Ohio History Day

Ohio History Day

Ohio History Day 101 Breaking Barriers In History The Heart of it All What is Ohio History Day? Ohio History Day is a year-long research program for students in grades 6 - 12. The program encourages authentic, studentdriven historical research, focuses on

identifying primary and secondary sources, and requires students to creatively present their argument. History Day Structure How to Implement History Day Student Choice Through a History Day Club, students are encouraged to work independently on a

project. Individual Teachers A single teacher or team requires a History Day project. Full grade-level integration Every student in a given grade is required to make a History Day project. Teachers work across curriculums to support the program. History Day Categories

Exhibits Documentaries Performances Websites Papers

Divisions GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL Junior Division Grades 6 - 8 Senior Division Grades 9 - 12 History Day Timeline Spring

Winter Fall Research Project creation Contest and review

Requirements Requirements: The Basics Research project with title page Annotated bibliography citing primary and secondary source materials Process paper 500 words or fewer describing how and why they chose their topic and presentation method During judging - Contest interview

This is Not Just a Research Paper! Historical Significance Thesis statements tells us why this topic is important in history Reliable, quality research that backs up the thesis Relation to the Theme Connection is apparent in the title and thesis statement Connection is shown throughout the project

Thoughtfully Designed Project Well-organized, original, creative Dynamic, visually appealing, easy to follow The Contest Season Contest Progression School Regional

Affiliate National 2020 Theme: Breaking Barriers in History DEFINING BARRIER Barrier: Something material that blocks or is

intended to block passage. What comes to your mind when you think of physical barriers? Why are barriers built in the first place? Who builds them and what do they hope to accomplish?

DEFINING BARRIER Barrier: A natural formation or structure that prevents or hinders movement or action. What natural barriers come to mind that made movement by people difficult? How did people come up with ways to break or hurdle barriers

like rivers, mountains, oceans, deserts, and jungles? How did breaking natural barriers influence the development of a community? DEFINING BARRIER Barrier: Something immaterial that impedes or separates.

Can ideas be barriers? In what ways might legislation create or break barriers? How did legal decisions decide questions about social or racial barriers? ARE ALL BARRIERS NEGATIVE?

What barriers have had positive consequences in history? What were the long-term effects of broken barriers? CONNECTING TO THE THEME Questions to consider: What were some barriers in science, technology,

politics, or art? What is the historical context of the barrier? What were attitudes toward the barrier? Was the barrier broken by an individual or a group?

What are some theoretical barriers? What were the short- and longterm effects of the barrier? CONNECTING TO THE THEME: PITFALLS Well-known subject matter Biographies

Risk of trying to cover too much information Giving information about legacy

without saying why the legacy is important Too much competition!

Take a new angle Look for someone lesser known from the

same era Hero stories Remember to tell a balanced version of

events Avoid sensationalism Modern topics OHD topics should be 20 years old

Start with the modern topic and look for its historical counterpart CONNECTING TO THE THEME

Build your theme connection into your project. Identifying a few different areas of connection makes for a stronger project. Dont just know it. Show it! Make sure the connection to the theme is clear in your thesis statement and can be identified without explanation. OHD Summarized History Day Recap

Students choose a historical topic that relates to the theme. They research it using primary and secondary sources. Throughout the year they will learn: To write a thesis statement Create an annotated bibliography Do original research Students choose their own project category, so it doesnt matter if they are artists, performers, technology buffs, or writers, there is something here for them.

Why do History Day? Because you and your students deserve it! History Day is not only fun, but will also help your students succeed in college or a career! 2019 Ohio History Day Award Winners from Region 4 Documentaries, Performances, & Websites: 2018 Examples Documentary:

On the Front Lines of Faith: Chaplains' Reconciliation of Conflicting Roles in the Vietnam War Performance: From Sea to Shining Sea Website: Great Lakes Great Legacy?: The Compromise of the Great Lakes Water Quali ty Agreement More examples available on the National History Day site www.nhd.org/project-examples Contact Us!

Dr. David Simonelli, Region 4 Coordinator Department of History, DeBartolo Hall, Room 533 Youngstown State University [email protected] 330-941-1601 Kayla Metzger, Region 4 AmeriCorps Rep Department of History, DeBartolo Hall, Room 529 Youngstown State University [email protected]

330-941-3459 @HistoryDayYS U

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