CHEM-342 Jigsaw Group Assignment Construct a Concept Map

CHEM-342 Jigsaw Group Assignment Construct a Concept Map

CHEM-342 Jigsaw Group Assignment Construct a Concept Map that summarizes the significance of the articles you are studying and can be useful to the rest of the class. What does it mean when you say, I understand?.... Does it mean the same thing to you that it does to another student or to the professor?.. How can you demonstrate you understanding to others? Concept Mapping What is a concept map? What are the features of a concept map? How do you construct a concept map? What is a Concept Map? A Concept Map Includes: laptop Linking Phrase Nodes (terms or concepts) needs a Linking lines (usually with a unidirectional arrow) Linking phrases Propositions Linking Phrase

charge Linking Phrase Linking Phrase Linking Phrase Linking Phrase Short Assignment Arrange the following three terms and connect them with arrows and linking phrases Bacteria Pneumonia Antibiotics A Mini Concept Map Pneumonia Caused by Bacteria t ea Tr th wi Ki ll ed

Antibiotics Variations on a Theme Caused by Pneumonia Bacteria Antibiotics Ki ll Ki ll wi tf th en m d at te e Tr ea Tr

Can cause Bacteria Pneumonia Can cause Pneumonia by Tr ea t d m lle Ki en tf or Bacteria By reversing the arrows, changing the linking words, and adding color, the focus and emphasis changes. or



EVENTS are CONTEXT DEPENDENT from Are stored in ized by Memor in RELATIONSHIPS is of To form form PERCEIVED REGULARITIES e HIERARCHY rm or e d in

are are ts for ha v LINKING WORDS ar e Can have rep res en WORDS MEANFUL Perception is Adapted from: Joseph Novak (1991) Clarify with Concept Maps, The Science Teacher 58(7), 45-49. LEAST IMPORTANT Where does Concept Mapping Fit Into PBL?

depends on Problem-Based Learning reflected in expected by tied to Grades Faculty Students Society has Learning Goals Content Objectives based on e cor po rat tha t in Revision informed by such as

Term Papers PBL Problems Case Studies Peer Feedback should limit Divide and Conquer Strategies lay sp ss di acce at that th Academic Dishonesty seen in such as Concept Mapping Scholarly Synthesis Organization Disciplinary Rhetoric Student Voice Library & Internet Resources ing

includ that address and minimize Process Skills Group Assignments Writing Assignments working on Problems that are achieved with reflected in Peer Evaluation Group Accountability including Examinations Cooperative Learning Groups uses ne ed

Individual Accountability Real World Open-ended Complex to promote Individual Learning Leadership Communication Conflict Management Sharing Information Accepting Information Peer Evaluation Stages in the Construction of a Concept Map Brainstorming Stage Organizing Stage Layout Stage Linking Stage Revising Stage Finalizing Stage Brainstorming Stage List any and all terms and concepts associated with the topic of interest. Write them on Post It Notes, one word or phrase per note. Don't worry about redundancy, relative importance, or relationships at this point. The objective is to generate the largest possible list. Brainstorming Stage

Organizing Stage Spread concepts on a table or blackboard so that all can be read easily. Create groups and sub-groups of related items. Try to group items to emphasize hierarchies. Identify terms that represent higher categories and add them. Feel free to rearrange items and introduce new items omitted initially. Some concepts will fall into multiple groupings. This will become important in the linking stage. Organizing Stage Layout Stage Arrange terms so that they represent your collective understanding of the interrelationships and connections among groupings. Use a consistent hierarchy in which the most important concepts are in the center or at the top. Within sub-grouping, place closely related items near to each other. Think in terms of connecting the items in a simple sentence that shows the relationship between them.

Feel free to rearrange things at any time during this phase. Do not expect your layout to be like that of other groups. Layout Stage Linking Phase Use lines with arrows to connect and show the relationship between connected items. Write a word or short phrase by each arrow to specify the relationship. Many arrows can originate or terminate on particularly important concepts. Revising Stage Carefully examine the draft concept map. Rearrange sections to emphasize organization and appearance. Remove or combine items to simplify. Consider adding color or different fonts. Discuss any aspects where opinions differ Finalizing the Concept Map After your group has agreed on an arrangement of items that coveys your understanding, convert the concept map into a permanent form that others can view and discuss. Be creative in a constructive way through the use of colors, fonts, shapes. Contains BLOOD

Red Blood Cells CHEMISTRY Lyse in water to release Contains Plasma Deoxyhemoglobin (Purple Cruorine) Fibrinogen Is a Heat, Acid, Ethanol decomposition to form Colored Compound Spectroscope Is a Observable with a Is a Protein Precipitate Heme Spontaneously reacts

with oxygen forming Brown Hematin Soluble in Reducing Agents Acid Ether H2 O irreversible slow fast FeII Oxidized Products SnIV Aqueous Base Tartaric Acid Indigo HEMATIN FORMATION AND SEPARATION Reduced

Carbon (Food) Carbon Dioxide CELLULAR RESPIRATION BIOLOGY FeIII Stabilized by Soluble in Water In tissues SnII 2H+ Anionic Hematin O2 Oxygen Mi mi cs H2CO3 Venous

Blood In tissues Mi m Reversible dissociation Such as Arterial Blood ics Oxyhemoglobin (Scarlet Cruorine) Clotting Factors Absorption Spectra Oxygen In lungs OXYGENATION AND DEOXYGENATION Which includes Has a distinctive BLOOD TRANSPORT

OF OXYGEN Colorless Product OXIDATION AND Oxygen REDUCTION REACTIONS Concept map illustrating the relationships among significant words and ideas in Stokes 1864 article. Concept Map for Zinoffskys Purification of Horse Hemoglobin will Coagulate (Clot) due to in conta consists of s Hypotonic Solution releasing and Serum m

a.k.a. Erythrocytes fro can be or Corpuscles Separated in lyse Slow Hemoglobin can form Crystals bet w which is Settling risk een ing Decomposition Other Proteins based on Solubility and Impurities diff. in by removing recrysta llized t o

in Purity judged in by 20% ethanol at 0C contains many by contains primarily Red Cell Ghosts a.k.a. Stroma consists of suspended in suspended in Red Blood Cells and leaving Defibrinated Blood Clotting Factors deplete d of and Plasma generating

ma inl y Fresh Horse Blood stay in Mother Liquor compared to Constant Composition Evaluating Concept Maps Accuracy and Thoroughness. Are the concepts and relationships correct? Are important concepts missing? Are misconceptions apparent? Organization. Is the concept map laid out in a way that higher order relationships are apparent and easy to follow? Does it have a title? Appearance. Is the assignment done with care showing attention to details such as spelling and penmanship? Is it neat and orderly or is it chaotic and messy? Creativity. Are there unusual elements that aid communication or stimulate interest without being distracting?

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