PANH helicopters

PANH helicopters

Company presentation PANH Helicopters Mission PANH Helicopters provides high quality and safe helicopter services using cutting-edge technologies and developments. Perspective We are striving to become a leading company that renders helicopter services both for corporate customers and charter passengers. Values

We do focus on customer-oriented approach and long-standing traditions of PANH Helicopters as an aviation research and development center. Flight safety Flight safety is a top priority for us. We are constantly working on development of management methods that will make our company internationally recognized enterprise with high level of flight safety. PANH Helicopters scope of activities

Transportation and aerial works Sci-tech services Aircraft maintenance Aircraft and aviation equipment repair Aviation equipment authorized certification PANH Helicopters facts and figures

More than 50 years of successful operation 25 aircraft of various type and modification 4 Doctors of Science, 10 senior management employees rewarded with PhD degree 40 unique pieces of aviation equipment, over 200 technologies developed and implemented by company scientists. Company geographic reach Magadan

Krasnodar Aircraft fleet PANH Helicopters aircraft fleet includes helicopters and airplanes of various types and modifications. Variety of the fleet allows carrying out any type of aerial works. Mi-26 Ka-32 Mi-8MTV Mi-8AMT Mi-8PS Mi-8T EC-135 EC-145 PANH Helicopters provides the following services:

Construction Work Passenger and cargo transportation Search-and-rescue operations, sanitary missions Fire extinguishing Offshore operations Aerovisual observations, pipeline and power transmission lines

monitoring Humanitarian mission helicopter support Construction Work PANH Helicopters provides a wide range of services for building and assembly purposes: - assembly/disassembly of television towers, cell towers, communication facilities; - assembly of ropeways; - assembly of power transmission line towers with foundation concrete casting; - cable reeling out using external sling unwinding

devices. More than 40-year experience of operating helicopters as air cranes is successfully accompanied by constant development and implementation of aviation technologies. R&D Center employees have been successfully developing fixation systems and other useful equipment. Qualified and experienced test pilots and long-term experience allows us to carry out the most difficult and challenging assembly operations. Cargo transportation

PANH Helicopters has all necessary equipment and cutting-edge technologies for bulk cargo transportation by heavy helicopters using external sling system and inside a cargo compartment. PANH Helicopters R&D Centre employees have developed external load stabilization systems. Russian heavy helicopters Mi-26 (maximum lifting capacity up to 20 tons) and medium transport helicopters Ka-32 and Mi-8 (maximum lifting

capacity up to 5 tons) provide the most efficient and environmentally friendly cargo transportation. PANH Helicopters has developed external sling cargo stabilization systems with special parachutes and other means of aerodynamic stabilization. Stabilization systems allow increasing speed of cargo transportation on external sling for long distances. Humanitarian mission support Over the years, PANH Helicopters has carved out an exception operations trackrecord in the most demanding aviation environments in such countries as Afghanistan, The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Pakistan, Papua New

Guinea, Sudan and Turkey. Refugees, military troops, food and medical supplies, constructional materials, household equipment are delivered throughout the day and night in any weather conditions to outlands, where UN and ISAF camps are located. Fire-fighting operations Helicopters are considered irreplaceable during fire-fighting operations owing to their mobility and special flight performance. PANH Helicopters aircraft fleet, which consists of heavy and medium helicopters, was successfully used for operations in such European countries as Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. Essential tactics, broad experience, professionalism and perfect teamwork provide best results during aerial fire-fighting operations.

Offshore operations Offshore operations is one of the most challenging types of helicopter operations due to strict requirements for Operators equipment, employees qualification and flight safety. PANH Helicopters takes part in many offshore flight operations. An example of successful offshore operation currently being carried out by PANH Helicopters helicopter support for pipelay barge Castoro-12 that is involved in pipe laying in the Caspian Sea. Since August 2010 PANH Helicopters has been carrying out search-and-rescue and transportation missions for Canadian CHC Helicopters/Heli-One in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The fact that PANH Helicopters has been continuously involved in offshore projects may confirm its compliance with strict rules and severe requirements that oil companies set for offshore helicopter operations.

Medevac In 2013, PANH Helicopters commenced operation of a new helicopter type - Eurocopter EC-135. This helicopter is missioned to perform flight operations as part of the project of the Administration of Krasnodar Region on the development of medevac operations in the region. The helicopter crews deliver patients from all districts of the region to Krasnodar Regional Clinical Hospital No.1 (Ochapovsky Hospital). The aerial ambulance project proved to be so efficient that the possibility to extend the program and apply the experience of Krasnodar Region to other regions of Russia is under consideration. Aerovisual observations, pipeline and power transmission lines monitoring

Pipeline and power transmission line operators commonly call for PANH Helicopters aircraft to perform aerial monitoring of their facilities in order to maintain high operational safety level. For instance, since 2004 PANH Helicopters performs aerial monitoring of Caspian Pipeline Consortium between the Republic of Kazakhstan border and the Black Sea. Passenger transportation PANH Helicopters is authorized carrier of the Administration of Krasnodar Region and Magadan Region, qualified to perform First Class special flights for government authorities. PANH Helicopters aircraft fleet includes comfortable small and medium helicopters to provide corporate helicopter transportation for business communities, as well as rendering air-taxi services to private customers. Passenger transportation services are in high demand among our long-term partners:

Caspian Pipeline Consortium, JSC Chernomortransneft, Chevron, United Nations World Food Programme, United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Saipem S.p.A., CJSC Scientific Research Institute for Design and Survey InjGeo and Rosneft. Civil Aviation Research and Development Centre PANH Helicopters company structure includes the Civil Aviation Research and Development Centre, which is the only and unique in Russia. It allows PANH Helicopters to use its own innovational and cuttingedge technologies for flight operations. The R&D Centre specializes in development, testing and implementation of aviation equipment and technologies. The R&D Centre professionals have developed and

implemented about 40 types of aviation equipment and more than 200 technologies, many of which are officially patented. Various PANH Helicopters innovations are widely used and were awarded with special prizes on international expos in Geneva, Brussels and Seoul. Flight Base Flight Base is the main flight and maintenance area of PANH Helicopters. FB is home for modern Russian- and European- made helicopters. The FB includes also maintenance and operations facilities and administrative offices, hangars, warehouses, parking for aircraft. Flight Base is famous for its qualified and skilled professionals class 1 pilots, engineers, instructor pilots, instructor flight engineers,

ground support and maintenance specialists. It is the qualified personnel that allows PANH Helicopters carrying out unique and challenging flight operations and implementing new technologies developed by R&D Center scientists. Aircraft maintenance In accordance with partner agreement between PANH Helicopters and Helicopter Service Company, PANH Helicopters was officially certified to carry out authorized maintenance. PANH Helicopters Service Center provides the following maintenance services: all types of Line maintenance, all types of periodic maintenance, storage, seasonal and special maintenance. Maintenance works are carried out in accordance with methods described in operational documents.

Magadan branch Magadan branch In 2007 PANH Helicopters launched its branch in Magadan Magadanskiy branch. Nowadays branch operates helicopters Mi-8T and Mi-8MTV. Magadan branch provides all types of aviation services. In the airport of Magadan, the branch has terminal building, lab, premises and hangars for AC maintenance and repair at its disposal. Quality Management System PANH Helicopters has its

implemented Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS is certified and meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The current QMS gives confidence to customers in strict compliance with the contractual terms and conditions, stable high quality and safety of aviation services.

Main office 138, Kirova Str., Krasnodar, Russia, 350000 Ph. +7 (861) 255-69-75 Fax: +7 (861) 255-36-48 E-mail: [email protected] PANH Helicopters Magadan branch Address: Airport - 13km, 13th km of main highway, Magadan, 685007, Russia. Tel./fax: (4132) 624-365; (4132) 624-386. E-mail: [email protected]

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