Newsome High School

Newsome High School

Newsome High School 8TH GRADE TRANSITION JOSEPH SANDFREY, SCHOOL COUNSELOR Basics of High School Credits GPA College Preparation/Rigor Tests (lots of tests) Scheduling (Programming)

Other opportunities Dual Enrollment Virtual School On-The-Job Training Credits 24 credits for a Standard Diploma (basics) 4 English (1, 2, 3, 4)

4 Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, +2 others) 3 Science (Biology+ 2 others of Equally Rigorous difficulty) 3 Social Science (.5 US Government, 1.0 World History, 1.0 US History, .5 Economics) 1 Art 1 Online course (either .5 or 1.0 credits) 1 HOPE (Health Opportunities Through Physical Education)

Waiver exists for playing 2 seasons of a sport 2 Years of ROTC counts as both an Art/HOPE credit, via a waiver Credits (College Bound) 24 credits for a Standard Diploma (College Recommendations) 4 English (1, 2, 3, 4) 4 Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, +2 others) 3 Science (Biology+ Chemistry + 2 other) 4th Science 3 Social Science (.5 US Government, 1.0 World History, 1.0 US

History, .5 Economics) 1 Art 1 Online course (either .5 or 1.0 credits) 1 HOPE (Health Opportunities Through Physical Education) Waiver exists for playing 2 seasons of a sport 2 Years of the same Foreign Language Alg 2, Trig, or higher Grade Point Average

Three GPAs exist 1) State: only looks at letter Grade (A=4, B=3, C=2, etc) Maximum GPA of 4.0 2.0 GPA to graduate; 2.0 GPA to play sports 2) District: adds bonus points to the State GPA .04 per semester of Honors .08 per semester of Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment

Does not have a maximum number (scale) Affects class rank State University System (SUS): Core classes (Eng, Math, Sci, SS, FL) .5 per year of Honors 1.0 per year of AP/Dual Enrollment College Preparation: Simulation What is better?

World History: A [4.0 State, 4.0 District, 4.0 SUS] World History Honors: B [3.0 State, 3.08 District, 3.5 SUS] AP World History: C [2.0 State, 2.16 District, 3.0 SUS] What is better if the grades are all equal? World History: A [4.0 State, 4.0 District, 4.0 SUS] World History Honors: A [4.0 State, 4.08 District, 4.5 SUS] AP World History: A [4.0 State, 4.16 District, 5.0 SUS] SHOULD A STUDENT TAKE HARDER CLASSES? IT REALLY DEPENDS ON

EACH STUDENT, THEIR GOALS, AND POTENTIAL UNIVERISTY SUS Matrix LINK College Preparation I want to drop [COURSE NAME] because I dont want it to lower my GPA! Before: After (with an F): What do colleges want? PTSA/Newsome Collaboration Regular communication Senior Schedule advisement: LINK

RIGOR=Shows you challenge yourself GRADES/GPA=Raw performance CLASS RANK=Comparison to peers TEST SCORES=Standard measurements SCHOOL COMMUNITY=Intangibles, character, athletics, life balance, etc. OTHER: ??? (Interview, essays, recommendations, etc) Florida State Example

Course Selections (Summation) College Preparation Take the most rigorous courses possible, to actively challenge and engage you as a student AP and Honors is not right for everyone; assess your personal qualities, motivation, test scores, and other data to choose wisely Dont let a low grade get you down; work to raise it Pick classes based on your goals; not social pressure/friends, or to be something you are not

GPA matters but is not the only level of evaluation; difficulty and class rank matter too Impact on School Community Influence of Virtual School Virtual Options/Dual Enrollment ALL students wishing to earn a Newsome Diploma/enrolled Full-Time must have 7 courses These 7 courses could be a combination of Virtual or Dual Enrollment Minimum of 2 courses on Newsomes campus

Co-Enrollment Part-time Virtual with Part-time Newsome Must comply with 7 class rule For scheduling purposes, pretend the student will be on campus for a full day; work with individual counselors when school starts Permission form: Non-Traditional Agreement LINK Need for us to plan seat space for students, if situations change Florida Virtual/Hillsborough Virtual School course list: LINK

Dual Enrollment Taking College Courses while in High School Credits count in both places Start of a College Transcript: MATURITY REQUIRED Not excepted in all places or transfer limits imposed (some examples below) Harvard: does not accept Dual Enrollment

Dartmouth: 17 credit limit MIT: does not accept Dual Enrollment math courses **Consult the university admissions site to see each schools policy** Opportunity to transfer individual classes or earn an Associates Degree 60 credit hour transfer limit (about 20 total classes) Could be a combination of AP and Dual Enrollment credits Curriculum is largely based on professors Parents have very limited rights to contact professors, check on grades, etc.

Advanced Placement Source: Managed by College Board (same company as SAT exams) College Credit opportunities BY EXAM 58% of students earn a 3 or higher (credit opportunity) Some schools vary by score LINK Higher scores (4/5) often yield additional credits (such as earning two classes) Great option for students that are strong test takers

Will prepare students for college regardless of what they score; is the goal to prepare students for rigorous college courses or to earn college credit? NOT necessarily the start of a start of a college transcript Students that demonstrate weakness provide the high school an opportunity to change a schedule. A student sitting in a Dual Enrollment course cannot easily drop, switch, or adjust a schedule Nationally recognized curriculum and standardized tests OJT (On-the-Job Training) Work Release Program

Open to Juniors/Seniors Must be employed Must be co-enrolled into a Agriculture or Business class NOT intended for college bound students Drop-out prevention Low GPA/credit opportunity Employability skills Unique situations where a student needs to work

Work with students to help find a job, after a job loss Schedule Form: At A Glance COURSE DESCRIPTIONS http :// Completing the Form English 1 Choose the difficulty level Completing the Form Math Sequence

Choose difficulty (regular or Honors) Flow Chart LINK Completing the Form Science Biology for all freshman Possible exceptions Concern for success on Biology EOC Agriculture programs encompass a 4 year commitment

AP Biology Highly selective Teacher approval only No freshman students will be placed into AP Biology Teacher will inform us of any candidates that are admitted in Completing the Form Social Studies Three Options

1) Normal Freshman Social Studies: US Government Choose difficulty: Honors or Regular 2) AP Human Geography First AP Opportunity Elective only (not required for Graduation) 3) BOTH AP Human and US Government Consumes two periods (7 period school day) Completing the Form

Reading Approximiately 70% of students at Newsome take an AP Course Exposure to critical reading/writing School accountability models: Raising a level Those students that demonstrate a weakness in Reading (not at grade level will receive remediation, prior to their next test) All Freshman will sit for Reading unless parents opt-out of the Reading course

FORM LINK Completing the Form Electives Spaces provided are for 5 selections Not all choices will appear on a students schedule Remember: 8 period school day with 1 period of lunch (7 classes) Semester electives (half year) need to be paired with another semester course If US Government is selected, at least one semester course will need to be paired with it

Please list more than just one semester course; some classes conflict or are full Completing the Form Back view (List of courses) Core courses are not listed, as the counselor will place items that are required for graduation Some exceptions for math/science and social studies pathway Comments on the back to help guide selections Selections will increase for grades 10-12

Completing the Form Final steps 1) Read the schedule change procedure 2) Dont forget to put your name 3) Sign the form to validate your selections 4) Turn forms into your Middle School Counselor If you are doing any Virtual classes in the summer between Middle School and

High School, the Middle School counselor must approve Classes can be selected/approved 6 months ahead of time Students/parents need to change their Academic Profile to Newsome, so we can see the final grades Any course that starts with M/J is a Middle School Course=no high school credit If you wish to make any revisions, simply print a new form and write REVISED on the form. Turn into Middle School/High School counselor. Completed Sample Forms Sample Non-Honors Schedule Sample Mid-Range Schedule Sample High-Honors Schedule

Final Thoughts Are you currently receiving extended time? 504s and IEPs will continue at the high school level State mandated assessments will qualify Outside tests (ACT, AP, SAT) must be requested and approved This is not an automated process Parents must complete a consent formsubmitted to SSD Coordinator for submission Information: https:// First test is the Practice SAT (PSAT), traditionally in October Who Does What? Administration Registrar Counselors -supervision of teachers -records requests -academic advisement -attendance/Discipline

-receiving of records -emotional-social counseling -budgets and school management -entry of grades (FLVS/Dual Enrollment) -career guidance -processing of new student records (point of contact) -processing of new student enrollment paperwork -processing of Dual Enrollment paperwork -student placement (classes) -record interpretation Final Thoughts

Know the challenges to young people CDC Report: https:// 2017_1644.pdf Teen Suicide (Child and Family Services): http:// ntion%20Plan%202016-2020.pdf Substance Use (Child and Family Services): vey/2016%20FYSAS%20Statewide%20Report.pdf

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