Ontario Universities On-line Application Presentation ...

Ontario Universities On-line Application Presentation ...

St. Elizabeth C.H.S. Guidance & Career Studies Department ONTARIO UNIVERSITIES ON-LINE APPLICATION PRESENTATION November 2017 www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101 ONLINE APPLICATION All students apply online through OUAC Students DO NOT apply directly to the universities. OUAC will transfer your application & academic data to your university choices-

all gr. 11 & 12 BEFORE APPLYING visit eINFO (www.electronicinfo.ca) to see all the university options offered write down your program choices & codes check out university publications, websites & tours talk to guidance counsellors, family, teachers & friends BEFORE APPLYING Visit the 101 Application Guide

at www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101 Click on the box entitled UNDERGRAD 101 Research program codes and view the most upto-date program information 101 - How-to Videos: online tutorials Early Admission Offers Students DO NOT apply for early admission Early Admission may be offered to students whose grade 11 marks (and any previously completed grade 12 marks) are very strong (in particular, prerequisite courses)

VERY FEW OF THESE OFFERS ARE MADE, SO DO NOT PANIC IF YOU DONT GET ONE! ALL OFFERS ARE PENDING FINAL GRADE 12 MARKS! YOUR GRADES Offers of Admission are based on 6 gr. 12 U/M courses: gr. 12 U/M final grades by the end of semester 1 gr. 12 U/M semester 2 mid-term marks universities and individual programs have specific requirements as to which 6 gr. 12 U/M courses they use in the admissions calculation

NOTE: SEMESTER 1 MID-TERM MARKS ARE NOT SENT! Course Changes will be reflected every time there is an upload into OUAC by the school board--i.e. sem. 1 finals; sem. 2 mid-terms; sem. 2 finals. FULL DISCLOSURE: If you need to drop a course after mid-terms, you have 5 business days to drop it without academic penalty. OTHER GRADES Night School Virtual School eLearning Correspondence Courses Private School

It is crucial that you inform the Guidance office if you are taking any of these courses Bring proof of enrolment to Guidance (for both semesters) OTHER GRADES... Semester 1: bring your final report card to the Guidance Office Semester 2: inform your Guidance Counsellor if you are taking a course (bring your mid-term & final report card to Guidance) Summer School: If

you are going to take a course that you require to meet admission requirements, please see your Guidance Counsellor before you leave in June. NON-YCDSB Courses: If you are taking courses through a non-YCDSB institution, it is the responsibility of that institution to ensure that your grades are uploaded to the OUAC. Repeat Courses Research programs within universities for their policy on repeat courses They will either: honour all attempts

honour only 1st. attempts take an average SCHOLARSHIPS & BURSARIES Scholarships university scholarship info. can be found on the financial page of any university view-book or website as well as on www.electronicinfo.ca There are 2 types of university entrance

scholarships: *those requiring an application (with deadlines) *those not requiring an application (but most are conditional on final grades) Bursaries free money may be based on

financial need you generally apply to these once you arrive at university Note: Other awards can be found on the various scholarships sites (info. available in Guidance Office) Key to most awards: leadership activities; contributions made to

your school, community, jobsin addition to grades The Scholarship Report: bimonthly that will be sent to your K12 account ONTARIO STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (OSAP) ontario.ca/osap Grants: $ you do NOT have to repay Loans: $ you repay when you are finished school OSAP Calculator: estimate how much you may be eligible for Tutorial & Step-by-Step instructions Financial Aid Offices at Colleges & Universities

You may be eligible for extra aid from the institution you will be attending in particular, you should investigate this if you are applying for a high cost program make sure you apply for OSAP MAKING YOUR SELECTIONS Maximum 3 programs at any ONE university Cost: $150 for 3 program choices Each additional choice: $50 International Service Fee: $10 if not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident General Rule: separate code = separate choice EXCEPTIONS? always check your choices

check the universities ABOUT YOUR SELECTIONS University of Toronto maximum of ONE selection from each of the following faculties: Architecture, Landscape, and Design; St. George Campus

Arts & Science (including Rotman Commerce); St. George Campus Applied Science & Engineering; St. George Campus Music; St. George Campus Kinesiology & Physical Education; St. George Campus International Foundation Program; St. George Campus Mississauga Campus Scarborough Campus ABOUT YOUR SELECTIONS York University Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies: Undecided Major code = YUM You will be asked to select a subject of major interest. DO NOT enter two codes for two separate majors under the YUM code!!! (e.g. English, History, etc.)

You may choose up to 3 programs from any faculty at York. Remember: SEPARATE CODE = SEPARATE CHOICE!!! GRADES PLUS PROGRAMS (programs requiring more than grades) auditions essays (eg. Ryerson University) check each universitys

website for: interviews personal statements portfolios

required criteria deadlines (Feb. 1 is a popular deadline) additional fees Out-of-Province Universities Canada: Acadia

Bishops UBC U of Calgary Concordia Dalhousie McGill Saint Marys Simon Fraser U of Victoria If you apply to OUAC, use your # in the above applications so that academic data can be transferred Outside Canada: its your responsibility to apply you will have to provide transcripts

come to Guidance to arrange for these transcripts College as an Option Ontario colleges offer certificate, diploma and degree programmes - www.ontariocolleges.ca apply through OCAS applications due: Feb. 1, 2018

College Workshops in Guidance: week of Nov. 13 - 17 period 1 in Room 119 sign up in Guidance Accessability Services provided by every university important that you self-advocate you should contact their office and make an appointment English Language Requirements

Research individual universities for specific requirements As a general rule - most require that you have studied in a country where English is the official language, for 4 years (check for specifics; some may require consecutive years) If you do not meet the requirements, you will be required to write an English Proficiency Test

Examples: TOEFL IELTS CAEL COPE LETS GET STARTED www.ouac.on.ca/ouac101 Click on the box entitled UNDERGRAD 101 Create My OUAC Profile: name/birthdate/email (email: must be valid; use discretion; primary method of communication for the universities & for OUAC) create a USERNAME & PASSWORD (you will use these to log in from this point on) Your OUAC Access Codes

School Number: 788112 Student Number: (000 followed by your OEN) PIN (Personal ID# - case sensitive) After you have applied, you will receive a 2018 OUAC Reference # 2018-000000-0 PAYING FOR YOUR APPLICATION

$150 = 3 choices $50 = each additional choice $10 = International Service Fee $50 fee = if you withdraw a choice & add another (unless the new choice is at the same university) NO LIMIT on universities/programs you may apply to BUT there is a MAXIMUM of 3 program choices at any one university (including affiliates) SOME UNIVERSITIES MAY HAVE FURTHER LIMITS all fees submitted to OUAC are non-refundable only full payments will be processed METHOD OF PAYMENT... Options:

1. VISA/MasterCard /American Express : You will need the card number, expiry date & the cardholders name, & CVV/CVC/CID number (prepaid credit cards and VISA debit cards are not accepted). 2. Online Banking: You will receive a bill payment account number from O.U.A.C. when you submit your application (Canadian funds only). 3. Western Union Business Solutions: GlobalPay for Students (bank-to-bank transfer for international payments only) NOTE: Once you submit payment, you will receive your OUAC Ref#. Your application will not be processed until payment is made. DEADLINES

January 17, 2018 Deadline for online applications to O.U.A.C. Nov. & Dec. 2017: February 6, 2018: suggested deadline OUAC suggests you submit your application early & not leave it to the last minute

recommended last date to submit changes to OUAC some universities will set different deadlines Check out individual university websites for details!!! May 29, 2018: Date by which universities must respond to your application for admission June 1, 2018: Earliest date by which universities may require a response to offers of admission and a financial commitment (eg. registration deposit; residence deposit, etc.) MAKING CHANGES TO YOUR APPLICATION

pay your application fee, if not done so already review your application information make changes to personal information make changes to university/program choices (remember - a change to a different university =$50) respond to offers of admission RESPONDING TO AN OFFER May 29, 2018 is the latest date to receive a response One of the following will occur:

an offer of admission a refusal a deferral, pending the receipt of specific information When you receive an offer, read it carefully Respond to your offer by the deadline Accepting an offer of admission from one university will NOT cancel applications to other universities/programs But you can have only ONE acceptance of an offer on file at one time (if you want to accept another universitys offer, you must first cancel the previously accepted offer) ALL OFFERS ARE CONDITIONAL UPON FINAL GRADES!!! So maintain your admission average!!!

RESPONDING ONLINE... most universities require that responses to offers of admission be made online you will receive a confirmation # (copy it/take a photo) when you receive an offer of admission, you will be given instructions on how to respond if a response deadline has expired or you wish to re-accept an offer you previously cancelled or declined, you should contact the universitys admissions office, directly KEY TIPS... After you do something on the OUAC

101 Application, confirm it 24 hrs. later If you wish to make a change to your university/program selection, remember that February 6th is the recommended last date If you add another choice, the fee is $50 If you delete a choice & add another choice from the same university, there is no extra fee NEED ASSISTANCE? Go to www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101 Visit 101 Common Questions General Inquiries:

[email protected] Applicant Services: [email protected] OUAC applicant inquiries: 519.823.1063 Best Wishes for a Successful Journey Guidance Department at St. Elizabeth C.H.S.

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