OSP316: IT-Centric Dashboards in Minutes with Microsoft ...

OSP316: IT-Centric Dashboards in Minutes with Microsoft ...

OSP316 IT-Centric Dashboards in Minutes with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Using Microsoft Visio/Visio Services Aftab Alam Chris Hopkins Microsoft Agenda 10 Visio 2010 Improvements min 15 Introduction to Visio Services

min 30 Create a dashboard using Visio Services in Office 365 min 15 Q&A, wrap-up min Whats new in Visio 2010? A transformational release Simplified UI Office Fluent UI with live preview Quick shapes mini

toolbar Shape data linking Visualize data through diagrams Data window enables easy data linking Visio Services Refreshable Visio Services diagram

Create mashups using Visio Services Javascript API Data linked diagrams Aftab Alam Product Manager Microsoft Corporation demo Service Request / IT Monitoring Dashboard View infrastructure health Create service requests

Highlight Active requests Notify Management New High Priority requests High Active status count No Code! Deploy to Office 365! Visio Services an introduction What is Visio Services? Visio Services supports data refreshable diagrams

rendered by the server Easily share diagrams No client necessary Utilizes SharePoint 2010 Document Management / Document Repositories Content Types Automated Workflows Web Part integration Extensibility Publishing to Visio Services couldnt be easier

Professional / Premium editions Save & Send New Web Drawing file format Publish to a document library The diagram is rendered and refreshed Visio Services Features Data refresh & visualization Data Linking Import data to your diagram Link record to shape Data is mirrored in Shape Data fields

Visio Services Features Windows Server 2008 R2 Data refresh & visualization CPU 1.60 Ghz Memory

32 GB IP Address Data Graphics sql-sales-01 Surface Shape Data value From External Data

Icon Sets Refreshable shape geometry Icon Sets Text Callouts Data Bars Color by Value Text Callouts Label Value

Value Label Value Label Value Data Bars 50

30 20 57 32 32 15 Color By Value

Visio Services Features How is rendering possible? New File Format .VDW Web Drawing Contains XAML needed for rendering Visio 2010 client can Edit and Save / full fidelity Supports Foreground & background pages, however Shape Data Data Graphics Hyperlinks

Read-only on the server updates cached VSD Visio Services Features How is rendering possible? Full Fidelity rendering using Silverlight VDW contains XAML + shape metadata Down-level experience in PNG Silverlight

Browser-agnostic PNG Visio Services Features Supported refreshable data sources SharePoint 2010 On-Premises Excel Services SQL

SP Lists OLEDB ODC Supports Kerberos, SSS & Unattended Authentication Office 365 Excel Services SP Lists

Office 365 is a multi-tenant environment External Data Sources are not currently supported ODBC Custom Add visualizations to SharePoint applications Visio Web Access Web Part (VWA) Included in SharePoint 2010 Enterprise

Office 365 Only hosts published diagrams ( .VDW) Configuration options Diagram URL Auto Refresh Interval Specify the default view Expose Shape Data items to supported Web Part connections Web Part Connections Configure part-to-part communication Enable common no-code scenarios for power users

Easily configured via Browser or SharePoint Designer Additional options available in SharePoint Designer SharePoint Workflow Visio 2010 Premium has a SharePoint Workflow template Specifically designed for authoring SharePoint workflows Import into SharePoint Designer to parameterize & publish Export to Visio to document or collaborate Service Desk Dashboard a walkthrough DEMO

22 Mashup API ECMAScript based client side API Programmatic access to a shapes Shape Data Hyperlinks Bounding Box Coordinates As well as Highlight shapes Place overlays on the diagram Respond to Mouse events

Change the viewports Pan and Zoom properties Mashup API JavaScript Object Model VWA Control getActivePage() setActivePage() diagramComplete

Page getShapes() shapeMouseEnter shapeMouseLeave Shapes selectionChanged getItemById() getItemAtIndex()

diagramError Shape Shape getSelectedShape() setSelectedShape() getShapeData() getHyperlinks() Visio 2010 & SharePoint 2010

in summary Publish diagrams to share throughout the organization Diagrams updated from multiple data sources Interact with diagrams and incorporate diagrams into other SharePoint solutions Web Part Connections ECMAScript based API Office 365 includes Visio Services Questions?

Resources Connect. Share. Discuss. http://northamerica.msteched.com Sessions On-Demand & Community Learnin g Microsoft Certification & Training Resources www.microsoft.com/teched

www.microsoft.com/learning Resources for IT Professionals Resources for Developers http://microsoft.com/technet http://microsoft.com/msdn Complete an evaluation on CommNet and

enter to win! Scan the Tag to evaluate this session now on myTechEd Mobile 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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