NM Enterprise Health Informatics

Epic Quarterly Update Preview Version: May 2019 November, 2019 Say Goodbye to the Workspace Header... The content you used to review in the workspace header now appears in a more intuitive format in Storyboard.

Cross-Role Updates 2 ...And Say Hello to Storyboard Storyboard lets you: Quickly review a patient's story Take common actions such as resolving care gaps or marking as reviewed Jump to common activities like Allergies or Health Maintenance

Activity tabs now appear across the top of the screen. Cross-Role Updates Tip Sheet: Storyboard for Outpatient Clinicians 3 Epic Updates Lifetime

4 Drag and Drop SnapShot Sections Drag and drop sections within the same column or between columns by opening the personalization mode (1) from SnapShot and dragging the cards around (2). Cross-Role Updates

5 Medications Flagged for Removal When a patient requests that a medication be removed from his or her medication list in NM MyChart, that request appears in Medications & Orders and Home Medications. Cross-Role Updates

6 More Organized HPI Settings All of your History of Present Illness personalization settings are now on one screen so you don't have to click through multiple tabs. Cross-Role Updates

7 Intuitive Immunization Info in Health Maintenance The link to see details about immunization administrations for the related series is now called Imm Details instead of Sequential. The section previously titled Inactive is now Completed or No Longer Recommended. It includes topics that are Completed, Addressed, Aged Out, or Discontinued. Cross-Role Updates

8 Intuitive Immunization Information in Health Maintenance Imm Details link displays the Vaccine logic in this Report. Cross-Role Updates

9 Slimmed-Down MyChart In Basket Folders Consolidated twelve In Basket folders related to MyChart into five: MyChart Administration MyChart Notifications Patient Clinical Update Patient Non-Clinical Update Patient Questionnaires

Cross-Role Updates 10 Renamed Patient Message Encounter Type Patient Email encounters are now renamed Patient Messaging encounters to make it clearer that these relate to secure patient messages in MyChart rather than standard emails.

Good to Know Updates 11 Get a Head Start on Patient Instructions Pend your patient instructions during pre-charting, and then they're Automatically signed when you start the visit if there aren't any variables.

Physician Updates 12 Search Charge Preference Lists from Preference List Composer You can now add charges from charge preference lists in the Preference List Composer. Physician Updates


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