Not Just Q & A! Teaching Through Digital Reference

Not Just Q & A! Teaching Through Digital Reference

GRAPPLING WITH CHANGING REALITIES John Stratton, Lea Currie, Monica Claassen-Wilson, and Frances Devlin University of Kansas Charleston Conference November 6, 2009 INTRODUCTION Introduction A continuum of change: A conversation with library leaders about building

collections Our present state MANAGING RESOURCE EXPENDITURES Database Stewardship Subject librarians assigned responsibility

Report annually to Head of Collections Usage Statistics Feedback from users Possible alternative products Recommendation Spending Deadlines

Monograph orders Percentages of subject funds to be spent 20%, 40%, 60%, etc. Regular intervals throughout fiscal year Benefits

Spending and ordering more evenly distributed Alleviated workload for acquisitions staff Approval Plan Review YBP Book Services Major review conducted in 2008

Trial group, primarily social sciences librarians Meetings held with YBP representative Detailed reports: LC classification Aspect Content level Category

Format Reference type Publisher Average costs Results Spendin g reduced by 25%

Turned off textbooks or conference proceedings older than two years Receive more slips Reduce the number of slips Raised awareness of cost of books from certain publishers Usage Statistics

Data comparing approval plan with subject librarian selections Implications when analyzing the data No browse statistics Total circulations faculty vs. undergraduates Non circulating collections Additional data would be useful

COLLECTION MANAGEMENT PRACTICES Serials Review Triennial serials review Reducing duplication of print and electronic Ongoing serials review

WorldCat Analysis (WCA) Coordinating training and support Creating a Wiki WCA Users Group Training opportunities WCA Frustrations

Cannot compare serials collections No discrimination between multiple editions ENGAGING IN COLLECTION BUILDING E-Books

Success with previous e-book contracts So many choices E-Book study group activities Interviews Literature review Trials of products Final recommendations

Purchase on Demand Modeling University of Vermont Libraries Working with YBP Records for expensive publishers will be

loaded into online catalog Cost below $200 Purchase on Demand button in catalog record Unmediated purchase Rush ordered Circulation Data LC Subject Classification Business HB-HJ Chemistry QD

Education L-LT Engineering T-TP Molecular Biosciences QH, QR Pharmacy RS Political Science J-JZ Total Number Number of Percentage Number of Titles Titles Not Percentage Not

of Titles Circulated Circulated Circulated Circulated 10563 3543 7020 34% 66% 684 300 384 44% 56% 3607 1809 1798 50%

50% 5626 1937 3689 34% 66% 1594 735 859 46% 54% 232 127 105 55%

45% 6467 2614 3853 40% 60% Digital Collections Focus on internal collections Process for soliciting projects Projects in the works

NEW PUBLISHING MODELS KU ScholarWorks Digital repository based on Dspace Provides access to scholarly material created at KU General guidelines for publishing in KU ScholarWorks

Must be education or research oriented Must be in digital form Complete and ready for distribution Author must have legal right to distribute Open Access

KU Faculty Senate approve an Open Access Policy April 2009 First publicly funded university to adopt such policy Open access policies provide Opportunity for faculty to offer broad access Greater visibility to the authors work

A showcase of the breadth and depth of KUs contribution to the academic record Implementation and early adopters LOOKING TO THE FUTURE Looking to the Future Diverse communities / Disciplinary differences

The role of libraries Questions or Comments? Contact Information John Stratton [email protected] Lea Currie [email protected] Monica [email protected] Frances Devlin [email protected] University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

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