Characters: Male The Wise Old Man Jennifer A.

Characters: Male The Wise Old Man Jennifer A.

Characters: Male The Wise Old Man Jennifer A. Bennett Sanderson High School Raleigh, North Carolina The Hero The Wise Old Man

Savior, redeemer, guru figure Personification of the spiritual principle Represents knowledge, reflection, insight, wisdom, cleverness and intuition Also represents moral qualities such as goodwill, readiness to help, honesty & truth, loyalty, The sagacious and helpful old man

Main role: to guide the hero The Wise Old Man The Hero Archetypes Archetypes of Transformation Redemption

1.The Heros Initiation 2.The Heros Quest 3.The Sacrificial Scapegoat Heros Initiation Initiation from ignorance and immaturity to social and spiritual maturity (rite of passage) Three-fold process:

1. Separationthe hero literally separates (is removed from) his community/environment 2. Transformationthe majority of the plot where the hero grows in maturity, preparing him for the 3. Returnthe hero literally goes back to his community, now spiritually and emotionally mature and able to contribute positively to society

Examples of Hero Initiation The Lion King Examples of Hero Initiation Huck Finn Ebeneezer Scrooge The Prodigal Son

Finding Nemoboth Nemo and Marlin Examples of Hero Initiation Shrek Ironman Thor

The Sacrificial Scapegoat The hero upon whom the welfare of the tribe or nation relies Must die to atone for the peoples sins to restore the land to fruitfulness

Examples: Jesus Aslan The Sacrificial Scapegoat William Wallace (Braveheart)

The Sacrificial Scapegoat Maximus Harry Potter The Sacrificial Scapegoat Gandalf

Sommersby The Sacrificial Scapegoat Harry Stamper (Armageddon)

The Heros Quest Undertakes a long journey Has an important goal to achieve Must perform impossible tasks and overcome

insurmountable obstacles Is often a savior/ deliverer figurehe saves the day Other Archetypal Motifs Creation

Mytha story both necessary and credible which articulates into a significant whole all the disparate and discrete experiences of life; a fundamental and unifying force in life; does not necessarily refer to falsehood) Genesis Gilgamesh Native American myths

Immortality Battle of Good vs. Evil

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