New England Electricity Roundtable: 150th Gala

New England Electricity Roundtable: 150th Gala

NEW ENGLAND ELECTRICITY RESTRUCTURING R O U N D TA B L E : 1 5 0 T H G A L A May 18, 2016 Raab Presentation INTRODUCTIONS: SUCCESSES AND FAILURES One minute each person at table Name/Organization Most important single success over past 20 years in

restructuring the electric utility industry, and developing electricity-related policies, programs, and laws Most significant single failure/short-coming over past 20 years in restructuring Be succinct Please just listen to each otherno time for discussion/debate (unless you are done in less than 8 minutes) One person at table please scribe on sheet provided, and another please keep time (one minute/person)

STATS Twenty Years/150 Roundtables Started as Massachusetts Electric Restructuring Roundtable (by MA DOER for 1 year!) 2006 Electricity Restructuring Roundtable 2009 New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable Since 1999 (when we started website) 110 Roundtables 469 different speakers Approximately 80 different topics

TOP SPEAKERS (SINCE 1999) RUNNERS -UP (SPOKE 5 OR 6 TIMES) Dan Allegretti [Exelon, Constellation, Enron] Ann Berwick [MA DPU, MA EEA] David Cash [MA DPU, MA EEA] Sue Coakley [NEEP] James Daly [Eversource] Phil Giudice [Ambri, MA EEA, MA DOER] Carrie Cullen-Hitt [SEIA, AES-New Energy, Green Mtn.] Bill Hogan [Harvard]

Harvey Michaels [MIT, Nexus] George Dean [MA AGO] Seth Kaplan [CLF] Larry Reilly [National Grid] Tom Robinson [National Grid] Stephen Rourke [ISO New England] Tom Welch [Maine PUC] To p 1 3 S p e a k e r s ( s i n c e 1 9 9 9 ) 7 - Janet Besser [NECEC, Natl Grid, Lexecon, MA DTE]; Alan Nogee [UCS]; Don Sipe [Preti/Flaherty] & Peter Zschokke [Natl Grid]

8 - Steve Cowell [CSG] & Jerry Oppenheim [Democracy & Regulation, NCLC] 9 - Bob Ethier [ISO New England] & Richard Levitan [Levitan & Associates] 10 - Sue Tierney [Analysis Group, Lexecon] & Paul Hibbard [Analysis Group, MA DPU, MA DEP] 11 - BRONZE/SILVER Medals (tie)-Gordon van Welie [ISO New England] & Peter Fuller [NRG, Mirant] 17 - GOLD Medal David OConnor [MLS Strategies, MA DOER]

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