Notarial Practice

Notarial Practice

Scrivener Notaries The Scrivener Notary Bill Kennair Scrivener Notary London, England Scrivener Notaries Historical Background Bologna Papal emissaries Reformation - Ecclesiastical Licences Act 1533 Role of London as a centre of trade Public Notaries Act 1801, Public Notaries Act 1843 Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 Access to Justice Act 1999 Legal Services Act 2007

Scrivener Notaries The City of London Guilds The Worshipful Company of Scriveners The Writers of the Mysterie of the Court Letter The Faculty Office Society of Scrivener Notaries Union Internationale du Notariat

(UINL) Scrivener Notaries Education and Training - England Articled Clerks European Union requirements Diploma Course General Notaries

Scrivener Notaries Scrivener Notaries

Document Authentication Trade Marks and Patents Business Start-up Corporate Administration Stock issue ballots and Bond redemption Tenders and Foreign Investment formalities Overseas real estate sale and purchase Inheritance and Succession Wills and Trusts Shipping Translation Bills of Exchange Legalisation

Scrivener Notaries The future Legal Services Act 2007 Reserved Legal activities: 7(1)Notarial activities means activities which, immediately before the appointed day, were customarily carried on by virtue of enrolment as a notary in accordance with section 1 of the Public Notaries Act 1801 E-activities?

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