NSS evo2 RTM 3 0 Product Brief - Simrad Yachting

NSS evo2 RTM 3 0 Product Brief - Simrad Yachting

SIMRAD BSM-3 and BSM-2 RTM 3.8 SOFTWARE UPDATE Software Update Description The RTM 3.8 software update brings many new improvements to the BSM sounder modules. This update is available free of charge from the Simrad yachting website. Key Features for RTM 3.8: Transducer depth offset is now a networked setting

Increased sensitivity in Low CHIRP Increased sensitivity in High CHIRP BSM is now retained as the sonar source after power cycling the attached MFD Key bug fixes for RTM 3.8: XID temperature readings becoming unreliable or invalid

XID transducer selection improvements Digital depth number locks onto the surface clutter and not recovering* Improved time to reacquire the digital depth number when lost* Updated XID frequency selection for Airmar B175 family of transducers

Improved BSM ability to retain user settings after a power cycle* * Requires accompanying update for Simrad displays Navico Company Confidential 2 High CHIRP Performance The sensitivity of High CHIRP has been increased Many users reported having to turn their Gain settings down when using High CHIRP, especially when used in conjunction with low sensitivity CHIRP transducers, this has been improved in the 3.8 version

High CHIRP with v2.0.0 High levels of noise in the water column with Gain set at 20 High CHIRP with v3.8.0 Auto Gain used without any bias Navico Company Confidential

3 Low CHIRP Performance New sensitivity measurements have been implemented for less sensitive transducers When using Low CHIRP with software version 2.0.0 BSM-2/3 would apply the same amounts of gain to highly sensitive transducers (ex. R509LH) as it would to less sensitive transducers (B175L). Often this would cause Low CHIRP to miss fish targets that should have otherwise been visible. Low CHIRP with v3.8 in 1,375ft Low CHIRP with v2.0.0 Auto

Gain used with +10 bias Auto Gain used without any bias Navico Company Confidential Fish targetsnot noise 4 Improvements to Digital Depth Tracking

BSM-2/3 now has improved ability to hold and reacquire a digital depth It is expected behavior for the digital bottom lock to be lost when turbulent water is run across the transducer. If the water is turbulent enough the sonar signal may be completely blocked and the BSM may lock onto that clutter. Software version 3.8 will better allow BSM to automatically regain the correct depth In addition, the time to reacquire the digital bottom has been dramatically improved over v2.0.0. If at any time the digital depth number is lost, recovery time should be within a few seconds. Time to reacquire can be improved by making sure the Search Depth in the installation panel is set correctly. Setting the Search Depth to Unlimited will take the longest time to reacquire since it searches all of the available sonar information for the digital depth. * Requires accompanying update

for Simrad NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 displays Navico Company Confidential 5 Temperature and XID Several customers have reported issues with temperature and Airmar XID These include Temperature disappearing from the sonar image Temperature going to 131oF (55oC) and locking there Airmar XID not recognizing transducers properly Incorrect frequency selections when transducers are identified correctly

Each of these has been corrected Problems with temperature and XID readings are a result of the digital XID circuits inside the transducer locking up and no longer responding. With software version 3.8, BSM-2/3 can now reset the XID inside the transducer to restore it to a usable state. The available frequency ranges for each compatible transducer have been updated Navico Company Confidential 6 Airmar transducers All transducers have a period of testing to be completed before being approved for use with Simrad sonar products. The transducers that have been approved by Simrad R&D have been given part numbers and can be

ordered directly through Navico. In addition, ordering transducers through Navico is the best way to ensure they ship with the appropriate connectors for your application. We have made the switch with Airmar to now ship all transducers with connectors- you will see an end to bare wire transducers as the stock is cleared out and turned over. Simrad does still offer the connector to bare wire adapter for retrofitting transducers. Navico Company Confidential 7

Performance Screenshots Fishing the Upper Water Column Using High frequency sonar to see fish targets near the surface in 1400ft depth Navico Company Confidential 9 High Speed Performance High CHIRP at 23kts Fish Targets

Navico Company Confidential 10 Fishing Dropoffs Using High CHIRP and 60kHz to track fish off a steep drop off Navico Company Confidential 11 Availability BSM-3 RTM 3.8 is available now BSM-2 RTM 3.8 is available now Download from www.simrad-yachting.com There are separate updaters for BSM-2 and BSM-3. Please ensure

you download the correct version for the equipment installed on your vessel. Several software fixes also require downloading and updating your Simrad NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 display- please check the download page and update your display along with your BSM module Navico Company Confidential 12 Navico Company CONFIDENTIAL 13

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