Objective of Today - ualberta.ca

Objective of Today - ualberta.ca

Timekeeper Boot Camp November 2019 Objective of Today HRS Functional Realignment Clarity on the Timekeeper Role Introduction of T&L Administrator Role in HRS Challenges from a Payroll perspective

Timekeeper Reminders Introduction of Timekeeper Focus Group Concept 2 Our Collective Mandate Pay Employees Accurately and On Time 3 Guiding Principles Align work for effectiveness and efficiency Mitigate risk to the University EMPLOYMENT SERVICES

BENEFITS Responsible for life cycle of Responsible for the benefit employee impact as a result of employee life cycle changes (hire through to retire) PAYROLL Responsible for the accuracy of the employees pay as a result of employee life cycle, benefit changes and Time Reporting (including life events such as marriage, divorce, (Responsible for gross to net coverage changes, birth of accuracy)

child) Manager Payroll & Benefits Tracy Berthelette Payroll Coordinators Starry Duchin Shalene Ainsworth ------------Oversee Operational Payroll Cycle Off cycles Overpayments Oversight on Banking Garnishment Mgmt Pre Confirm Audits Lea Matton ------------Post Confirm Support Tax Reporting Project oversight

Payroll System Changes Testing Payroll Assistants Candy Razon Kristy Guenther Val Teljega Jeremy Murphy Krista Silver -----------Payroll adjustments (gross to net validation) for employees life cycle changes from ES POI, Visiting Speakers, Honorarium, one time payments T&L Administrator

Lisa MacNeill -------------Time Audit Troubleshooting Mass Approval Reporting & Analysis Benefits Advisor Pension Analyst Carol Baraniuk Deanne Clarke Dawn Baier Kelsey LeBlanc Kaileigh Mcdonald Judith Shaw ----------------- Helen Slinko -----------Pension Audit Year end

Processing Leave Costings Third Party Liaison Ben Admin Inquiry Benefit Entitlement Retirements Prepaid Benefits Retro Calcs, TD1, Banking, deductions Payroll & Benefits Org Chart Timekeeper Role Having a Timekeeper Role supports Payroll in the following ways: The first point of contact within your Department(s) for employee and supervisor questions related to an employees time at work

The owner of all hours being submitted for each pay period for both salaried and hourly paid employees You advise, educate and train Employees and Supervisors You are Payrolls voice as it relates to time administration functions You are accountable for the hand off to payroll for accurate payments to our employees 6 Timekeeper Role

In order for you to do your role effectively we have to understand each others roles, responsibilities and challenges. When we dont they collide and it hinders our collective mandate: PAY EMPLOYEES ACCURATELY AND ON TIME 7 Time & Labour Administrator Role Assume responsibilities to ensure functions that support the accuracy of timely payments to employees. Must be aware of the direct connection and impact from the time module across PeopleSoft and input into the payroll module as it relates to the impact of an employees net pay. Expected to work closely with Time Administrators across campus as the subject matter expert Expected to resolve daily issues, recommend and implement changes to the campus time and labour processes. Liaison and collaborate with employees, faculty, department HR contacts or other units across campus to answer questions and process time for input into PeopleSoft

Work closely with HR Systems and Reporting and IST/TCS to seek support for time & labour processing 8 Observations after 3 months REMINDERS Timekeeper Checklists Pay Period Audits Rejected Time Terminations Managing Delegations/workflow Overtime General Holiday Pay NEW Payroll Deadlines Payroll Critical Action Period Process for Mass Approved Hours Before submitting an IST Help Ticket HR Contact Update Removal of incorrect OT Hours

9 Timekeeper Checklist Key Points Ensure all hours for the pay period are entered no later than the current time entry deadline Ensure Supervisors approve all hours no later than the current time approval deadline Ensure all hours are entered and approved up to and including their last day worked for all employees ceasing employment and/ or commencing a leave Run the Job Expected End Date Report monthly

Remind Supervisors Do Not Pushback Negative Hours Routinely run multiple jobs query and T&L audit queries Watch for employees who enter time on a Scholarship job Its the Departments responsibility to ensure all General Illness hours are entered on the employee timesheet 10 Audit Procedures Why

Zeros on the timesheet Slows Time Admin Batch, if no time worked leave blank Mass Approved Hours Employee may not be paid correctly Overtime vs Regular Time Do you and your Supervisors know the rules when approving the hours? Pushed Back Time is never processed and paid until corrected Not Approved Hours exception time (vacation, sick, banked time) are just as important to be approved in a timely manner as PeopleSoft balances are directly impacted on employee movements/terminations

Payable time entered beyond current pay period if you havent worked it please do not enter it Claim all time on the actual date it occurred payroll reports, Stat Pay, overtime pay are all impacted and not accurate when not entered correctly Clear Exception Errors every pay period employee will not be paid if a 11 HIGH error exception is assigned to the submitted hours Rejected Time Rejected time occurs when time admin runs and although approved it cannot be paid to an employee. This caused an error that has to be dealt with, it cannot be ignored or left in the system.

90% of Rejected Time is created because: Employee entered time into the future then the Auto Term process runs and terminates the employee (late extensions) Timekeeper entered time for an employee while the employee is on a paid leave (enter time in the pay period it is worked (late time) Change was made to previous pay period and no time in current pay period which creates a payroll calculation error - negative net pay (late time) Terminated employees (late time) 12

Terminations Before the employee is Terminated Run Job Expected End Date report early Ensure all hours are entered before the employees last day worked Supervisor is required to approve hours on or before the last day worked (LDW) Consider an internal process be put in place to have the Supervisor enter hours on behalf of the employee on the their last day worked If you cant do the above send to Payroll for entry on the designated Time Sheet 13 Managing Delegations Remind all Supervisors to put a delegation for Time and Labour on the system before going on Leave Distribute the Guideline for Delegating Time and Labour Approvals to all Supervisors

Run the Delegation in my Department query monthly Remind Supervisors: 1. Before submitting a delegation clear all Pending Payable time in their queue 2. Speak to the potential delegate (Proxy) first to check for availability 3. Review their proxies list to ensure they have one active proxy at a time 4. Ensure their proxy has taken online training 5. Ensure the delegation has a start and end date 14 Where Did the Time Go? Reminder, if a Delegation is not entered, or a reporting relationship has changed, the hours an employee submits for approval may go to someone else! Remember, the Reports To App has a schedule when PeopleSoft is updated with the changes. 15 Overtime Reminders There are no rules/logic built into the timesheet to determine overtime

eligibility. The responsibility lies on timekeepers and Supervisors. HRS does audit the daily hours worked. If the hours issue is not resolved before the approval deadline, excess hours will be removed from the timesheet and not paid until resolved. 1. Determine the standard daily hours the employee works (job code in HRS) 35 hours per week = 7 hours per day 37.5 hours per week = 7.5 hours per day 40 hours per week = 8 hours per day All hours over the standard hours (week and/or day) are to be paid as overtime. 16 Overtime contd Reminder NASA employees have a minimum 1 hour clause as per Article 6.05 (a). Do not claim overtime in less than 1 hour increments. Article 6.06 (a) Overtime pay will be calculated to the nearest quarter of an hour, subject to clause 6.05 (i.e. .25, .50 or .75) Employee Type

Agreement Covered Regular NASA Agreement Casual Level 2 NASA Agreement Auxiliary NASA Agreement Academic Hourly Employment Standards No 1 hr min Excluded Students Employment Standards No 1 hr min

Casual Level 1 / FT Student NASA Agreement No 1 hr min rule 17 General Holiday Pay Reminder - Changes to General Holiday Pay The removal of the qualifying period for holiday pay The employee is eligible from date of hire as long as they were active and accountable on the general holiday All employees at the university will observe the same eleven general holidays Payment of general holiday pay varies depending on how the employee is paid (hourly vs. salaried) and whether or not they are scheduled to work on the holiday or not. Do not enter Regular hours on a Stat Holiday if worked. All hours worked are paid at the overtime rate 18

Training Materials 19 New to You Annual Payroll Deadlines (all deadlines in one place). 2020 is coming soon.. 2019 Winter Closure documents are completed and can be found on the HRS website: Administrating pay during Winter Closure Before submitting an IST Help Ticket, call the Time & Labour Administrator, Lisa at 492-4936 first, to determine the nature of the issue Mass approval(s) are now being run the morning after the time approval deadline date. Supervisors that have not approved their payable time will receive an email asking for confirmation that the Mass Approved hours are accurate Timekeepers now included in the HR Contact App Payroll Critical Action Period 20

Find HR Contact Web Page HR Contact App 21 Payroll Critical Action Period A period of pause in each payroll cycle which starts the day before pay confirm and is not lifted until after pay confirm is complete. No new changes (job changes, benefit changes, time entry etc.) are introduced into the current payroll cycle unless approved by the Payroll Manager. These Critical Action Days allow payroll to audit the entire payroll for the University prior to pay confirm. During this period introducing any additional work can put the entire Pay confirm at risk. 22 Whats on the Horizon

Transition Delegation role corrections to Payroll Insert Time entry and approval into onboarding process (mandatory training) Expand the usage of Employee Self Serve Time Entry Reduce window of correction from current pay period and 4 months to current pay period and 1 month Review Mass Approval Process

Schedules/Embed Rules into Timesheet eSecurity access request will default to HR approval before a Timekeeper role is added to an employees PeopleSoft profile Decommission Supervisors with Timekeeper Role Insert Payroll cycle controls (time entry, approval and pay cycle frequency) 23 How do we get there? WITH YOUR HELP!!! Can you commit 2 - 4 hours a month starting in 2020?

Are you interested in having a voice? Do you have a challenge that hasnt been addressed? If you would like to participate in a Time & Labour Focus Group please let us know by emailing Payroll at [email protected] 24

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