Online Teaching/Learning - University of Idaho

Online Teaching/Learning - University of Idaho

ONLINE TEACHING/LEARNING Online Course/Program Delivery Increasingly Popular Picciano and Seaman (2009) Flexibility - access to content and instruction at any time, from

any place. More than a million K12 students took online courses in school year 200708. 2007, 28 states with online virtual high school programs (Tucker, 2007). Higher education has embraced online program and course delivery. More recent applications tend to combine multiple forms of synchronous and asynchronous methods and occasional face-to-face interactions. (Dept. of Ed., 2009) Interest in hybrid approaches that blend in-class and online activities is increasing. Online Courses Traditional Classroom Often teacher-centered Instructors control environment Students dependent upon instructor

Online Instructional Design Requires change of pedagogy? Instructor presence? Integration of online resources? Instructor takes on role of facilitator/less control? Learner less dependent upon instructor? New role? Students characteristics for success? Instructor technical skills required? Online Pedagogy/Curriculum Design Goals/objectives START with END in MIND! Instructional design for the online environment

self-regulated, technical skills, learning styles, ... Instructor characteristics (e.g. technical skills) Resources Analyze Design Develop Evaluate Revise Student characteristics Use measureable action verbs / consider Blooms.

classroom management software, discussion boards, forums, online websites, social media, textbooks, videos, virtual meeting rooms, virtual worlds, wikis, WWW, etc.) Assessments (cAre the A of the College of Education logo) Assess Teach Assess Teach Instructional Strategies see Illinois Online Network instructionalstrategies.asp

Learning Contracts Discussion Lecture Self-Directed Learning Mentorship Small Group Work (discussion, guided design, role playing, games) Project Collaborative Learning Case Study (DECA Comp. Events case study, role play, & project) Forum Online Teaching Activities see Illinois Online Network

Investigate the online teaching activities. Identify one teaching activity to report about. Teacher and Student Centered Approaches Review Zhu, Payette and DeZure (2003) paper An Introduction to Teaching Online resource_files/CRLT_no18.pdf See page 3 and review examples of teacher and student centered approaches. TC-LI TC_&_LC-MI LC-HI

Other considerations Class size? ??? What does the research say? U..S. Department of Education (2009), Evaluation of Evidence Based Practices in Online Learning on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those in face-toface instruction. Larger positive effect when blended elements of online and face-to-face instruction are used as compared to entirely face-to-face.

Confounding variable in study additional time in some cases for blended. Meta-analysis largely postsecondary Undergraduate and Graduate - Limited generalizability? small number of published studies contrasting online and face-to-face learning conditions for K12 students. What does the research say? U..S. Department of Education (2009), Evaluation of Evidence Based Practices in Online Learning More elements such as video or online quizzes do not appear to influence the amount that students learn in online classes. Studies indicate that manipulations that

prompt learner reflection and self-monitoring are effective instructional methods e.g., course introductory survey/quiz, instructor regular communications, online grade book, learning contracts, etc.). Online Learning Personal Reflections Critical Reflection Experiences Pros and cons As an online instructor I would . ???

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