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Orange circles design template - Ed W. Clark High School

Modern Times 1945-Present V.Horvath World History Chapter Preview 1. The Changing Political Climate 2. Global Economic Trends 3. Changing Patterns of Life THE WORLD SINCE 1945

1945-PRESENT CHAPTER 32 The Changing Political Climate The Big Idea After World War II, the Cold War and the decline of European influence shifted the balance of world power Vocabulary Modernization, superpower, ideology, summit Focus/Review How did the end of colonialism and the Cold War shape the world? How did new nations try to

form stable governments? What role have world organizations played? What enduring issues face the world today? Pg 806 Cold War Takes Over the World 1. Why did European nations lose their colonial empires after World War II? 2. Why did political instability plague many developing nations? 3. Describe one effort nations have made to

deal with each of the following issues: (a) the spread of nuclear arms (b) human right abuses (c) terrorism. Global Economic Trends The Big Idea The industrial nations of the global North and the developing nations of the global South have become increasingly interdependent Vocabulary Multinational corporation, privatization, acid rain Focus/Review In what ways are the global North and

South economically interdependent? Why have developing nations had trouble reaching their goals? How is economic development linked to the environment? Pg 812 Global North and South 1. Define: OPEC, Chernobyl 2. How do the nations of the global North and global South depend on one another?

3. How has economic development increased the potential for widespread damage to the environment? Give two examples. Changing Patterns of Life The Big Idea Forces such as urbanization, religion, and changing roles for women have shaped world societies Vocabulary Shantytown, fundamentalist, liberation theology

Focus/Review How are new ways of life replacing old ways? How has modernization affected lives of women? What are the benefits and limits of modern science technology? What forces have shaped a new global culture? Pg 818 Old Versus New 1. Describe two changes in the roles and rights of women 2. How have three developments in science

or technology affected the modern world? 3. How did American influences shape a new global culture? Chapter Preview 1. The Western World: An Overview 2. The Western European Democracies 3. North American Prosperity 4. The Soviet Union: Rise and Fall of a Superpower 5. A New Era in Eastern Europe

EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA 1945-PRESENT CHAPTER 33 The Western World: An Overview The Big Idea In the years since World War II, various economic, political, and social trends have shaped the western world Vocabulary Dtente, welfare state, euro

Focus/Review What issues troubled Europe after the Cold War? How have recent Economic and political trends affected the West? How has Europe moved toward greater unity? How have social trends changed the West? Pg 828 Economic and Political Trends 1. Identify the following: Berlin Wall, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, NATO, European Union 2. What were two effects of the end of the

Cold War? 3. What social trends affected family life in the West? The Western European Democracies The Big Idea As a result of government polices and international cooperation the people of Western European democracies have enjoyed freedom and prosperity Vocabulary Chancellor, coalition

Focus/Review How did Britains policies change after World War II? How did French power and prosperity revive? How did Germany reunify? What problems have other democratic nations faced? Pg 834 European Democracies 1. Identify the following: Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, IRA, Charles de Gaulle, Francois Mitterrand, Konrad Adenauer,

Helmut Kohl, neo-Nazis 2. Why was Germany finally able to reunify? North American Prosperity The Big Idea Since the 1940s, the United States has asserted its role as a global superpower, promoted economic prosperity, and extended civil rights Vocabulary deficit, surplus, civil rights movement Focus/Review What actions has the United States taken as a global superpower? What developments have

shaped the economy, government and society of the United States? What issues has Canada faced in recent years? Pg 839 The United States Goes Global 1. Identify the following: John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, social security, Medicare, Ronald Reagan, Brown vs The Board of Education, Martin Luther King 2. What goals has the United States tried to

achieve as a super-global power? The Soviet Union: Rise and Fall of a Superpower The Big Idea After years of Communist rule, the Soviet Union collapsed and was replaced by Russia and other independent republics Vocabulary Dissident, glasnost, perestroika, default Focus/Review What ideas guided Soviet political, economic, and foreign policy? Why did

the Soviet Union collapse? What problems have Russia and the other republics faced since the fall of the Soviet Union? Pg 843 Collapse of the Soviet Union 1. Identify the following: Nikita Khrushchev, Afghan War, Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yelstin, Chechnya, Vladimir Putin 2. How did Gorbachevs reforms contribute to the collapse of the Soviet Union?

3. Describe two problems that have afflicted Russia and the other new republics since the breakup of the Soviet Union A New Era in Eastern Europe The Big Idea After years of Soviet domination, the countries of Eastern Europe were free of Russian control, facing new and sometimes difficult challenges Vocabulary Ethnic cleansing, war crime Focus/Review How did Eastern European

nations oppose Soviet domination and strive for democracy? What were the effects of the fall of communism? What were the causes and effects of civil war in Yugoslavia? Pg 849 Roads to Democracy 1. How did Hungarians resist Soviet domination? 2. Why were some Eastern Europeans unhappy with the changes that came

after the fall of communism? 3. Why did civil war break out in Yugoslavia? Chapter Preview 1. Japan becomes an economic superpower 2. From revolution to reform in China 3. The Asian Tigers 4. Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim EAST ASIA AND

SOUTHEAST ASIA 1945 PRESENT CHAPTER 34 Japan Becomes and Economic Superpower The Big Idea After World War II, Japan rapidly rebuilt and became an economic superpower Vocabulary Zaibatsu, gross domestic product, trade deficit Focus/Review What factors made Japans

recovery an economic miracle? How did Japan interact economically and politically with other nations? How are patterns of life changing in Japan? Pg 858 Japan Changes and Grows 1. How did Japan achieve political recovery? 2. What role has Japan played in world affairs in recent years?

3. What were three reasons for Japans economic recovery? From Revolution to Reform in China The Big Idea After a series of failed reforms in China, communist leaders Vocabulary Collectivization, commune, joint venture Focus/Review What were the effects of communist policies in China? What challenges

did China face during the Cold War? How did calls for political reform lead to repression? What challenges face China today? Pg 862 Changes in China 1. Identify the following: Peoples Republic of China, Great Leap Forward, Little Red Book, Tiananmen Square 2. How did Maos economic policies harm China?

3. What major issues did China face during the Cold War? The Asian Tigers The Big Idea Aggressive economic growth lead to world prominence for several nations in East and Southeast Asia Vocabulary NONE Focus/Review How has China influenced Taiwan and Hong Kong? How did Singapore modernize? Why has Korea

remained divided for more than 50 years? Pg 868 Asian Tigers 1. What is meant by the term Asian Tiger? 2. Describe how Chinas strength has affected the development of Taiwan and Hong Kong 3. How do the economies of North and South Korea differ?

Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim The Big Idea Southeast Asian nations sought independence but also fell into divisive conflicts in the decades after World War II Vocabulary Domino theory, cease-fire, embargo Focus/Review How did war affect Vietnam and Cambodia? What challenges faced the Philippines and the developing nations of Southeast Asia? Why is the Pacific Rim a vital

region? Pg 873 Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines 1. Describe the effects of war on Vietnam and Cambodia 2. What economic and ethnic issues have faced governments in the Philippines and Indonesia? 3. Why is the Pacific Rim seen as an

important link in the global economy? Chapter Preview 1. Nations of South Asia 2. Forces Shaping the Modern Middle East 3. Nation Building in the Middle East: Three Case Studies 4. The Middle East and the World SOUTH ASIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST 1945 PRESENT

CHAPTER 35 Nations of South Asia The Big Idea After winning independence, Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan pursued separate roads to modernization Vocabulary Partition, federal system, darijan, debt service Focus/Review Why was India partitioned? How has India dealt with political, economic, and social change? What problems did Pakistan and

Bangladesh face? Pg 882 South Asian Nations 1. Why was the Indian subcontinent divided into two nations? 2. What economic goals did India pursue and why has their progress been limited? 3. How did Cold War rivalries affect South Asia? Give two examples

Forces Shaping the Modern Middle East The Big Idea Three forces shaping the modern Middle East are nationalism, religious and cultural diversity, and access to resources such as oil and water Vocabulary Kibbutz, desalinization, hejab Focus/Review How have diversity and nationalism shaped the Middle East? What political and economic patterns have emerged? Why has an Islamic revival spread across the region? How do womens lives vary in the Middle East?

Pg 888 Diversity in the Middle East 1. What forces have linked Arab nations? Give one example how diversity has caused tension in Middle Eastern nations 2. How has oil shaped Middle Eastern societies? 3. How was the Islamic revival linked to social and political development?

Nation Building in the Middle East: Three Case Studies The Big Idea Since World WAR ii, Turkey, Egypt, and Iran have followed different routes to modernization Vocabulary Delta, ayatollah, theocracy Focus/Review What issues has Turkey faced? Why was Egypt a leader in the Arab world? What were the causes and results of the revolution in Iran? Pg 894

Turkey, Egypt, and Iran 1. What kind of government did Turkey build? Describe a challenge they faced 2. What steps did Egypt take toward modernization? 3. Why did discontent spread in Iran under the Shah? Describe two effects of the Iran revolution The Middle East and the World

The Big Idea The Middle East has been the focus of conflicts that have had an impact far beyond the region Vocabulary Client state, intifada, militia, no-fly zone Focus/Review How did the Cold War increase tensions in the Middle East? Why has the ArabIsraeli conflict been difficult to resolve? Why did conflicts arise in Lebanon and the Persian Gulf? Pg 899 Middle East Conflict

1. Identify the following: PLO, Yasir Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin, Palestine Authority, Ariel Sharon, Saddam Hussein 2. Describe one cause of the following: the civil war in Lebanon, the Iran-Iraq war, the Persian Gulf War Chapter Preview 1. Achieving Independence 2. Programs for Development 3. Three Nations: A Closer Look

4. Struggles in Southern Africa AFRICA 1945 PRESENT CHAPTER 36 Achieving Independence The Big Idea As many African nations won independence in the 1950s and 1960s, they held great hopes and faced great challenges Vocabulary NONE

Focus/Review How did colonialism contribute to a growing spirit of nationalism? What routes to freedom did Ghana, Kenya, and Algeria follow? How did the Cold War affect Africa Pg 908 Colonial Legacy 1. What challenges faced African nations as a result of colonialism? How did national leaders respond to these challenges? 2. Describe the conflicts that arose during

independence in the following countries: Ghana, Kenya, and Algeria 3. What role did international organizations play in Africa during the Cold War? Programs for Development The Big Idea New African nations faced many choices and challenges as they established new governments Vocabulary One-party system, mixed economy, desertification

Focus/Review What were barriers to unity and stability in Africa? What economic choices did African nations make? What critical issues affect African nations today? How has modernization affected patterns of life? Pg 914 Critical Choices for Africa 1. Why were unity and stability difficult to achieve? 2. Describe the choices faced by African

nations after independence 3. How did modernization and the growth of cities change daily life for many Africans? Three Nations: A Closer Look The Big Idea Nigeria, the Congo, and Tanzania provide examples of paths followed by African nations Vocabulary NONE Focus/Review What were some pressures for change in Nigeria? What

effects did dictatorship have on the Congo? What was the outcome of Tanzanias experiment in socialism? Pg 920 Nigeria, Congo, and Tanzania 1. How has Nigeria responded to economic pressures? 2. What challenges faced the Congo at independence? 3. What programs did Julius Nyerere

introduce in Tanzania after independence? Struggles in South Africa The Big Idea Nations in southern Africa experienced turmoil as people sought majority rule and equal rights Vocabulary NONE Focus/Review What challenges faced Zimbabwe? How did the long struggle to end apartheid lead to a new South Africa?

How did the Cold War affect nations of southern Africa? Pg 924 A New South Africa 1. How did Zimbabwe achieve independence? 2. Identify major events leading to the elimination of apartheid 3. How have African nations worked to improve conditions?

Chapter Preview 1. Forces Shaping Modern Latin America 2. Latin America, the United States, and the World 3. Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean 4. Focus on Argentina and Brazil LATIN AMERICA 1945 PRESENT CHAPTER 37

Forces Shaping Modern Latin America The Big Idea Latin Americas development is influenced by geography, culture, social patterns, and political and economic conditions Vocabulary Import substitution, agribusiness, liberation theology Focus/Review Why is Latin America a culturally diverse region? What conditions contributed to unrest in Latin American countries? What forces shaped political,

economic, and social patterns in Latin America? Pg 934 Political, Social, Economical, and Social Changes 1. How does the history of Latin America explain its cultural diversity today? 2. Describe four conditions that fed unrest in Latin America 3. Describe how each of the following has affected Latin America: Military regimes,

economic nationalism, religion Latin America, the United States, and the World The Big Idea Latin American nations have developed policies in response to United States influence, regional issues and global issues Vocabulary Literacy rate, embargo Focus/Review How did communist rule affect Cuba? What policies has the United States followed in Latin America? What global issues

have linked Latin America to other regions of the world? Pg 940 Global Issues Link America and Latin America to the World 1. Identify the following: Fidel Castro, Bay of Pigs, Cuban missile crisis, Manuel Noriega, NAFTA, drug cartel 2. What changes did communism bring to Cuba?

3. How have Latin American nations addressed regional and global issues? Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean The Big Idea Although Mexico underwent change with relatively little turmoil, several Central American countries were torn by civil war Vocabulary Ejido, contra Focus/Review What conditions have changed and which have remained the same in Mexico?

Why did Central American countries suffered civil wars? What were the causes of Haitis political and economic struggles? Pg 944 War and Peace 1. Identify the following: Lazaro Cardenas, PRI, Vincente Fox, Sandinistas, Violeta Chamorro, Oscar Romero, Jean-Bertrand Aristide 2. How has Mexican politics changed in

recent years? 3. What problems have hindered the development of democracy in Haiti? Focus on Argentina and Brazil The Big Idea Both Argentina and Brazil have overcome serious political and economic challenges as they became modernized Vocabulary Favala, plebiscite, squatter Focus/Review What challenges has democracy faced in Argentina? How did Brazils

government change in recent times? Why did Brazils economic miracle have limited success? Pg 950 Economic Miracle 1. How have dictatorships affected Argentina? What steps did the nation take towards democracy in the 1980s and 1990s? 2. Why did military rulers seize power in Brazil?

3. Describe the Brazilian Economic Miracle

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