Olympic 50 pence - Royal Mint Museum

Olympic 50 pence - Royal Mint Museum


S RT PO DESIGN YOUR OWN 50 PENCE Design Activity Choose a discipline from the list of sports in the Olympic and Paralympic Games (these can be found at http://www.london2012.com/sport). One sport can have a number of different disciplines, for example cycling has road, track, bmx and mountain biking, so there are plenty to choose from! Research this discipline using the internet and books. Put together a collage of information and pictures on a sheet of paper. Designers call this a mood board and use it to help them think of ideas for their coins. Design your own 50p using your mood board and what you have learnt to help you.

LETS PLAY SPORT! Sports Activity Divide your class into groups Each group must choose a sport from the Olympic or Paralympic Games that they do not know much about, and that they think everyone else will be able to play. There are plenty of team sports to choose from like Handball and Volleyball, or you might want to choose something like Gymnastics or Boccia Use the internet or books to research the game. You will need to know the rules! Once you have done your research you can then play the game in your next PE or Games lesson. 50 PENCE

BINGO Classroom Activity Print out the 50 PENCE BINGO cards from the Royal Mint Museum website Write the numbers 1-29 on small pieces of paper, fold them up and put them in a container Shake the container and then take out numbers one by one Use the LONDON 2012 SPORTS COLLECTION presentation to match the number with the right 50 pence If you have this 50 pence on your BINGO sheet cross it out The first person to cross out all the 50 pence pieces on their sheet shouts BINGO! and wins the game.

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