Oracle Outsourcing Presentation

Oracle Outsourcing Presentation

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Overview Paul D. Grassman Director, Information Services September 2003 About IFT Founded in 1939, the Institute of Food Technologists is a nonprofit scientific society with approximately 28,000 members working in food science, food technology, and

related professions in industry, academia and government. Our mission is to advance the science and technology of food through the exchange of knowledge. IFT membership represents most, if not all, of the major food manufacturers and universities in the world. Membership comes from major corporations, small business owners, laboratories, learning institutions, government and the press. International membership consists of approximately 15% of the overall total. IFT Strategic Goals

Become the Go To knowledge center and authoritative resource worldwide for food science and technology information Goal reaffirmed and detailed through a March 2002 Global Strategic Planning initiative Seven special task forces charged with developing strategies for implementing the Strategic Plan recommended web strategies (October 2002) The Result: initiative Business Challenges

Current web site content static No personalized web self services for members No on-line collaboration capabilities for local chapters and special interest groups Limited in-house technical resources Difficult to interface enterprise systems with web Lacked efficient methods for distributing information to members and staff IFT Publications going electronic beginning in January 2004 And solution had to be ready for IFT Annual Meeting

in July 2003 (over 20,000 attendees) The Approach Selected Acquity Group as our partner in December 2002 Roadmap plan approved in March 2003 (defined requirements and anticipated costs/schedule) Software RFP issued in March 2003 8 proposals received and evaluated in April 2003 Staff unanimously recommended Oracle 9iAS software and Oracle Outsourcing Signed software and outsourcing contracts in May 2003

The Result: Software operational in mid-June, initial content loaded, and very successfully introduced in mid-July at Annual Meeting to over 20,000 attendees. Current Status Additional content for launch being loaded Pilot testing by selected members and staff in progress Pilot testing results will be used to fine tune site Setting up UltraSearch crawls Oracle Consulting programming interface with

membership database Preparing final marketing and rollout plan Beginning plans for future enhancements Getting ready for October launch! Welcome Page Clean Look and Feel User Specific Navigation

Personalized Pages Personalized News, Membership Applications and Publications Document Library Robust Taxonomy Structure

Community Features Distributed Content Management Collaboration Tools Access to member specific sections and divisions Expected Benefits From

Establish IFT as Go To resource worldwide for food science Increase recognition of IFT in food science community Increase recognition of IFT from public and media More personalized web services for members Reduce back office internal staffing expenses Even more attendees and exhibitors at Food Expo/Annual Meeting More members

Improve membership retention More paid advertising in magazines and web sites Result: more revenue and profits!! Expected Benefits From Oracle Outsourcing Provide IFT members with good response times and minimal downtime

Ensure stable operations 365 days/year; 7 days/week; 24 hours/day Install new hardware/software quickly Provide disaster recovery capabilities Provide specialized technical expertise Plan and implement new software releases Manage all internet and firewall connections Result: no IT problems!! Lessons We Have Learned

Executive sponsorship crucial Stay aligned with strategic plans Keep sponsors involved Get project management and technical assistance Acquity Group Oracle Outsourcing Oracle Consulting Document technical solutions at Oracle Outsourcing to aid future issue resolution Be sure user interface is attractive and easy to use Content, content, content!!

Enterprise system interfaces may be complicated Marketing communications plan important Thank You! For More Information or an electronic copy of this slide presentation contact: Paul Grassman [email protected] Paul Brizz [email protected]

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