FCS Program Overview Advanced Planning Briefing for Industry

FCS Program Overview Advanced Planning Briefing for Industry

FCS Program Overview Advanced Planning Briefing for Industry (APBI) John Kelley Director - Supplier Management & Procurement Future Combat Systems DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT D: Distribution authorized to the Department of Defense and U.S. DoD contractors. This document contains technical data for Administrative or Operational Use. Date of Determination October 29, 2003. Other requests for this document shall be referred to the FCS Security Office at: Program Executive Office, Ground Combat Systems, ATTN: SFAE-GCS-FCS-WS / MS #515, 6501 East 11 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48397-5000 01/28/20 05:46 PM 1 FCS Program Status Program keeping pace with Army needs Accelerating needed capabilities to our soldiers Integrating Modularity and FCS (Spin Outs, Experiments) Transitioning from OTA to FAR; maintain focus on execution Successful System-of-Systems Functional Review On cost, On schedule, On performance: SPI = 99.4%, CPI = 100.4% FY06 is critical ramp-up year $3.4B President Budget Broad industry ramp-up (Network and Platforms) Extensive Software and Hardware deliveries First major field experiment (Experiment 1.1, JEFX06) Long lead for Spin Out 1 Initial Preliminary Design Review (IPDR) Integration Phase 1 (IP1) Program Momentum is Strong Maintain Velocity 2 FCS User Requirements Joint, Interagency and Multi-National Capabilities Future Force Future Force Space to Mud Doctrine Training Leader Development

People Facilities Joint, Interagency and Multi-National Train, Alert, Deploy and Sustain Increased Strategic Responsiveness Dominant across Full Spectrum Operations Campaign Quality Force Enabled by Knowledge Home Factory Station Adaptive Modular Organizations JTF 3-7 Days Self-sustainment UE UE UA UA PMUA PMUA Organizations Materiel FCS: Family of Systems/ System-of-Systems Soldiers and Leaders Enabled by Technology Future Force Factory to Foxhole 3 FCS System-of-Systems Manned Systems Command and Control Vehicle Infantry Carrier Vehicle Unmanned Air Vehicles Class III Class II

Class I Unattended Munitions Unattended Ground Sensors Mounted Combat System Class IV NLOS LS Intelligent Munitions System Recon and Surveillance Vehicle Unmanned Ground Vehicles ARV RSTA Non-Line of Sight Cannon ARV Aslt Non-Line of Sight Mortar Small (Manpackable) UGV Armed Robotic Vehicle FCS Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle MULE: (Transport) Medical Treatment and Evacuation ARV-A (L) MULE: (Countermine) 4 FCS Master Program Plan Accelerating Capabilities to Our Soldiers 5 Recent Significant Events iRobot Packbot Production Line PAM Warhead Testing Class I off tether Class IV UAV SIL SOSIL 2005 Packbot on

Patrol in Iraq SARTI UGV 120MM Cannon GDAIS Completes First Test Station Build for ICS GDAIS ICS Demonstrator at Fall AUSA Symposium Experiment 1.1 Vehicles Active Protection System After Action Review Meeting Center Congressional Staff Tour of Schweizer Plant (1/10/05) SLG500362-001.ppt Firescout flight testing NLOS Cannon 6 FCS Best of Industry Team General Dynamics AIS Bloomington, Bloomington, Minnesota Minnesota BAE Systems - GSD Santa Santa Clara, Clara, California California Raytheon - NCS Ft. Wayne, Indiana BAE Systems - ASD Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota Minnesota Dynamics Research Corp Andover, Andover, Massachusetts Massachusetts General Dynamics Land Systems Sterling Sterling Heights, Heights, Michigan Michigan General Dynamics Robotics Systems Westminster, Westminster, Maryland

Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Carson, Carson, California California iRobot Corp AAI Corp Albuquerque, Albuquerque, New New Mexico Mexico Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control Grand Grand Prairie, Prairie, Texas Texas Hunt Hunt Valley, Valley, Maryland Maryland Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems CMS Belcamp, Belcamp, Maryland Maryland Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation San San Diego, Diego, California California Teledyne Brown Eng Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Arizona Arizona Wilmington, Wilmington, Massachusetts Wayne, Wayne, New New Jersey Jersey Honeywell - IDAS General Dynamics C4 Systems Textron Systems BAE Systems - CNIR

Mesa, Mesa, Arizona Arizona San San Diego, Diego, California California Essington, Essington, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Burlington, Burlington, Massachusetts Massachusetts Boeing McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co. Lockheed Martin (Orincon) Defense Corp Piasecki Aircraft Corp Overwatch Systems Austin, Austin, Texas Texas Raytheon Company Plano, Plano, Texas Texas Computer Science Corp Falls Falls Church, Church, Virginia Virginia Northrop Grumman InfoTech McLean, McLean, Virginia 7 FCS One Team Industry Base 34 States, 156 Congressional Districts, 358 Suppliers Massachusetts CD 4 L General Dynamics C4S; S Metavr Inc. CD 5 L Dynamics Research Corporation; S IISI Corp.; S I-Logix CD 6 LF BAE Systems; L Textron Systems; S iRobot Corporation; S Contact East Inc.; S L-Com Inc. CD 7 S IPSwitch Inc.; L Netegrity; S Mathworks Inc. CD 8 L BAE Systems CNIR; L BBN Solutions LLC (BBN) CD 8 S Mak Technologies CD 9 S Parametric Technology Corp; L GD C4 Systems CD 10 WOSB Microway Inc Maryland CD 2 WOSB Cybercore Technologies; L DFAS Finance Officer; L Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems CMS (Belcamp);

L Northrop Grumman Corporation (Linthicum); L Titan Systems Corporation CD 3 S Rohde & Schwartz Inc.; L Alion Science & Technology Corporation; WOSB Cengen Incorporated; L Prospective Technology CD 4 WOSB Sel-tronics Primestock; VOSB MilVets System Technology Inc CD 5 - E/XOSB Sayres & Associates; L Army Research Laboratory CD 6 L General Dynamics Robotic System CD 8 WOSB Intelligent Automation Inc.; S Akman Associates Incorporated; S Robotic Research; S Opnet Technologies; VOSB Whitaker Bros Bus Mchs; S Spread Concepts Alabama CD 2 VOSB Navigator Development Group Inc. CD 5 WOSB S E A Wire & Cable Inc.; WOSB Aerospace Products S.E., Inc. ; S Camber Corporation; D/VOSB Colsa Corporation; S Dese Research Inc; WOSB/P 3D Research Corporation; D/VOSB All Points Logistics; WOSB Byte Size Incorporated; S Dynetics; S Dynetics Inc.; S Applied Data Trends; S Sparta, Inc.; L Teledyne Brown Engineering; L The Aegis Technologies Group Maine CD 1 S Fiber Materials Inc. Arkansas CD 4 S National Technical Systems Arizona CD 3 D/WOSB Precision Computer Services, Inc. CD 5 SDB Scientific Monitoring Inc.; S Execuspec Inc.; N/A Stoutware Software Engineering; L GD C4 Systems; WOSB/Hub Embedded Plus; L Insight Direct, Inc. CD 6 L The Boeing Company (Rotorcraft Div.) CD 8 L SAIC California CD 4 L Hewlett-Packard Company CD 6 D/WOSB/P GC Micro Corp; L Symmetricom Inc CD 7 S Applied Poleramic CD 9 S WAYT Technologies CD 11 L Cabelco Technologies; L - Documentum CD 12 VOSB Ares Corporation CD 13 L - Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.; S Phihong USA; L - Truetel Technologies Inc. CD 14 L Silicon Graphics, Inc.; S Real-Time Innovations Inc.; WOSB Stellar Solutions; Veritas Incorporated; L SRI International; S Bluecoat Systems; S Trolltech Incorporated; L Tibco CD 15 L NGMS/ISD/ESL; L United Defense LP GSD; L Xilinx Inc.; S Foundry Networks; L Sun Microsystems Incorporated CD 16 S Imagine That Inc.; S LynuxWorks, Inc.; S Centric Software Incorporated CD 23 S Northrop Grumman Simulation Tech, Corp; L California Electric Supply LF Kidde Dual Spectrum Inc.; S Visual Purple CD 24 L Knurr, Inc. CD 26 S Chang Industry CD 29 L Jet Propulsion Laboratory CD 30 L HRL Laboratories LLC; S Abacus Programming; L Richardson Electronics LTD; WOSB Sierra Software; WOSB Demicom; S Techfinity Incorporated; S Techfinity Incorporated CD 32 L Hummer of West Covina CD 33 S Integrated Data Corporation; S Scalable Network Technologies Inc.; L USC Dept of Contracts CD 36 L Raytheon; L Sun Microsystems; WOSEB BD Systems; S Edmund H. Conrow; S Galorath; WOSEB MB Dolphin & Associates LLC; SE Alico Systems CD 37 SE Alico Systems; L Northrop Grumman Mission Systems CD 38 L McMaster Carr Supply Co.; L - Newark Electronics WF; S Hurlen Corporation\ CD 39 L Kaiser Composite, Inc.; S Technovative Applications, Inc.

CD 40 S Humphreys & Associates, Inc.; S California Chassis; S Marway Products Incorporated; S Audio Visual Innovations; WOSB Coastal Component Industries Inc.; S John B. Peller; Raytheon; S RTI International CD 42 WOSB 2nd Source Wire & Cable Inc.; S Bisco Industries Inc.; S W5 Incorporated; S Data West Computer; S Interbase Corporation CD 43 S LA Custom Coach Inc.; S Premier Metal Products CD 44 L Endevco CD 46 L International Business Machine Corp (IBM); S Celtic Computer; S MillenWorks; WOVSB Pulizzi Engineering Incorporated; WOSDB Carrillo Business Technologies Inc.; L Software Prose Incorporated CD 47 S Textile Products Inc. CD 48 L Avnet Inc.; VOSB Arid Electronics LLC; S VXI Technology; L Greg Cooper; L Onesource Distributors Incorporated CD 48 S SM&A; L Western Design; S Sparta; LF Telelogic Incorporated CD 49 S Cercom Inc. CD 50 L Kontron America Inc.; S Kaiser Electro-Optics Inc.; S Tadpole Technology LLC; WOSB Vincent Enterprises; S Rational Concepts; L WFI Government Services Inc. CD 52 S Anzus Incorporated; S Intelligent Automation Corp.; Northrop Grumman Unmanned Systems CD 53 L Lockheed Martin Orincon Colorado CD 1 S Jabber Incorporated CD 2 WOSB Micro Analysis and Design; S Visual Numerics Inc CD 5 S Altia Corporation; S Distributed Environment Solution CD 6 L - Agilent Technologies Inc.; L Lockheed Martin IS&S; S PercepTek Inc. CD 7 VOSB IPSMeteostar Connecticut CD 4 WOSB Omega Engineering Inc Florida CD 1 L Eglin Air Force Base CD 5 VXOSB Techmis LLC CD 8 L Lockheed Martin; S McDonald Research D/WOSB Productivity Apex, Inc. CD 15 L Harris Corporation CD 22 S Zeroc Inc CD 24 L FPMI; General Dynamics C4 Systems; D/SVXOB JHT; L Northrop Grumman Laser Systems; L SAIC; L Sparta; L University of Central Florida; L US Govt Executive Program Office Georgia CD 6 S Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc.; WOSB S A Technologies; LF W W Fischer Electronic Connectors CD 10 D/VOSB All Points Logistics Inc. Iowa CD 2 L Rockwell Collins Inc., Government Systems Illinois CD 5 S AMCO Engineering Co. L Newark Inone Incorporated CD 7 L LMS North America Inc. CD 10 L CDW Computer Centers Inc.; S Cabtron Systems Incorporated CD 13 L Advizor Solutions CD 14 S Equipto Electronics CD 15 L SAIC Research and Development CD 18 L Caterpillar Logistics Services Incorporated Indiana CD 7 L Allison Transmission Div. of General Motors CD 8 S Ciholas Enterprises Kentucky CD 2 LX Alion Science and Technology; VOSB DTECH Consulting; L MPRI CD 3 S Fourth Avenue Office Supply Michigan CD 1 S Great Lakes Sound & Vibration Inc.; SZ Signature Research

Incorporated; S Thermoanalytics Inc.; S/Hub Creative Composites CD 6 S Independent Logistics Mgt CD 9 D/WOSB Dynamic Computer Corporation; S Oasis Advanced Engineering Inc. CD 10 WOSB SRI; S TM Lytle Group Incorporated; L General Dynamics Land Systems; S Fori Automation; S Norbert Industries Inc. CD 11 S Automotive System Integrators CD 12 S RIIS LLC CD 15 L Applied Dynamics International; S Altarum Institute; L Optimetrics Incorporated Minnesota CD 1 L Emcor Enclosures, Crenlo CD 3 L General Dynamics Advanced Info Systems; S Architecture Technology Corporation CD 5 L Honeywell, Minneapolis; L United Defense LP, ASD; L Honeywell International, Inc. Missouri CD 1 SDB World Wide Technologies; S Object Computing Incorporated Mississippi CD 2 L Graybar Electric Company Inc. North Carolina CD 4 S Research Triangle Institute; L Underwriters Laboratories Inc Nebraska CD 2 L Hewlett-Packard Company CD 3 S Trinity Steel Supply Company New Hampshire CD 1 S Predictable Network Solutions CD 2 WOSB Lyme Computer Systems; S Red River Computer Co. New Jersey CD 1 LW Omega Engeering CD 2 L BAE Systems Information & Electronics CD 3 S Price Systems LLC CD 4 WOSB Future Skys Incorporated CD 5 SDB Datalis Solutions Corp. CD 6 L Telcordia Technologies, Inc. CD 8 L - ITT Industries Inc., A/CD; L Kearfott Guidance & Navigation Corp. CD 11 L ARDEC CD 12 S PMI&E; L Sarnoff Corporation; D/WOSB Software House International Inc.; L Viercore FSD New Mexico CD 1 L Honeywell IDAS; L Northrop Grumman Mission Systems New York CD 1 S MJI Associates CD 2 L BAE Systems Information & Technology CD 8 S Adacore Technologies CD 21 L TACOM-ARDEC Benet Laboratories CD 22 L BAE Systems Control CD 29 L Impact Technologies LLC; L Schweizer Aircraft Corporation Ohio CD 3 L MTC Technologies Inc. CD 4 S GTJ Enterprises CD 5 L Verhoff Machine & Welding CD 6 L Titanium Metals Corp CD 7 L AFRL/SNJW CD 8 L Northrop Grumman Xetron CD 15 L Battelle Memorial Institute Oklahoma CD 4 FSDB Tec-Masters Inc.; S Telos OK, LLC Oregon CD 1 L Heifetz, Halle Consulting Group LLC; L Tektronix Incorporated Pennsylvania

CD 9 S Kotlanger Management Consulting CD 13 S Gemplus Corporation CD 14 L National Robotics Engineering Consortium; SDB Timesys Corporation CD 18 S Black Box Corp of PA CD 19 VOSB International Logistics Systems Inc. South Carolina CD 1 - S - Innovative Decisions Inc. CD 2 S Vetronix Research Corporation Texas CD 3 WOSB M and J Strategies Inc; S Mustang Technology; E/WOSB QC Plus Computers; L Raytheon GSD, MFRFS; L Raytheon Network Centric Systems; DV/WOSB Savage Precision Fabrication Inc.; L Software Spectrum Inc. CD 4 S CAE Soft Corp CD 5 S Techprodx Group; WOSB Aerospace Fasteners CD 6 S JRs Machine Shop CD 7 S Vector ESP Inc.; S Welcom CD 16 S Technical Solutions Inc. CD 21 VOSB Austin Info Systems Inc.; L National Instruments Corporation CD 22 S Naknan Incorporated CD 24 L Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Controls CD 25 S Symtx Incorporated CD 26 L Graybar Electric Company Inc.; L Ten on Eleven Incorporated CD 29 L Intec Engineering CD 30 SEB Quality Solutions Inc.; L Southwestern Bell Tele Co CD 32 WOSB Archive Supplies Inc.; S Communications Supply Corp; WOSB Data Projections Inc.; S Source Inc. Virginia CD 1 L MPRI CD 2 L Bridgeborn LLC CD 3 LX Computer Sciences Corp; XVOSB/Z MYMIC LLC CD 4 VOSB Logistics Management Resources; L MPRI CD 6 L - SAIC CD 8 SX EXAGRID; SN Human Resources Research Org; S Frank Kendall; L LMI; L Lockheed Martin Orincon Div; SDB MPSC; L MPRI Incorporated; L SAIC; S Booz-Allen Hamilton CD 9 L General Dynamics Armament and Technical CD 10 S DLT Solutions, Inc.; L GTSI Corp; VXOSB Innovative Management Concepts (IMC); L Integrated Data Systems; S SPEC; S SPI; L Calian Technology (US) LTD, DBA; SDB Professional Software Engineering CD 11 SDB BRTRC Inc.; L EDS; SEB Invoke LLC; L Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate; L Northrop Grumman Info Tech; S Serco North American (formerly RCI); S Sparta Inc.; L Boeing S&IS; S Vitech Vermont CD 00 L General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products Inc. Washington CD 2 S Fluke Electronics Corporation CD 7 S F5 Networks Incorporated CD 8 SDB/P General Microsystems Inc.; L Hitachi Data Systems Corp.; CL Parametric Technology Corporation; VOSB Availian; S Construx Software Builders Incorporated; L Tibco Software Incorporated CD 9 D/VXOSB New Definitions Incorporated Best of Industry Across the Nation 8 Partner Opportunities Opportunities for both the LSI and partners are listed on or linked to the FCS website Opportunities exist for 2nd and 3rd tier support to recent, pending and future selections Example from FCS Website FCS Business Opportunities Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance | C4ISR - Battle Command | C4ISR - Network Systems |

Unmanned Ground Vehicle | Unmanned Air Vehicle | Manned Ground Systems | Supportability | Training Support FCS Partner Contact Information Business Opportunities Unmanned Ground Vehicles General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems Bloomington, MN Review Information at Web Address www.gd-ais.com under Supply Chain Management, "How to Sell to GDAIS" Email: [email protected] General Purpose Processors Graphics Processors Fixed and Removable Storage Media Storage Controllers Network Switches and Routers Firewalls Network Intrusion Detection Cross Domain Guards Chassis and Chassis backplanes Power Supplies Fiber Optic Cabling and Copper Cabling Conversion Submit Supplier Information Top 9 Partner Contact Information Partners Contact Name Phone Number Email Raytheon Network Centric Systems Valerie King 508-490-2331 [email protected] Raytheon Network Centric Systems Randy Whitaker 972-344-8302 [email protected] Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems Vicky Harper-Hall 310-814-0550 [email protected] Northrop Grumman Information Technology Sandy VanDerEems

703-556-1714 [email protected] Northrop Grumman Mission Systems 703-345-7888 310-764-9831 410-765-8269 [email protected] [email protected] Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Corp. Pat Austin Jack Beckwith Susanne Adams Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Pat Austin 703-968-1244 [email protected] General Dynamics Robotic Systems Gerry Simmons 410-876-9200 [email protected] General Dynamics C4 Systems Stephanie Poppe 480-441-7255 [email protected] General Dynamics Land Systems Doug Gamache 586-825-7883 [email protected] General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems Lynn Simmons Gary Muellenberg 508-880-1658 952-956-5457 [email protected] [email protected] Lockheed Martin ORINCON Defense Regina Stout

610-354-3151 [email protected] Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control Cathy Usztan-Bedford 972-603-1268 [email protected] BAE Systems James Nunemaker Alex Carroll John Grindle 973-305-2604 703-668-4457 703-668-4237 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Textron Systems Jim Hester Bruce Boucher 978-657-1236 978-618-1678 [email protected] [email protected] Dynamics Research Corp. Pam Rodgers 978-475-9090 x2584 [email protected] Honeywell Defense & Space Electronic Systems Bill Spofford 505-828-5548 [email protected] BAE Systems Barbara Knox 717-225-8077 [email protected] BAE Systems Rick Richter Lynn Arholm

Addie Olsen 763-572-7904 763-572-6846 703-736-3773 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Computer Sciences Corp. [email protected] 10 FCS Business Opportunities Technology Areas of Interest Mounted and Dismounted Soldier Survivability Sustainment Footprint Advanced Soldier Health Monitoring Systems Enhanced Standoff Mine Detection on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Kinetic Energy Active Protection Systems Laser Hardened Sensor Vision Lightweight Appliqu Armor Mine Detection on Manned Ground Vehicles Advanced Line-of-Sight Lethality Advanced Vehicle Drive Train Components Failure Models for Embedded Digital Electronics and Mother Boards Fault Tolerant/Self-Repairing Computer Operating Systems Ultra High Density Energy Storage Ultra Reliability Prognostics Human Factors and Training Survivability Advanced Remote/Distributed Training Environments and Architectures and Effects Methods for Training Command Decision makers Under Time Stress Models and Demonstrations for Human Factors in Remote Vehicle Control Gap Bridging by 20-Ton and 6-Ton Vehicles Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Sensing and Neutralization on the Move Innovative Mine Detection by Dismounted Soldiers Mine Clearance and Neutralization by Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles Force Lethality Advanced Line-of-Sight Lethality and Effects Advanced Mounted Combat System Ammunition 11

How to Get Involved with FCS Regularly check the FCS Website Home Page at: www.boeing.com/fcs Located on this website: - FCS Business Opportunities of the LSI and its Partners (Contacts with websites) - Information on Submitting Unsolicited Proposals and Questions - Partners Requests for Quotations / Information - FCS Business Opportunities FCS Supplier Information Submittal Form - Supplier Diversity information (specific LSI / Partner Small Business contacts provided in FCS Business Opportunities Brochure) - FCS calendar with upcoming conferences and events Reach out to the LSI and Partners to express your interest and capability Focus on areas of technology and express interest across the One Team 12 FCS External Web Site 13 In Summary Key partners have been identified - and their sub-tier source requirements and selections are in progress Partner locations, products provided, and contacts are available on the FCS web site and in the handout we have available here today Our Outreach and Supplier Diversity initiatives are in place - with focused and concerted collaborative efforts to identify and incorporate the Best of Industry The FCS program - already one of the largest Government Defense programs has just increased significantly in content and scope. Additional emphasis placed on the spiraling out of capability to the warfighter after modeling & simulation and test Planning for capability spirals and efforts toward previously deferred systems are now underway in conjunction with our partners With such a large, evolving, and dynamic program, continue to watch the FCS web site for further opportunities and developments as they are identified 14 Questions and Answers DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT D: Distribution authorized to the Department of Defense and U.S. DoD contractors. This document contains technical data for Administrative or Operational Use. Date of Determination October 29, 2003. Other requests for this document shall be referred to the FCS Security Office at: Program Executive Office, Ground Combat Systems, ATTN: SFAE-GCS-FCS-WS / MS #515, 6501 East 11 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48397-5000 01/28/20 05:46 PM 15

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