Organic Amnestic Syndrome

Organic Amnestic Syndrome

ORGANIC AMNESTIC SYNDROME Organic amnestic syndrome is characterized by the following clinical features:-impairment of memory due to underlying organic cause, -no disturbance of consciousness and attention(unlike delirium) -no disturbance of global intellectual function,abstract thinking or personality(unlike dementia)

The impairment of memory is characterized by a severe impairment of recent memory or short term memory(inability to learn new material). This is associated with impaired remote memory or long term memory(inability to recall previously learnt material). There is no impairment of immediate memory

(i.e.immediate retention and recall). Diagnosis According to ICD-10 the following features are required for the diagnosis: 1.Recent memory impairment;anterograde and retrograde amnesia. 2.No impairment of immediate retention and recall,attention,consciousness, and global intellectual functioning. 3.Historical or objective evidence of brain

disease injury.(especially with bilateral involvement of diencephalic and medial temporal structures). Major Causes of Amnestic Disorders Systemic medical conditions Thiamine deficiency (Korsakoff's syndrome) Hypoglycemia Primary brain conditions Seizures

Head trauma (closed and penetrating) Cerebral tumors (especially thalamic and temporal lobe) Cerebrovascular diseases Surgical procedures on the brain Encephalitis due to herpes simplex Hypoxia Electroconvulsive therapy Multiple sclerosis Substance-related causes Alcohol use disorders Neurotoxins

Benzodiazepines MANAGEMENT 1)Treatment of underlying cause. eg;thiamine in wernicke-korsakoff syndrome. 2,supportive care for genereal condition and the associated medical illness.

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