G-Code Primer Quick review G0 X__ Z__ rapid

G-Code Primer  Quick review  G0 X__ Z__ rapid

G-Code Primer Quick review G0 X__ Z__ rapid traverse G1 X__ Z__ F__ feed w/ linear interpolation G2/G3 X__ Z__ I__ K__ F__ circular interpolation G28 U0 W0 return home G50 S____ limit max speed G96/G97 S__ const. surf. speed/fixed speed G99/G98 feed per rev/feed per min

G21 metric units M3/M5 spindle on/off M8/M9 coolant on/off M0/M1/M30 stop/optional stop/program end G-Code Primer Quick review G blocks are modal G0 is rapid traverse mode, G1 is linear feed mode. G0

X10.0 Z20.0 Z10.0 X15.0 G1 F0.1 X4.5 Z12.0 M codes are on/off, only one per line M3 M8 G-Code Primer Variables:

#1-33 (local vars for macros) #100-199 (zeroed on power cycle) #500 to 999 (survive power cycle) Don't change vars above #1000: these are system variables. math: [#500 + 1.0] [#500 + #510] [#500 + [#510/2]]


if your most critical dimension is an OD, do OD turning first if your most critical dimension is an ID, do boring first Machining ID Drill, rough bore (with end mill), finish bore (with boring bar) be very careful retracting from ID operations. It is too easy to crash a tool inside the part and break the tool. ID tools are much more expensive as well as much more fragile than OD tools. Planning a Program

Finish passes if your tolerance is tight or your part is slender (so it may deflect noticeably), run multiple finish passes at the same diameter. G-Code Looping & Branching Loops: WHILE [#500 GT #510] DO 1 G01 ... #500 = #500 0.2 END 1

Conditionals: IF [#502 LE #515] GOTO N100 ... N100 ROUGHING CYCLE - G71 Roughing Cycle - G72 Finishing Cycle - G70 G71/G70 Cycle (OD example) G0 T0101

M09 G50 S2000 M05 G96 S#502 G28 U0 W0 G99 G0 X[#500 + 10.0] Z[#501 + 10.0] (CLOSE) G0 T0202

M3 G50 S4000 G0 X#500 Z[#501 + 2.0] (INITIAL POINT) G96 S#502 M8 G99 G0 X[#500 + 10.0] Z[#501 + 10.0] (CLOSE)

G71 U2.0 R0.75 (2MM DOC, 0.75MM RET) M3 G71 P100 Q110 U0.5 W0.25 F#503 (LEAVE 0.5MM ON OD 0.25MM ON FACES) G0 X#500 Z[#501 + 2.5] (INITIAL POINT) N100 G0 X0.0 Z[#501 + 2.0] (START POINT) G70 P100 Q110 (EXACT PROFILE FOR FINISH)

G1 Z#501 F#504 M8 X10.0 Z7.0 M9 X14.0 Z5.0 M5 Z-3.2

G28 U0 W0 N110 G0 X[#500 + 2.0] (EXIT) Arcs G2 = CW arc G3 = CCW arc Parameters: X,Z = end point of arc I,K = distance to center point of arc from start

(I is in radius units, not diameter units) F = feedrate Convex Arc Example G0 X0.0 Z19.0 (START POINT) G3 X38.0 Z0.0 I0.0 K-19.0 F0.1 (CCW) Convex Arc Example G71 U2.0 R0.75 (2MM DOC, 0.75MM RETRACT)

G71 P100 Q110 U0.5 W0.25 F#503 N100 G00 X0.0 Z19.0 (ENTRANCE POINT) G03 X38.0 Z0.0 I0.0 K-19.0 F#504 G01 X38.0 Z-3.2 N110 G00 X[#500+2.0] (EXIT) G70 P100 Q110 F#504 (FINISH PASS)

Concave Arc Example - Drill center hole - Use boring tool to rough and finish cavity G0 X0.0 Z15.0 G2 X30.0 Z10.0 I0.0 K25.0 F0.2 Threading Cycle Threading requires multiple passes in perfect synchronization to reach final thread depth. Must make sure you are in

constant spindle speed mode, not constant surface speed! Computing Thread Parameters Overall thread height H = Pitch*(0.5 / tan 30deg) = 0.866025*Pitch Ext thread depth = (17/24)*H = 0.613435*Pitch Int thread depth = (5/8)*H = 0.541266*Pitch Threading - G76 Threading - G76

Threading - G76 G76 Pffppaa Qddd Rfff (first line of G76) ff = # of finish passes (01-99) pp = # revolutions for gradual pull-out (0.0-9.9=00-99) aa = angle (60 degrees for us) ddd = last depth of cut (min.cutting depth) (positive radial value, no decimal point microns) fff = finish allowance (mm, dec.point allowed) Threading - G76

G76 Xxx Zzz Ppp Qqq Fff line) (2nd xx = last thread pass diameter zz = Z endpoint of thread pp = height of thread (pos.radial value, microns) qq = 1st threading pass depth (max.cutting depth, pos.radial value, microns) ff = feedrate (same as thread lead)

Threading - G76 Example: M24x2 external thread G00 X30.032 Z[#501 + 6.0] G76 P010060 Q005 R0.0 G76 X24.43 Z[#501-10.0] P1360 Q0544 F2.0 Multistart Threading Example: M24x2 three start external thread #1=2.0 (PITCH - MM) #2=0.5/TAN[30.0] * #1 (H) #3=#2 * 17.0/24.0 (THREAD DEPTH) #4=3 (NUMBER OF STARTS) #5=0

(START NUMBER) G00 X32.0 Z[#501 + 3 * #1 * #4] (START 3X LEAD AWAY) WHILE [#5 LT #4] DO 1 G00 X30.032 Z[#501 + #1 * #5 + 3 * #1 * #4] G76 P100060 Q005 R0.0 G76 X23.39 Z[#501-10.0] P[FIX[#3*1000]] Q0544 F[#1*#4]

#5 = #5 + 1 END 1

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