskin To provide strategic direction and quality improvement leadership trust-wide across the listed areas V4.3 HE 08.08.16

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