Overview - download.microsoft.com

Overview - download.microsoft.com

Will Thompson Technical Specialist Data Platform Vision Enterprise Data Platform Platform For All Data Dynamic Development Services Reporting Analysis Query Mobile and

Desktop Integration FILE RDBMS OLAP XML Datacenter Sync Search Cloud Storage Pervasive Insight

Enabling customers of all sizes to derive value from ALL data, birth through archival 2 Empower End Users Improve IT Efficiency Scale with Confidence Reduce dependence on IT

Lower management cost Greater re-use of insights Enhance IT Governance Predictable performance Enable real-time insight HW flexibility & choice Improve resource utilization

Reduce deployment risk Lower training time & cost Faster time to decision Reduce $ cost/TB 3 Empower End Users Excel based In-mem Analytics Self Service Reporting Re-usable report parts

End user app. management SharePoint Publishing & Hosting Improve IT Efficiency Scale with Confidence App deployment meta-data MPP Support for 100TB+ DW Multi-server management (Massively Parallel Processing)

Master Data Services Appliance-like DW on industry standard HW Complex Event Processing Support for up to 256 cores Hub & Spoke Architecture Multi-Temperature 4 Pervasive Insight Challenges End User Empowerment

Business Application Insight Data Scale, Quality & Compliance Empowering end users to gain insights from information customized and in the context of their business applications on growing volumes of data from diverse sources

and systems. Reduce end user dependency on IT Insight into line of business app information Support growing volumes of data Provide intuitive and easy to use tools BI in the context of business applications Support heterogeneous

applications and sources Share & access information anywhere BI assets that can be customized and changed Maintain data quality, integrity and security 5 End User Empowerment Self Service Reporting 6 PowerPivot for Excel 2010

PowerPivot Excel-hosted client & reporting In-memory BI engine SharePoint for managed collaboration Analysis Services for integration 8 Add-in for Excel 2010 9 Import From Many Data Sources

10 Import Many Rows 11 Use Standard Excel Functions 12 Use Standard Excel Formulas plus some others 13 Import Data Feeds from

Reports 14 Build PivotTables 15 Relationships Detected 16 Analytic Application Created 17 Analytic Application Created

18 and Published 19 with Fidelity 20 SITUATION TODAY Reporting Services Users need to have access to information when and where they need it

Training users on multiple BI tools is inefficient and costly Need to combine data across multiple sources for a more accurate view Reporting Services and Report Builder 3.0 Easy Access to relational and multi-dimensional data Productive reporting with familiar Microsoft Office interface with the ability to render to multiple formats including Excel, Word, PDF, XML, etc. Presentation quality reports with rich visualisations Support for multiple data sources within a single report Our Our analysts analysts can can do do anything

anything with with Excel, Excel, so so integrating integrating Excel Excel as as a a front front end end for for our our BI BI infrastructure infrastructure is is extremely popular. It

makes it easier to explore the huge wealth of data we have in our 17-terabyte data extremely popular. It makes it easier to explore the huge wealth of data we have in our 17-terabyte data warehouse

warehouse -- Dan Dan Zerfas, Zerfas, Vice Vice President President of of Software Software Development Development 21 Self-Service Reporting Saving Report parts And re-using them Version Control

Rich Visualizations Master Data Services Align systems Reduce Process Cost Eliminate Expense of bad data Master Data Hub authoritative source Stewardship UI -- enables people to contribute

API enables systems to contribute and consume Workflows and business rules ensure the data is right Hierarchy and Attribute management 27 Stewardship Portal Master Data Management Model Management Model Documentation 28 Master Data Platform Any domain

Not just canned domains New domains or unique requirements Model deployment capability Enables partners to define prebuilt content (both the model definition and the data) API enables partners to quickly build custom Master Data applications Domain specific user interfaces Application integrations 29 Complex Event Processing StreamInsight CEP is the continuous, incremental processing of event streams from many sources based on declarative query/pattern specifications with minimal latency Database Applications

Event-driven Applications Query Paradigm Ad-hoc queries or requests Continuous standing queries Latency Seconds, hours, days Milliseconds or less Data Rate

Hundreds of events/sec Tens of thousands of events/sec or more request response Event input stream output stream Scenarios for Event Processing

Latency Months CEP Target Scenarios Days Relational Database Applications hours Operational Analytics Applications, e.g., Logistics, etc. Data Warehousing Applications Web Analytics Applications Minutes Seconds 100 ms

Monitoring Applications Manufacturing Applications < 1ms 0 10 100 1000 10000 Financial trading

Applications 100000 ~1million Aggregate Data Rate (Events/sec.) 33 Example CEP Scenarios Manufacturing: Sensor on plant floor React through device controllers Aggregated data 10,000 events/sec Web Analytics: Click-stream data

Online customer behavior Page layout 100,000 events /sec Power, Utilities: Energy consumption Outages Smart grids 100,000 events/sec Financial Services: Stock & news feeds Algorithmic trading Patterns over time Super-low latency 100,000 events /sec

Stream Data Store & Archive Visual Visual trend-line trend-line and and KPI KPI monitoring monitoring Batch & product management Batch & product management Automated Automated anomaly anomaly detection detection

Real-time Real-time customer customer segmentation segmentation Algorithmic trading Algorithmic trading Proactive Proactive condition-based condition-based maintenance maintenance Asset Specs & Parameters Data Data Stream Stream

Data Data Stream Stream Asset Instrumentation for Data Acquisition, Subscriptions to Data Feeds Event Processing Engine Lookup Threshold Threshold queries queries Event correlation

Event correlation from from multiple multiple sources sources Pattern Pattern queries queries 34 PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint 2010 Deep Integration with SharePoint Enterprise Deployment & Management Single Security Model and Administration

Incremental Improvements Scorecards Dynamic hierarchies with navigation KPIs on columns Multiple Actual Values Variance Calculated Metrics Filter Hierarchies New Features Decomposition Tree KPI Details Report Pie Charts Analytic Report Value filtering Analysis Services Conditional Formatting

Excel 2010 PivotTable Write-Back Support for Analysis Services Write-Back directly from PivotTables Complete Object Model Support Slicers Create visual-interactive analytics Named Sets Define and re-use sets of members Improved PivotTable layout control Formatting and Interactivity

Format and navigate data Excel Services SharePoint Excel Services integration Roadmap Summary Accelerating delivery of incremental value and innovation Available Now SQL Server 2008 Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Architectures SharePoint Server 2007 / PerformancePoint Server 2007 Coming in H1 Calendar Year 2010 Final packaging and pricing TBD SQL Server 2008 R2 Self Service Analysis (PowerPivot) & Reporting Application & Multi-Server Management

Master Data Services Low Latency Complex Event Processing Support for up to 256 cores SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse Edition SharePoint 2010, including PerformancePoint Services Preliminary Information Subject to Change 39 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/ or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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