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Paragraph Formatting MOAC Lesson 4 Paragraph Formatting Process of changing the appearance of a paragraph of text Includes: Alignment

Borders and Shading Line Spacing Indentation Indents

Indent: blank space inserted between text and the left or right margin First Line Indent: inserts blank space between the left margin and the paragraph Default tab is 0.5 Indents Hanging Indent: begins with the first full line of text in a paragraph at the left margin, all of the

remaining lines in the paragraph are then indented from the left margin (used in legal documents) Negative Indent: extends the paragraph text into the left margin Paragraph Alignment Refers to how text is positioned between a documents margin

Default alignment is left Vertical Alignment: how text is positioned at the top margin, at the center of the page, or at the bottom of the page Page Layout Ribbon > Page Setup Dialog Box > Layout Tab > Page > Vertical Alignment Line Spacing Amount of vertical space between lines of text

Single Space Control + 1 Double Space Control + 2 1.5 Lines Control + 5 At Least Provides the minimum amount of space for a line of text

Exactly provides an exact amount of space for a line of text Multiple sets the amount of space (double, triple, quadruple) Bulleted Lists Series of paragraphs, each beginning with a bullet character

Setting Tabs Tabs can be set by using the ruler Left Tab text is left aligned Right Tab text is right aligned Center Tab centers the text

Decimal Align aligns numbers at the decimal point Bar Tab places a bar in the document Source John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2014). Microsoft Official Academic Course Microsoft Word 2013, Exam 77418.

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