[opening slide: maybe tinted full bleed photo of an emergency ...

[opening slide: maybe tinted full bleed photo of an emergency ...

Partnerships for Recovery and Resilience Accountability and Learning Event November 2018 Rebuild Trust in People and Institutions 1 2 The Journey

3 From 2014, CRS implemented pilot to reduce trauma and strengthen resilience and community cohesion in Greater Jonglei; Integrated pilot into multi-year, multi-sector program; Developed and tested through an iterative and community-informed process; Training addressed fear, stress and trauma contributing to mutual mistrust, hatred and conflict; Training delivered in one day by local staff and community mobilizers; Training emphasized forgiveness and the need to focus on the future;

Winning Strategies Sequencing: first build community trust by engaging and training community and opinion leaders to secure buy-in; second train broader community; Embed approach within existing basic needs programming Employ local staff and community mobilizers to lead approach; Minimize trauma training to one day to reduce time commitment of participants and expand outreach; Focus on the future and deliver immediate practical benefits for participants; Engage poets and composers to develop poems and songs in local languages; Support rival communities to jointly identify, plan and implement practical projects (roads, boreholes, water storage ponds) for use by both communities. 4

Reflections Training interventions need to be short: one day for community members, one and a half days for leaders. Longer training do not engage participants; Include age- and gender appropriate stress management techniques in training; what works for young women will not work for older men; Make explicit and immediate link between training participation and activities that meet basic needs. Do not undertake training as stand-alone activity;

5 Whats Next Embed livelihoods and income generating activities for young men within processes for boma level resilience planning (PDRA); Mobilize local communities to identify and support livelihoods activities for vulnerable youth to reduce the risk of violence; Engage and train sector-based community mobilisers (nutrition and WASH) rather than using stand-alone social cohesion mobilisers; Scale out: Train all community staff and community groups in trauma awareness and stress management; Integrate: Provide option of trauma awareness as part of sector training for all program participants; 6

Feedback Previously, the members of the Farmers Producer Group used to group themselves along ethnic lines and their choice of group leader used to follow the same pattern. In addition, there were many conflicts between them. After the training, Ive seen groups comprised of mixed ethnic groups. For the first time, Ive seen the group voting for a leader that is not from their ethnic group. 7

This training opened my eyes. I learnt that if you think positively, you can find healing. Previously, I used to experience headaches and my stomach hurt. After the training, I realized that my problems were caused by trauma. This training came at the right time. We cant be cured by doctors or politicians but this training can change our lives.

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