Obtaining a Gmail email account

Obtaining a Gmail email account

Gmail Tutorial 1. Getting to Gmail 2. Starting Gmail 3. Creating an Account 4. Receiving emails 5. Creating an email 6. Sending an email

7. Settings and Sign Out This tutorial aims to quickly cover some of the basic elements of web based email using Gmail - a free email service Stop Use the Index on the left or the Navigation Buttons on each page to move back and forward through the presentation Next

Getting To Gmail Index Stop Previous Type www.google.com.au into the address bar of your browser. This will take you to the Google site Then click on the Gmail link Next Starting Your Gmail Make sure you have the Stay signed in box UNCHECKED especially if you are using a

public computer Index Stop Previous Next If you have an account, type your Username and Password in here and then click the Sign In button If you do NOT have an account, click on the Create an account button Creating an Account

(1) Index Stop Previous Next Fill in the required information Tip: Use the TAB key on the keyboard to move to the next box this way you will not miss anything 1. Click in the box and type in your first name 2. Then type your last name: Tip: for security reasons do not use your real surname instead, use the first 3 or 4 letters or make something up 3. Select and type in a Login Name

this will be your Gmail identity and will form part of your email address 4. Then click on the check availability button Creating an Account (2) Index Stop Previous Next It is possible that the name you have chosen may be unavailable If it is not available you can either: a) choose one of the suggested names by clicking in the circle beside a provided name, or b) try typing another name

Tip: choose carefully because this will be the name of your email address Click the check availability button again until you find an available name Creating an Account (3) Here we have tried a few alternatives until we have found the name petbur15 to be available 5. You will now need to create a password for your account Tip: try to think of a password that you will easily remember Index Stop

Previous Next Creating an Account (4) Index Stop Previous Next You will need to type a password with a minimum of 8 characters, preferably a combination of letters and numbers. For security purposes, the characters that you type will not be visible Tip: write down your password straight away so you dont forget it

As you type your password, Google will tell you whether your password is weak or strong 6. You will need to re-type your password to verify that you typed it correctly the first time Creating an Account (5) Index Stop Previous Next 7. You will now have to establish a security question This is required to recover either your password or account name should you ever forget either of

these You can choose either a suggested Security Question or you can write your own question Click on the selector arrow for the drop down menu to appear Creating an Account (6) Index Stop Previous Next Select the question you would like to use by putting your mouse pointer over the suggested Security question and then clicking the mouse button or

Click on the Write my own question option and type in your own question Creating an Account (7) Index Stop Previous 8. Type the answer to your Security Question in the Answer box 9. Leave Recovery email blank unless you already have another email address 10. The Location should be Australia. There is no need to change it unless you are in another country Next

Creating an Account (8) Index Stop Previous Next 11. You will need to complete the Verification process This is required to ensure that you are actually a real person completing the form This involves typing the distorted characters in the image into the box beneath Tip: Be careful to type the characters correctly otherwise your submission will be rejected and you may have to fill the entire form again.

Creating an Account (9) Index Stop Previous Next If your application is rejected like this example, dont worry. This often happens on the first attempt. Google will highlight, in red writing, the parts which need to be corrected Passwords are to be typed exactly the same twice without being seen. The verification characters are sometimes hard to recognise. They are meant to be difficult to recognise for security reasons. Dont worry, just try typing them again. Note: the verification characters will change upon

every re-try. Creating an Account (10) Index Stop Previous Next 12. Read the Terms of Service 13. Finally, when you are sure everything is alright - Click the I accept Create my account button Creating an Account (11) Index

Stop Previous Congratulations you have successfully applied for and received a new Gmail email address. Ignore this page if it comes up and click on the Show me my account button Next Receiving emails Click on "Inbox" to view a list of emails you have received Index Stop Previous Next This row of options will help

you manage your emails These are the emails you have received. They can be opened by clicking on any of the text Note: any darkened text indicates that the email has not yet been opened. Creating an email (1) Click on the Compose mail button to create a new email Index Stop Previous

Insert the Subject (or Title) of your email in this space Start writing your email by clicking in this area Next Creating an email (2) Index Stop Previous Next Use the Save Now button if you need to leave an unfinished email to complete later Click on Attach a file to add any documents you

wish to send with your email Click on Check Spelling to word check your email Use these buttons to format your email Sending an email Click the Send button when you have completed and checked everything Index Stop Previous Next Insert the email

address of the person/s you wish to send an email Tip: Do this at the very end to ensure that you do not accidentally send the email before you have finished Use the Cc and Bcc buttons to add other recipients for your email Settings and Sign Out Index Stop Previous

Next Click on your email address in the top right hand corner to bring up a selection box that allows you to modify your gmail settings including Privacy options It is wise to click on the "Sign Out " option when you are certain you are finished, especially if you are on a public computer Previous Stop Index

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