Your Life Map: Planning for College Saint Thomas

Your Life Map: Planning for College Saint Thomas

Your Life Map: Planning for College Saint Thomas Aquinas Post Secondary Counseling Academic Counseling Source: ACTs College Planning Guide Seniors: You will learn on this part of the journey: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. time management/prioritizing communication

independence your strengths/weaknesses how and when to ask for help your actions/decisions or lack of will have consequence! For Parents: Final Stats on Class of 2018 202 Graduates to College Type of School 4 year Schools 2 year Schools Out of State # %_____ 193

96% 9 4% 73 36% Catholic Colleges 18 9% JCCC 7

4% KSU 55 27% KU 54 27% Naviance Student What is it? How do I access it? What can I do with it? How does it help career and college planning?

102/245 seniors HAVE NOT Registered! How is it accessed? Naviance Student online Link on STA website also Student accounts- Student should be registered, most use STA email address Parent accounts Registration code given to you with Skyward code. Call or email if you dont have it or if you are having problems logging

WHY VISIT?? Finding a college is College Visits all about finding not just the school where you will get the best education, but also the place you will call home for college years. Definition-A scheduled visit with the admissions office to a college where you have an interest. A stroll around the campus and visit to a frat house does not count! Procedure Several days in school calendar where Seniors do not have to be in school.Sept.17, Oct. 8-10, Oct. 29, Nov 8-9, & Nov 27. Go on these days if possible so you dont miss class. Parent call Mrs. Jordan in Attendance Office on day to report absence. You can call in advance of this visit. Student obtain an actual signature from college official with date on letterhead or program on the date of the visit. Most have a visit verification form. Return this to

Mrs. Jordan so she can code absence as excused. College Fairs Sept 12: Catholic College Fair STA during school 7:45am 8:30am Sept 13: Private HS College Fair Rockhurst HS 6:30pm Sept 17: KC Expo College Fair Olathe West HS 6:00-8:00pm Oct. 10: Shawnee Mission East College Clinic 6:00pm Oct 16: Natl College Fair Downtown Conv Center 8:30-11:00am, 5-7pm Athletes: Need a transcript/ACT scores for an official college visit: 1)Email Mrs. Haskett the NAME of the coach, the college name and the coachs email and/or FAX number.

2)Request ACT scores to be sent from ACT to the college and NCAA/NAIA 3)Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and/or NAIA for academic eligibility Transcript Request Info Transcript Requests Each student gets 3 FREE transcripts then there is a charge of $3 per additional transcript. Payment will be collected in early May. Unofficial Transcript: will be uploaded in Skyward/Portfolio. Use for coaches, self reporting grades/courses. I want to be informed of all transcript requests not issued by the student. * If an athletic coach requests a transcript, you will be informed prior to releasing the transcript. Yes No

1 Know Yourself and Your Reasons for Attending College 2 Consider College Characteristics 3 List, Compare, and Visit Colleges 4 Apply for Admission

and Observe Deadlines Narrow your choices (STA average is 3-5) Review college admission test requirements ACT Sept. 8, Oct 27 and Dec 8 Apply to colleges on their website or Common App

Know college application fees and deadlines Early deadlines-Nov. 1 & Dec. 1 Early Decision is binding, Early Action is not Know scholarship requirements NCAA/NAIA Eligibility form We submit 6th transcript now.. TEST PREP- DO SOMETHING!! FREE PRACTICE TEST FROM ACT! Free from ACT: Personalized Instruction online Open Ed FREE FROM ACT ACT Academy Free FROM ACT 1. Power Prep: ACT Meets 2 times, evening sessions, $70, prior to each test date. Register on 2. Two Sisters: ACT Meets 6 times , Sun evening, more curriculum based. 23 th year at STA. Contact landr[email protected] Prior to Oct and April tests 3. Adam Groden and others Ind/Groups 816-516-2119 4. Get Smarter Prep Group and Individual 913-322-3400 5. Kaplan/Princeton Review - $800+ Apply for Admission and Observe Submit applicationDeadlines materials (electronic) prior to 4

deadline High school transcript (3 free, other $3). Must request on CFC each transcript/or application submitted. Self report Official transcript vs unofficial transcript.. Pay in May We submit transcripts beginning Aug 23.

Recommendations Ask ASAP in person! Completed teacher recs letters to Mrs. Bruns All letters are confidential Admission test results-ACT Scores must be requested from ACT. Scores will not appear on transcript. Common Application website, 500+ colleges and universities We submit items electronically, tracking # on CFC Class of 2019 6th semester 70 Top 50% Top 75% Students = 245 60

50 Top 25% 40 62 62 60 96.38-93.47 93.45-89.07 89.0-75.4 30

Top 10% 20 10 0 15 100+ 37 10 99.8-98.9 98.62-96.4 GPA

Counselor Recommendation You must complete the following on the College FC website: Student Questionnaire Parent Questionnaire Complete the resume on Naviance Student or email your resume to Mrs. Bruns. Also email your essay. College recommendations will not be completed by Mrs. Bruns until all these materials are on file. Please complete this at least two weeks prior to your postmark deadline. If you ask last minute, it may not be done in time to meet the deadline! Application Timetable NOW- Make appointment with Mrs. Bruns to review applications, takes about 30-45 mins. Mon-Fri Schedule an appt online at

Please call before just stopping by 9133192477 Are you using the Common App? Let me know ASAP! Write essays, have someone review essay, finalize it (Sr. Eng) Contact teachers for recommendations if necessary Submit your application online prior to the deadline Complete all applications prior to Dec. 1 Apply for housing!! Oct. 1- Register with FAFSA online ( REJECTION!! Expect it! Dear Sir: I am in receipt of your rejection of my application for admission. As much as I would like to accommodate you, I find I cannot. I have already received five rejections from other colleges, which is, in fact, my limit. Your rejection puts me over my cap. Therefore, I regret to inform you that I am rejecting your rejection and, as much as this may inconvenience the

College, I will appear for classes on Sept 3rd. Keep accurate records! Develop a Plan to Finance Your Education 5 Have the family Money Talk NOW Determine total 9 month college costs Investigate ALL possible resources

Parents Savings Summer earnings Financial aid: scholarships, grants, loans & work-study Other sources Scholarships STA List

Posted on CFC website and updated as needed Paper copies are in Acad Counseling Office or online Is it a postmark deadline or be there deadline? Some sponsors are accepting only the first 350, 1000, etc. submitted applications. Pay attention to that! If you apply online, are you required to submit additional items, such

Other sources Colleges m Parents place of employment Community organizations 5

Develop a Plan to Finance Your Education Secure necessary forms and note deadlines - FAFSA in Oct PPY Prior Prior Year Apply for financial aid as early as possible, can do online Oct 1 Selective schools may require the CSS Profile form in the fall

Use 2017 Income Tax info for need based financial aid Dont eliminate any college because of costs! Source: ACT College Planning Guide What Does Postsecondary Cost?Costs BudgetEducation Items Colleges Estimated 2-Year Public

Tuition & Fees $2790 $9638 $39916 Room & Board $(7500) $9680 $ 11036 Books & Supplies $1000

$900 $1200 Transportation $500 $1000 $ 800 Miscellaneous $1200 $2000 $ 2000

Total Budget $5490 $23218 $54952 Budget for 9 months Private 6 Review and Finalize Your Plans

Show initiative and be assertive Talk with your parents and counselor Select a college that meets YOUR needs and preferences National Decision Day is May 1 Follow up with colleges where you have applied Complete housing forms soon! Register for summer Orientation College Success Factors

Test scores and high . . . However, they school grades are important . . . measure only part of your potential Source: ACT College Planning Guide COLLEGE NOW Apply for admission before 8/31 (priority deadline) Email from JCCCyou are admitted, JCCC ID and password

Register for specific class by STA hour, CRN # Fall and Full Year ACT scores for English and Math or take Accuplacer test by Aug 31 priority Pay online with check or credit card Deadline for enrollment & pay by Sept 14 DROP JCCC class if you drop STA class

Jean Cantero, [email protected] Our Contact College Algebra credit Quick Step Plus Program: 3 hours College Algebra credit in this class. JCCC College Algebra teacher will discuss enrollment in class.

Need a score 25 Math on ACT or take the Accuplacer test at JCCC. Enrollment deadline is October 5. Important Reminders Be aware of your email address and posting on Internet .. Facebook, etc. New email address with gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc just for college correspondence. Red in Grad Req. on Skyward-See Mrs Castinado NOW!!! All class schedule changes DONE by August 22. Housing forms can be filed at several colleges You can accept scholarships at more than one college E mail - - [email protected] Appt:

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